Loan Financing in South Africa: Does Capitec Offer Loans in Capetown? Which Type of Loans Can I Get There?

Loan Financing in South Africa: Does Capitec Offer Loans in Capetown? Which Type of Loans Can I Get There?

            Have you seen any Capitec advertising and it called your attention? Someone told you that Capitec offers good financial services and you want to do business with this company but you do not have a clue about how it works? If this situation sounds you familiar in this unique opportunity you will have the chance to get to know more about Capitec and the loan options that you have at your disposal. Most specifically, I will review some detailed information such as Capitec qualifying criteria, the company’s loan products, and also some addresses of the branches you can visit if you live in Capetown.

Why should I request a loan in Capitec?

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            Capitec offers you a simpler way to do your banking operations. What does that mean? Just imagine, Capitec’s banking is paperless and its branches are open on Sundays. Undoubtedly, for Capitec, simplicity counts a lot. In such company, representatives work hard to facilitating your banking solutions as much as they can. Besides, its affordability, which is related to its transparency as well, guarantees that you can rely on the prices Capitec set up for each product, they do not hide any information. Last but not least, customer service is personalized and agents provide you with the tools so that, eventually, you can manage your financing on your own.

Are there any benefits of working with Capitec?

            Yes, of course, and that is the best part. Once you start operating with Capitec, you can get lots of discounts on various well-known companies such as Mc Donalds, Travelstart, Rentalcars, and Uber, just to mention a few. Bear in mind that not all financial entities have these type of agreements with other brands, so this is really quite advantageous and what distinguishes Capitec from other institutions.

What are the requirements I have to meet if I want to request a Capitec loan?

Capitec loan qualification requirements can be organized into these items:

  • You will have to be eighteen years or more.

  • Provide earning evidence over than 2 months.

  • Specify if your salary is given to you through a banking account.

  • Debt is not permitted.

  • You will need a bank statement issued recently or at least any document that is similar to the one I mentioned. It can be a payslip or pension letter.

What products can I get in Capitec?

Among Capitec credit options, you can find credit cards, credit insurance and two types of loans: home loans and personal loans.

I will explore hereafter the loan options more in detail so that you know the basics of each.


            As you can infer from the name of the loan, this type of financing allows you to get money to afford a property or simply to make some architectural modifications to your current house.

            You should know that you can get around to R 2 million which can be repayable within 2o months. I know, that is a lot of money! But bear in mind that actually, the final amount you get depends on your home value and other factors, such as your credit profile and affordability.

            You can apply for this loan online or you can also get to visit any Capitec store located in Cape Town city. If you apply online, you have to get an approximation with Capitec calculator and apply right away. In contrast, if you go to any branch then you first will have to have a little chat with a consultant who will tell how the amount of money you can apply to and if you are eligible to do so.


            This is a way of getting money to satisfy your own needs. It is a kind of personal credit which is granted according to your rates and of course your needs. Some of the advantages of personalized credit are the following:

  • You can choose the installments for your loan.

  • You have up to seven months to repay your loan.

  • Interest rates are low (around 12%).

  • The credit is approved rapidly and you can have access to cash right away.

            In this case, the application process can be carried out by any means. You can apply online, you can send a text message, apply over the phone, or even through the Capitec app.

What documents do I need to get any of the Capitec loans mentioned above?

For home loans you will need:

  • Your personal identification. In case you are looking forward requesting a joint home loan, then each applicant must present their ID.

  • You will need to make a copy of the purchase, which of course, has to be previously signed.

  • You will need another copy of your marriage certificate.

  • Salary slips and stamped bank statements. Three each.

For personalized credit you will need:

  • Your ID.

  • A proof what your residential address is. The document has to be original.

  • A latest salary slip.

  • Three bank statements which have to be stamped and serve as proof of your last 3 deposits of your salary.

Is there any special qualification for being eligible for Capitec home loans?

            Yes. Apart from all the data you have to collect, you must not be older than 60 years of age and you must not be burdened with debt or under debt counseling. That’s all!

            As we know that you may be looking for visiting Capitec nearest branches, I will also list two locations so that you go there whenever you want.

  • There is a Capitec store at Adderley St, in Cape Town City Centre, 7780.

  • There is another one at Mutual Heights, Parliament St & Darling St, Cape Town, 8000.

  • And finally, you can also go to Okavango Rd, Brackenfell, in Cape Town, 7560.

            Of course, there are many more locations all along Cape Town, these are just references that can serve as guidelines for you to get an idea where you can go. For further information, stay tuned to this site and explore other useful articles from which you can benefit considerably. If you want to know why should you ask a loan, or what loans there exist, do not miss this huge opportunity to read more articles published in elmejortrato.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do they have branches in Limpopo?

Yes. They have branches across the country. You can search for your closest branch on their website.

How can I make the payments for my personal loan?

You can make them online from your personal account, by mail with a check, over the phone with your account or credit card information or personally at a local branch.

I have missed two payments. What can I do if I cannot keep up with my payments?

First, you should contact the bank and let them know what your situation is and they will probably offer a forbearance or refinancement of the rest of your loans. A forebearance or grace period will stop your payments and a refinancing plan canlower your monthly payments and enable you to keep on paying your interests and part of your principal.

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