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What Loans are Available at Capfin? Waiting Period, Contact and Reviews

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     Capfin is a loan provider entity willing to grant South Africans the best lending experience. They have the features necessary to be a viable option to get a loan with them. I’ll inform you about Capfin online application, qualification and, what’s the waiting period to get the money. More to the point, I’ll write some reviews from their clients and, contact data to apply and go over the procedure.

    Capfin works in South Africa since 2010 and, has always sought to confer affordable products to their customers. Besides, they’ve grown from a small team to have more than a thousand workers at present.

What qualifications do I need to be approved for a Capfin loan?

Before making the choice of applying with any company, you must know what does that entity require in order to get a loan. Let’s see who qualifies for a loan with Capfin.

  • To begin, applicants must be old enough to enter a loan contract.

  • Second, they must be South African citizens. Please, take into account this requirement includes be living and working in South Africa.

  • Third, in order for Capfin to be sure you won’t incur on debt, customers are asked to have a permanent job for which they get a monthly income.

  • And fourth, Capfin applicants are requested to own a cell phone number and, a bank account opened in South Africa.

Now, for Capfin to check their possible clients meet the previous requirements, they’ll ask you to show the following documents:

  • To verify your identity and age majority, of course you need your ID issued by the SA government.

  • Capfin will check your employment status and income through your paylips or, bank statements providing you get your salary through it. Bear in mind, no matter which of these 2 documents - payslip or bank statement – you decide to present, you have to present three and, they must be from the last three months.

As it’s been shown, requirements aren’t very complicated so, you can try to get approved.

What is Capfin Loans Application?

Once you check the requirements, you can move on with the application.  There are different ways to apply with Capfin and next, I’ll go into each of them:

    1)  Capfin loans Online- if you log into Capfin website, you can fill the application form and, send the documents asked vie email or using the same platform. Following, you’ll get the answer to know if your request was approved. In such case, you’ll proceed with the process by receiving the money into the bank account. However, remember that first of all you will have to create your own profile at Capfin and then, go through the application through it.

    2) Capfin loans SMS – similar to the preceding explanation, you can get your application through SMS and, submit the documentation vie email.

    3)  Capfin loans in store – finally, you can approach a PEP or Ackermans store to get the application in person.  As you know, there are plenty of them around the country so; it will be really easy for you to find one.

The best part of the entire procedure is the short waiting period between your loan request is accepted and, you receive the money in your account to use it freely. After just 2 business days, the money will be deposited in your bank account and, you will be capable of spend it as you want to.

    Now we’ve dealt with the application steps, let’s take a look at alternatives you have to present the required documentation. As I told you, you can upload them if you apply online but, another option is to scan them on a PEP or an Ackermans store. If you prefer to email them, the right email address is Remember to add in the subject line your South African ID. At last, you can use a fax machine at this number, 08 66 88 0000. There’s an extra choice but only for Absa bank, Standard bank or Nedbank clients. If you bank with any of these banks, you can allow Capfin to retrieve the documents for you. The best part is that, this service will be totally free for you.

How to contact Capfin Loans? Is there an Email Address?

    Next, I want to delve into the contact options available in case you have any query. Also, you can use them in case you need to update your information.  Capfin Customer Service number is 08 73 54 0000, their email address is and, for citizens living in Cape Town, Capfin office is in Kuils River at 1 Industrie Street.

What Quotation can I get from Capfin?

    When you apply, you’re subject to some affordability checks which results will be used by Capfin to prepare your quote. Please, take into consideration that due to extra credit checks carried away after the submission of the form, the loan size may go through some variation.

Capfin loans reviews from their clients

    I’ve gathered some customers critique to try to let you know how Capfin works. The general assessment is really positive as, they say this is an extraordinary lending entity that has helped many South Africans improve their lives. On one side, their clients have always felt well-assisted and, accompanied by Capfin team of agents. And also, those clients claim the quotes and rates they got were accessible. All things considered, this company has good reviews from their borrowers so; you could give them a chance.

How Capfin Loans work?

    After studying carefully this entity, from their information to their customers’ reviews, we can say Capfin works fast and efficiently. Not only do they offer approval in just few days but also, they do their best to offer applicants a reasonable quote and, to keep the total cost of their loan as low as possible.

    As a final point, I want to advise you to make sure you’re fully prepared to get a loan. Inform yourself about your options and then, make sure to get a loan you can afford so as not to find yourself on debt. If there’s an extra query you need to know, please leave us your question and, we’ll be pleased to answer.

