Can I Apply for Capitec Loans if I live in Durban? Loan Options, Locations And Interest Rates

Can I Apply for Capitec Loans if I live in Durban? Loan Options, Locations And Interest Rates

            The toughest part of asking for cash generally encompasses going through tedious paperwork. People, in general, are not used to dealing with this kind of administrative procedures and many times they end in more compromising situations. There are some companies that acknowledge that it is hard for clients to understand how loans work and what your responsibilities are once you have access to loan financing, and for that reason, they provide resources so that potential borrowers can learn from scratch and little by little how to build solid foundations for having good financial outcomes. If you come up with this article it is because you are tired of not meeting your debts and you have carefully considered that taking out a loan may not be a bad idea at all. I imagine that now the following step towards you getting the cash is to find a company that can guide you into the implications of loan financing so that you succeed in getting the money easily and without problems. In this opportunity, I will take a look at the services provided by a company named Capitec Bank which currently operates in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, more specifically in Durban city. So if you live in this idyllic location and you want to get the most out of financing with this company, stay tuned and take down notes of every piece of information that may be relevant for you.

What are the Capitec loan products available today? What other commercial items can I obtain?

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As regards borrowing, the products that are available at present at Capitec Bank are various credit plans such as:

  • Credit cards

  • Home loans

  • Personal credits

  • Credit facilities (loan financing for business people)

As regards banking services and savings accounts, you will find:

  • Online banking and cellphone banking which allows you to look after your banking accounts 24/7

  • Bank cost calculator

As regards saving plans, you can find the following:

  • Savings which are fixed-term and tax-free

  • Flexible loan amounts and terms

  • Savings calculator

Last but not least, the bank offers insurance coverage as well, so you will also find:

  • Credit insurance

  • Personalized funeral plans

Capitec loan application procedure: Through what means can I apply for a loan?

            Capitec Bank has facilitated the way in which you can request a loan. For this reason, it has implemented other means through which you can take out a loan. You can apply

  • Online: you just have to visit the bank’s site and complete a form.

  • In a branch: Go to the nearest store and bring some documents with you in order to complete the forms with the assistance of an expert.

  • Via Capitec loan SMS number: send a text message to 44773 with the word “credit” so as to start the application.

  • Over the phone: give Capitec a ring and be ready to start doing business with them. Capitec loan contact number is 0860 66 77 89.

  • Though an app from your cell phone: download the bank’s app and start banking on the go from almost every place in the world. If you are an online banking user and you want to get the app you have to register yourself first on the site. There, you will be asked a “pin”, which will be your password from now on. In case you are not registered, you have to request the app in any Capitec Bank. Then, advisors will tell you how to proceed.

What is the Capitec loan interest rate for a loan?

            The interest for any Capitec loan will depend on the amount of money you request. Fortunately, you can count on Capitec credit calculator designed to tell you this information. For example, if you ask for a loan of R 25000 payable in 24 months, the interest rate of such loan will be one of %12.90. Similarly, if you select a higher amount, let’s imagine R 250000 that is payable in 7 years, then the interest rate then will be of % 16.30.

What are Capitec loan terms?

            If you explore the calculator that I mentioned before, you will find that you can select the loan term that best accommodates to your situation. Loan terms range from one month, a year, two years, four years and even seven years. As you can see, Capitec, in that sense, is quite flexible, as it allows you to select the period of time that is more convenient for you.

If I’m operating with a different financial entity… Can I turn to Capitec Bank?

            Yes! If you believe that Capitec services adapt to your needs, then you can perfectly switch to Capitec Bank and start enjoying its services right away. You just have to visit the bank’s facilities and bring some documentation to start the opening of what Capitec call a Global One facility.

Can you tell me where can I find Capitec Bank branches in Durban?

            I will briefly refer to some stores where you can find loan financing in Durban. Luckily, there are more than ten branch offices around this area. Let’s see at least where you can find five of Capitec stores in Durban:

  • One office is in The Wheel Shopping Centre, at Shop 18A, 55 Gillespie St.

  • Another store is in 10, Berea Shopping Centre, at King Dinuzulu Rd (South), Bulwer.

  • There is one Capitec office in Boland Bank House, Shop 2 Brook Rd & Dr, at Dr Pixley Kaseme St.

  • You can also find a store in Shop 1, at 184 Magwaza Maphalala St.

  • Finally, another branch office can be found in Shop 78, The Workshop, at 99 Samora Machel St, in Durban Central.

            I hope that what you have found in this article serves as guidance for you to start making firm decisions. The more informed you are, the more confident you get and that is key if you are thinking of dealing with your financing on your own. It would be advisable that before taking any important decision, you have the tools to build a brighter financial future as time goes by.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do they offer student loans?

No. They do not offer student loans; however, you can use a personal loan to pay for school fees.

How can I make payments once I have used the money?

You start making payments as soon as your loan is approved and you have the money available and you can make them online or at a local branch.

Are there any discounts for retired people?

Unfortunately. there are no discounts on rates for anybody. Rates are calculated based on each borrower's credit eligibility.

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