What are the Requirements to Get a Capital Loan in Randburg? Online Application and Contacts

What are the Requirements to Get a Capital Loan in Randburg? Online Application and Contacts

Have you ever thought about how to get easy money? Have you ever thought about how to afford an unexpected need in life? If these questions have recently come to your mind, let me tell you that you are in the correct place. Capitec is a banking institution that has been present in the nationa market market since the year 2001 so as to give financial help to as many citizens as possible. This has been made possible due to the great amount of branches scattered about the country, including the area of Randburg.

                Here, you will get all the information needed about how to get money, regardless of your need. We will mention some of the lending programs available with their financing features and other characteristics so that you can choose the one that suits you best. What is more, we will develop some example of possible payments based on model loans. And finally, we will show the different ways to get the services.

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                One of the main focuses of Capitec is helping clients to finance home purchase. This will be possible due to the partnership that the company has with SA Home Loans. For those who live in Randburg and want to buy a home there, the bank will offer up to R5 million so that you can buy the home you want. Part of the money can also be spent in home improvements.

                Capitec also has programs called multi loans. They are a good alternative to get easy and quick cash money to afford unexpected things. Capitec offers loan of up to a maximum of R4000 to be spent to buy furniture, to repaid roof or to affront medical costs. As far as financing is concerned, there are periods of half a year to repay the money borrowed. Above all, you can have more than one loan per month.

                Those who need higher amounts of money can apply for personal loans. With these plans, the amounts of money range from R4000 to R250000. The money can be spent on education, on debts, on a caravan and even more. Interest rates vary based on the amount of money you ask as well as the financing period chosen. However, they always range from 13% to 28%. As far as financing periods are concerned, they go from one to seven years of financing.

                There follows some examples of possible quotes you will pay if you apply for a loan at Capitec:

-You can ask for R25000, to purchase a used vehicle. You have the possibility of financing the money one year with one of the lowest interest rate: 13.2%. As a result, during one year you will pay R2411 per month. The same amount can be financed in two years. In this case, interest rate can increase 16.4%. Or you can also pay R816 during two years, monthly.

– You also have the possibility of apply for a higher amount, such as R100000. Fortunately, if you choose the shortest financing period, you can also get pay 13.2% of interest rates. This means that you will have to make 12 payments of R9117. If you don’t have such amount of money every month, you can ask for a longer financing period, such as 4 years. In this case, interest rate may reach 18%. And as a result, you will have to make 48 payments of near R3041.


                If you are interested in visiting an agent in an official branch of the bank to apply for a loan, please take into account the following data:

-You can find an office in Randburg Square. The branch is in Shop 308 located at Pretoria Avenue, Randburg, 2194, South Africa. You can call the office by phone in advance to the following number: 860 102 043. Agents are available during the week from 8a.m. to 6p.m. on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2p.m. and on Sunday from 9a.m. to 1p.m.

-Another office can be found in the Cresta Shopping Center. The exact address is BL06, Cresta Shopping Centre, Weltevreden Rd, Randburg, 2118, South Africa. In this location, open doors depend upon the shopping center timetable. You can check availability and talk to representatives by phone dialing up the following phone number: 11 678 2918.

-Apart from visiting office in person, you can apply for loan in different ways. One alternative is by calling the company by phone. The phone number 0860 10 20 43 is destined to support either current or prospective clients since it is available to make questions or comments and even to start application. Another alternative is the internet. You can visit the office website, choose a loan and start application online without the need of leaving your home. What is more, you can write e-mails or send papers to the following e-mail address: ClientCare@capitecbank.co.za.


                If you decided to get the money, there are some requirements to follow. First of all, you need to be 18 years or more and come to the bank with your identification number. Secondly, with any tax, you should prove where you live. And finally, you have to present the last payment stubs (the three last one). If you are self-employed, approval will be difficult.

                To sum up, living in Randurg can be beneficial when it comes to obtaining the money you need. Capitec chose this city to open offices so as to facilitate money to Randurg’s residents so that they can get whatever that can be purchase with money. It is time to start enjoying life without worrying about economical reasons. Select a loan to buy your home, to go on vacation and to consolidate old debts and be happy!


Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I finance education with Capitec Loans?

Yes you can!

Is online application available?

Yes! You can apply for a loan without moving from home.

Which is the minimum interest rate available?

The minimum interest rate is 13.2%.

Hi, Is there any possibility to get a consolidation loan? I have been rejected by some lending companies, then I ended up taking one month loans from different lenders. I do pay them very well but I want to have only one loan that I can enjoy paying back. Please help. Thanks.

We understand your point, a consolidation loan might be an excellent solution for you. At Capitec, you can ask for a personal loan and use the money to consolidate your loans. The maximum amount this company lends is R250,000. However, Capitec is very strict regarding affordability: you must provide them with your payslips.

Can I get a loan of 100,000 rand? I want to pay my debts and continue with one debt.

If you comply with all the requirements, you will be able to obtain a loan of about 100,000 rand with Capitec Bank. The entity offers personal loans, which includes the most suitable offer the bank can make according to your profile and your need. As a client, you will be subjected to a credit analysis to determine how much you can borrow.

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