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Comment: The repayment options adapt to your pocket
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Comment: It is a serious and trustworthy company
Rating: 5
Comment: They don't exclude pensioners and people with low income. And they dont pressure you about your loan repayment
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent service provider capfin quick cash no need for queue i am just in love with capfin
Rating: 3
Comment: Nice consultants that make you feel comfortable and who are very patient in explaining what one needs to know. Their terms adjust to our pockets
Rating: 5
Comment: It's really easy to get
Rating: 1
Comment: Its so dissapointing i only got an sms saying my loan has bein approved and they will call me shortly ever since i waited for a call
Rating: 3
Comment: Capfin is quick,easy and reliable you get your money fast
Rating: 5
Comment: A healthy way to upgrade lives
Rating: 5
Comment: Love the way everything is xplained and its easy to apply than u capfin
Rating: 5
Comment: Its really simple
Rating: 5
Comment: Can i get a loan of 35000 if am earning 11000
Rating: 4
Comment: For the past four days . I've been waiting. On the first day they said my loan has been approved. . They'll get back at me. But everytime they call they want the bankstatement for may. I have send it like three times. . And now im giving up. For others capfin is ok . As for me. I don't know. . Andi was really looking fforward to them helping me get ma bussiness up and running. But now for four days. All hope is gone. Thank you very much for your time

