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Take your Capfin Loan in South Africa | Minimum Requirements

Here you will learn all the necessary information to apply for loans provided by Capfin in South Africa. You will know how to start the process, what are the minimum requirements, types of loans, and a lot more.

How Can I borrow money from Capfin and how do their Loans Work?

Capfin is a loan provider with presence in the South African market since 2010. They have the mission of offering easy-to- access loans to South Africans. And they actually do a great job: their loan application process is really simple. You can apply for their loans online by filling out an online application. All documents needed to process your loan are also uploaded online. After you complete your online application, a staff member from Capfin will call you to wrap everything up.

What is the Maximum Amount for Capfin Personal Loan?

When you set yourself to finding out the best loan for you, one of the first words that may come to your mind is quotation, that is, how much money you can borrow from the financial institution.

Usually, you have an idea of how much money you will need, but, does the creditor lend that sum? For instance, you may need to start some repairs at your house. Maybe your car needs service. Also, you may want to buy a new computer or other electronic equipment.

Capfin loans are an excellent tool for these kinds of purchases: they offer up to 50 000 Rands. Also, depending on the sum you borrow, they let you pay it back in 6, 12 or 24 months. They claim to be straightforward with the amount of money you will ultimately pay back. For instance, if you borrow 20 000 Rands, you can pay it back in 12 or 24 months. You would end up repaying (with interest and charges) R25 408.93 if you decide to pay in 12 installments, and R29 554.73 if you chose 24 payments.

Can I Apply for a Capfin Loan Online or Via SMS?

Most banks and credit institutions make you go to their branches in order to request a loan, either because you have to do the whole application process in person or because you need to bring them your documentation. This can be a burden for many people who work during business hour and can’t make the time to go all over the way to the bank.

Capfin works on the ground that loans should be made available for everybody and with easy access. For this reason, they allow you to apply for your loan completely online. You only have to complete the information they request and upload your documents.

Another way of starting your application with Capfin is sending them a text message with the word: “HELP”. After this, you will be contacted by staff member of Capfin to start your loan request. This company takes the easy-to-access premise to heart.

What are the Requirements for a Loan at Capfin?

Asking for a loan is a serious obligation you have with a financial company. This is why most banks or creditor facilities apply certain conditions you should meet in order to qualify for their loans.

Banks, specifically, impose strict requirements for their loan applications. So, many people are left out. If you are not able to comply with their requirements, you are not able to request a loan. What happens with people who can’t access these loans and need to make an important home repair, for instance?

Luckily, there are lending companies such as Capfin that have this philosophy of making it easier for people to find the money to finance their needs. Capfin has simple requirements:

  • You must reside in South Africa

  • You must be over 18 years old

  • You must have a permanent job: in order to prove this you can either provide your last 3 pay stubs or your last three bank statements

  • You also must have a bank account and provide a current cellphone number

We believe this is one of the most positive aspects of this lending company. With them, many South African may be able to have access to capital in order to satisfy their needs.

What are Capfin Loans Interest Rates?

Knowing what the interest rate and the repayment amounts of your loan will be is paramount in order to keep your finances neat. Generally, the type of interest rate a lending company gives you goes hand in hand with your income and your credit history. The higher your income and the healthier your credit history, the better interest rate you can get.

If you’d like to visualize how your repayments will look like or the approximate interest rate you might get, you can try our loan calculator. With this useful tool you’ll be able to take a glimpse at an estimation of the numbers in your loan. 

Can Existing Customer Make an Early Settlement of Capfin Loans?

It may happen that while you are repaying your Capfin loan, you find yourself with money to settle the loan. You may wonder if this is feasible since it’s better to pay for the whole thing and forget about it. Capfin states in its terms and conditions that all existing customers who want to settle early their loan can do so as long as they contact the bank for a quotation of the settlement, and they pay all due payments, charges, and fees.

What other Non-online Options do I have to Submit my Documentation for a Capfin Loan?

Some people don’t find online applications friendly at all. It may confuse them or they might feel insecure about the whole process. If this is your case, and you don’t feel comfortable uploading your documents online, don’t worry, since you can either go to a Pep Store or an Ackermans Store so as to hand in your documents. 

Does Capfin Offer Long Term Loans?

Technically, a long term loan is a sum of money borrowed over a period of time longer than one year. So, yes, Capfin does offer long term loans since it allows you to repay your loan in up to 24 months, that is, two years.

However, Capfin prides itself of being a short-term loan provider since its mission is to contribute to make financial needs simpler for South African. We’ve discussed above that Capfin does not have stringent requirements. Now, we can also say that they offer convenient short-term loans.   

If you wish to borrow less than 5000 Rands, for instance, you will only be allowed to get a repayment term of up to 12 months. Only if you borrow more than that amount you will be able to get a long-term loan. Conversely, if you borrow less than 2000 rands you will have to repay it in a period of 6 months. The latter being the shortest-term loan. 

