Tips to Get Capitec Loans in Randfontein. Queries and Interest Rates

Tips to Get Capitec Loans in Randfontein. Queries and Interest Rates

Are you in search of financial support? Is Capitec the company that has convenient plans for Randfontein citizens? Great choice! You have found you need in this site. Capitec is one of the most prestigious companies of the South African market and this is due to the quality of its services. One of the main services is lending programs and they are strongly recommended.               

                In order to offer help to as many people as possible, Capitect bank has been expanding its horizons since 2001 by opening offices all around different cities of the country, and fortunately, Randfontein is one of them. In this post, we will show you where it is possible to find a branch of Capitec Bank in Randfontein and we will describe other ways to contact the bank. Later on, we will mention which are the loans that you can apply for with their respective features and financing details. And last but not least, we will describe what you need to be benefited by such convenient loans.

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                Let’s start by developin where you can find a branch of Capitec Bank in Randfontein:

-There is one in the Village Square Shopping Centre, Shop 41A. The exact address is Main Reef Rd &, 7th St, Randfontein, 1766, South Africa. Ifs office hours depend upon the shopping schedule so please if it is open before hand. Agents will be available in person and also by phone at 860 102 043.

-Another office can be found in Sutherland & Park St, Shop 3. In this case, agents will wait for prospective and current clients from Monday through Friday from early in the morning to the afternoon, on Saturday to noon. 

                It is important to know that apart from applying for loan in person, Capitec offers other possibilities to have access to its services. In fact, you can, for example, ask for money by phone. There is a line with the following number 0860 10 20 43 that can be used to start applications or to make questions about the programs. What is more, you can also enter the official webpage and start application there. And in case you have further questions, don’t hesitate to write e-mails here:

                Now you know how it is possible to access to Capitec, let’s take a look at the programs that may financially help you to achieve your objectives:


                If you are thinking about how to buy a home for your family, you can resort to Capitec home loans. These programs are created in conjunction with the SA Home Loans so as to get the most convenient financing of the market. In Randfontein, you can borrow up to a maximum of R5million to purchase whatever property you want.


                In case you are in a rainy day and you need quick cash money, there are multi loans available. Capitec gives you the possibility of borrowing little amounts of money, up to R4000. You can even ask for more than one multi loan at a time. Regarding financing, you can repay the money in periods that go from one month to six months.


               With personal loans, you will be able to get amounts of money that go from a minimum of four thousand rands to a maximum of two hundred and fifty thousan rands. You can take advantage of this money so as to pay old debts, to afford education, to buy a caravan and even more. As far as financing is concerned, interest rates go from 13% to 28% based upon the amount of money borrowed and the financing period chosen. Such terms range from from one (1) to eighty-four (84) months.

                As calculating payments can be really hard, we will show you same example of possible quotes for some specific loans:

-You can apply for loans of, for example, R100000 to buy a new vehicle. Imagine you want to finance the money in a period of just one year. You will be benefited with a rate of approximately 13%. Therefore, you will pay 12 installments of approximately R9117. If you think that a longer period is more convenient for you, you will probably pay a higher interest rate: 18%. In this case, you will have to pay 48 installments of R3041.

-Imagine you just need R25000 to finance a home improvement. You can also finance the money in a short period of one year so as to get the minimum interest rates: 13.2%. If this is possible, you will make 12 payments of approximately R2411. You can even finance the money in two years, but with an interest rate of 16.4%. As a result, payments will be of near R816 during 48 months.

                And finally, let’s take a look at the requirements needed so as to apply for any of the programs developed above. To begin with, it is important to know that you must need be 18 years or older with your identification number. To continue with, you are required to prove your address with a current tax. And finally, you will have to show the last three times you collected your salary. As far as self-employees are concerned, it will be hard to obtain credit from Capitec.

                To conclude, after having read all these points, it is possible to say that Capitec Bank has the solution you have been in search of. The bank has quick loans to affront unexpected expenses, to buy homes and even to go on vacation and buy new furniture. You can ask for the amount of money you need without worrying about future payments. Don’t leave money complicate your life; go to Capitec and be as happy as you and your family deserve.

Preguntas Frecuentes

I only have two pay stubs; are they enough?

No. You need three to apply for a loan.

Can I finance car purchase with personal loans?

Sure you can!

Are there specific plan for lawyers?

No, there are no exclusive programs for any professional.

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