Questions and Answers

Can i borrow r 5000.00 from Capfin?
You can apply for a loan of R 5000 at Capfin by paying monthly installments of r2512 if the interest rate does not surpass 4%. You will repay for the loan in about 2 years.
How much is the interest rate?
The interest rate at Capfin can range from 3% to 4%, which is the maximum allowed. The interest rate will be lowered depending on the financing term you select for your loan
How much is interest rate for six months loan ?
Remember that the lower your financing period, in this case 6 months, the lower will the interest rate be. For such motive, you can apply for a loan at Capfin and repay interest rates of 3%
How much will i pay if i take a r 3000 one month loan at capfin?
If you choose a 1 month loan at Capfin and you need R 3000 the bank can offer interest rates of 3% and the installments will be of around R 3007
Do you give a loan to someone who get a monthly salary of r 1820.00?
Unfortunately, the minimum salary requested for the loan at Capfin is R 2500 but you can ask someone to apply for the loan on your behalf
What is the free number that I should dial?
The phone number you can dial up in order to contact Capfin is the following one: 084 196 1035 or this one too:087 354 0000
Hi capfin i just wanna find out if i will be able to qualify for a loan if i earn r2500 per month?
With a payslip of R 2500 you can apply in Capfin for the company´s loan of R 10 000 and repay for it in installments of R 1119 for a period of 12 months
I need a loan of R150.00.00, can i get it?
Unfortunately, the company has a maximum of R 50 000 to obtain. However at Capfin you can obtain an additional loan as long as you have complied with the previous monthly installments
I'm interested in taking a loan for r 50 000.00 but I also need to know what the fee agreement amount is and what is the interest rate please.
In order to apply for a loan of R 50 000, you can repay for in 6 years and the monthly installments applied to the loan are those of R 793, with an interest rate of 4.5%
Can I find a loan to pay in 6 months?
In African Bank you can apply for Personal Loans for instance of R 5000 and repay for it in half a year by paying installments of around R 852
Can i apply for a loan when i get paid forthnight and when i only been employed for six months
What you can do in such case is to take a short term loan, so that in those 6 months you finish financing the loan with the salary you obtain from your employment
How much do i pay per month for a R 50 000 loan for 24 months
If you are interested in paying the loan in 24 months you will be paying an interest rate of around 4.5% and the total amount of the installments is that of R2182,39
Example let say i take. R30000 capfin loan. Approximately how much will be my monthly installment?
Unfortunately the loans offered by Capfin have a maximum that consists of R 20 000 and you can pay in 12 monthly installments of r 1700 approximately.
Hi, i work as a care giver at home i receive my salary from raf but have no paslip how can you help me
Hi, in case you do not possess a payslip to show your current salary, you can resort to a company specialized in self-employed citizens: Norton Bazar. You can make a phone call to this company by phoning on 0808 231 8471
What steps should I follow for a loan?
First it is important that you read carefully the many options available, then you can try phone application, or you can also enter in google the company´s name so as to be redirected to its official website. There, you click on the section destined for application for loans and you give the company your information.
Can capfin loan give me r500 ?
Of course, in fact Capfin offers loans whose maximum is that of R 20 000, so the amount you are asking is a minimum and can be obtainable. Remember that in order to be found eligible you must comply with the requirements and financial documentation in order
I would like to obtain a loan for my 2 daughters for study purposes. What is the process?
If you are looking for a student loan, the process needed to manage by the client has to do with entering the company´s website you are interested in, checking affordability in the calculator provided online, clicking on the application section and being ready to gather all the documentation, which of course includes certifications of your child´s tuition.
Hi I need a loan of R 2000 and I have a salary of R2500, can i still pay it?
You can have access to Capfin Loans, since you must have a salary of at least r 2500, and the company can offer you a maximum of R 20 000. Of course such amounts depend on your current financial status and working conditions.
Can i have a loan,of 10,000 for the studies of my daughter by paying during 10 years? I have an account with Capfin already.
Of course, you can have access to a student loan so as to cover your child´s tuition at school. Capfin enables its Personal Loans to be used as Student Loans, so that every client can have access to education. Moreover, its loans have financing periods of up to R 30 000, which can be paid in comfortable 12 months. You can renew the loan so as to cover educational needs.
If you don't work can you still have access to a loan?
For those clients that do not currently work there are loans available. For example, there are loans that do not need payslips given by RCS. The company can give you access to a minimum of R 1000 to R 125 000, and you are able to repay for it in 12 months or also 60 months. The requirement is that you choose a surety who earns at least R 2000 so as to show you are capable of sustaining the loan.
Is there a loan of R 5000?
Yes, you can obtain R 5000 since the maximum permitted in Capfin is that of R 20 000. Of course, the amount will vary in consideration with your monthly income and the credit record you possess at the time of the application.
Hi. Do you give loans to pensioners?
Capfin does offer loans for pensioners as long as they are not older than 65 years old. However, if that is your case you can contact Pension Loans by phoning on the following number:021 100 3656
Can i consolidate the existing loan with capfin?
Yes, if you have obtained a loan with another financial company in South Africa, you can apply for a Consolidation Loan in African Bank so as to settle your previous loan. However, it is compulsory that you have a perfect credit record and you have 0 debts at the moment of applying for this second loan. Please contact African Bank for a Consolidation Loan by phoning: 0112569000.
I would like to ask why do i not qualify for a capfin loan?
In order to qualify for a Capfin Loan it is needed for you to be able to sustain the loan in financial terms, which is why the company asks for a wage that allows you to pay at least this amount per month: R292.77. However, if you have a surety or a relative that can help you finance the loan, you can contact the bank and inform them about your financial situation. Or, you can try obtaining a minimal loan of R 1000 at Capfin, which is the minimym authorized.
Which number should I phone?
One of the phone numbers available to customer service is the following one : 087354 0000 or you can also use your cellphone and send an sms to this number:43679. By doing so, a rep from the company will get in touch with you to give you more figures about the company´s loans
How much do i qualify for at capfin? I need to build a house
You can obtain a loan of up to R 20 000 with Capfin, as long as your salary is of R 2500 and you have a decent credit record to make sure you will comply with payments.
I have an existing loan with capfin but almost done do i qualify for anothet loan or can i take out another loan on top of that one?
Hi! It is advisable that you cancell your current loan and then apply for the new loan, so as to have a clear credit record and being able to increase the amount granted in the future
Me and my dad need of up r7000. But he works as baker at certain bakery. Do we qualify for a loan or not?
Hello, you and your dad can have access to a loan of R 7000 without problem, the only thing you need is to show he is permanently employed and that he posseses a good credit record. This company can offer its clients up to R 50 000.
How can i contact capfin by phone?
One of the ways you can contact Capfin by phone is by dialling up 087 354 0000 or you can also send a simple sms from your cellphone to the following numbers and obtain more information: *120*5566#
Does capfin have a certain time like closing in this season? I urgently need some cash now so will they assist me since its december?
Hello! Capfin is open in december, except for holidays like Christmas and New Year. Otherwise, if you go to the bank during weekdays, you can expect the company to have its doors open.
What is the instalment for 6 months?
The installments you must pay each month will totally depend on the amount you choose for your loan, being this possible a maximum of R 50 000. In such case the installments would be approximately of R 9000
I am a domestic worker with salary of 4500 plus 13th cheque. I need to borrow 3000 to buy a fridge. How much will i pay?
You can apply at Capfin for a R3000 loan and repay for it in a year by paying monthly installments of R 129,61 with interest rates of about 3.5%
Im 23 years old and an indepedent client, can i get a loan from capfin?
Independent workers can apply for Capfin loans as long as they choose a surety whose salary is superior to R 3000.
Hello if i'm self employed can i also apply for a loan please? Regards
Capfin enables self-employed clients to apply for its loans provided the salary earned each month is up to R 3000 and that there is a surety available to serve as a guarantee of the loan
Can I reduce the repayment time by paying more in each installment?
Yes, you can. Your loan term will reduce if you make additional payments
How can I send my latest proof of income to the company?
There are different options: you can scan it at the retail store, you can take pictures of the pages and upload them via or send them by e-mail, and you can fax it to 0866880000
How much can I apply for?
The maximun ammount is R20,000