Are Johannesburg’s Residents Available for Capitec Loans? Calculator and Requirements

Are Johannesburg’s Residents Available for Capitec Loans? Calculator and Requirements

Do you live in Johannesburg? Are you looking for financial support? Capitec may be the solution to your problems. It is one of the newest banking companies of the country since it was found 15 years ago. Since it was created, it has been thinking on how to provide financial help to South African’s people, including those who live in Johannesburg.

                If you keep on reading this article, you will find details about the programs that Capitac has available for Johannesburg’s citizens. What is more, we will show some example of how much money you will pay monthly based on the money you have asked for. We will also develop data about all you need so as to apply easy and get fast approval. And last but not least, you will find contact information so as to contact the bank for further details or just to start application.

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                There are many lending programs that Capicat has available for current and prospective clients:

a. Personal loans: these programs are destined to facilitate money to buy whatever you need, from new furniture to vacations. The bank lends from R25000 to  R4000. The money can be returned in periods of up to seven years based on your needs. It is important to know that once application is approved, money will be available in a few days.

b. Multi loans: these are special programs that grant cash money. You can count of amount of money of up to R4000 in an easy way. They are special to affront unexpected expense. The money can be financed in only some months. It is important to highlight that you can apply for multi loans whenever you want, even more than once in a month.

c. Home loans: the bank has also been thinking about how to help clients to buy their own homes. In order to make things better, Capitec works in conjunction with SA Home Loans. Together, they grant up to R5 million to finance the purchase of your dream home. You can also use the money to make improvement to your residence. Financing is convenient and affordable.


                Generally speaking, rates and financing periods are based on every single client. However, they generally go from a low interest rate of 13% to a high interest rate of 28%. They will also depend on the amount of money you will ask and the length of the financing periods, which may go from 1 to 84 months. Let’s take a look at some example of how interest rates and quotes work in real life:

*Let’s analyze first, the possible quotes for a loan of R25000. You can finance the complete amount in a year with 13.2% of interest. As a result, you will have to make 12 payments of approximately R2411. The same amount can be financed in two years. In this case, the minimum interest rate available is 16%. You will pay near R820 during a year.

*And what about a loan of R100000? If you prefer to repay the money in a short term, you can choose a 1-year period paying an interest rate of 13.2%. This means that you will have to make payments during one year of R9120. But if you want a lower installment, you can choose a 4-year term with an interest rate of 18%. In this case, payments will be of R3041.


                If you are thinking about apply any of the loans required above, there are some points that you have to take into account. In the first place, you have to be 18 year old; this should be proved by your identification number. Secondly, you need to present a proof with an original address. It can be a tax or an invoice with your post address written. And third, you will be required to hand in a copy of your latest paycheck stubs in combinations with the three deposits of your salary.  It is important to highlight that if you are self-employed and there is no a proof of salary, you won’t be eligible for any lending program.


                If you meet the requirements and you find among the loan the best financial solution, please contact the Capitec in the following ways:

In person: there are several locations of Capitec in Johannesburg. One of them is located at Shop 1, 28 Harrison St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa. Another branch can be found at Cnr Eloff and Diamond Corner Building, Shop 3, Market St, Johannesburg, 2188, South Africa. Unfortunately, the lobby is closed on Sundays. This office has a private phone line that you can call during the same banking hours:860 102 043.

-Online: in official webpage of the bank you can click on “apply online”. In this way, you will fill a form with your data and start application without the need of visiting an office in person. What is more, if you visit the website, you can read more about the programs so as to choose the one that best suits you.

-By phone: if you want to call the company to make general questions or just to make some comments, the line open is 0860 10 20 43. Representatives are waiting for you call so as to assists you from the comfort of your own home.

                All in all, regardless of what you need money for, Capitec Bank has everything what you need. The bank offers a wide variety of option so that you can affront what expenses that may appear on the road, such a new car, vacations, home reparations and even more. Don’t let money be a problem in life. Go to Capitec and enjoy and improve your lifestyle!

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I borrow R300,000?

No. Capitec Bank doesn’t lend such a high amount.

What is the longest financing period available?

The longest financing period available is 84 month.

Are there extra fees when applying for loans?

Yes! There are some low fees to pay.

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