Does Capfin Offer Revolving Loans?

This type of loan allows you to borrow a fixed amount, and after you have paid a percentage of the monthly repayments (which are fixed) you are allowed to borrow the same amount of money again. The portion of the repayment you should have paid is usually of the 15%.

Capfin does not offer this kind of loan. In fact, there are not many financial institutions that offer this loan in South Africa. Here we’ll tell you where you can find this loan in our country:

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2 Easy Steps to Apply for an R1000 Loan at Capfin

It’s a sound decision to only ask for the amount of money that you actually need. You might get tempted to think “in for a penny, in for a pound”, and set out to ask more money than you need. Resist this urge and stick to the good judgement.

To take out an R1000 loan at Capfin:

1. Fill out the online application

2. Upload your documents

This is Capfin’s aim, to help you get the money you need for solving problems. If your car broke down, for instance, and you have no money, Capfin may be your best solution. 

Can I Find a Multi Loan in Capfin?

A multi loan is a short-term loan that allows you to finance needs you may have every day. Capfin does not work with this kind of loan.

However, there is one lending company that has multi loans in South Africa. Capitec is a bank that was founded 18 years ago with more than 120000 customers.

This bank offers multi loans for up to R4000 repayable the following month. That is, you can borrow money each month from Capitec and pay it back the next month. This kind of loan is of great help in the event of emergencies.

Can I Request a Loan at Capfin if Unemployed?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Capfin specializes in short-term loans, but they require that you have a permanent job in order to apply for them. That’s not the end of the road, though. If you need money to finance something you need and are not currently working you can consider Wonga loans. This is an online credit provider that lends up to R4000 if you are not a customer and R8000 to those who are currently clients. In order to qualify for this loan you will need to provide proof that you have regular income through your bank statements.  

Can I get a Home Loan in Capfin?

At Capfin you won’t be able to find a home loan. They work with short-term loans up to R50000. If you are looking for home loans options, you might consider turning to reputable banks.

Are There Capfin Loans for Students?

This lending company offers personal loans for people who can prove that have a permanent job. If you happen to be a student who works, then you will be able to apply for a loan at Capfin. One way of proving that you have a permanent job is by providing your latest pay slips (3) to Capfin. You can also take out a loan at Capfin without a pay slips if you can prove that you have regular income with your last (3) bank statements.

Capfin Offers Loans for Self-employed?

What you need to know is that for you to request money at any lending company, you have to prove that you will be able to pay them back. Being permanently employed is a condition for borrowing money from this lending company. The question you should ask yourself is what kind of situation you are in. Are you self-employed at your own company? Or you work independently but are not registered as a business?

If you own a business, for instance, duly registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) you may easily qualify for a Business Loan. Usually, this type of loans is offered by bigger financial companies, such as banks.

Most banks in South Africa —like Standard Bank, Absa Bank, Nedbank, among others— offer business loans for different sizes of companies. There are loans for start-ups, that is, if you want to start a new business you might receive financial aid and start shaping your dreams. Also, if you own a small business or an already consolidated company, you can also apply for business loans.

What if I have Queries about Capfin Loans?

Should you have questions, doubts, you can use our question and answer for below or leave us a comment. Our team is here to help you clear all your doubts. Go ahead, ask your questions and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.

How long does it Take for Capfin to Approve a Loan?

When you fill out your application for a loan, Capfin has to check that the information and the documentation you provided is true and reliable. Also, the company has to run affordability checks on you and find out what is your credit history to see if you are a trustworthy payer or not. Usually, this might take up a week. But, this may vary according to your specific situation.

How long does it Take to Pay Capfin Loans?

Capfin offers straightforward loan terms. When you start your application for their loan, you will know how long it will take for you to pay it back. Depending on the amount of money you request you will be able to pay it back in 6, 12, or 24 months.

Of course, as we mentioned above, if you wish to settle your loan with Capfin, you can do so. If you do this, then your payment term will be shorter. You can pay your settlement quote in the following ways:

Are there Loans Similar to Capfin?

South Africa has a wide market when it comes to financial needs. In this article we focused on this specific company, but there are many other institutions which offer similar services.

Another online financial company is Wonga. However, this business offers much lower loans than Capfin. With them, you can either borrow R4000 if you are a new customer, and R8000 if you already borrowed money from them.

Do I have to Own a Bank Account if I want to Take out a Capfin Loan?

The answer is a straight yes. As we’ve discussed above when we dealt with the requirements to apply for a Capfin loan, having a bank account is essential. This is so because Capfin will transfer the money from your loan to that bank account. After your loan is approved by Capfin, you will have the money you borrow in this bank account within 48 working hours.

Also, this bank account has to be from a South African bank. You cannot use an international bank account for a loan with Capfin.

What Are Capfin’s Office Hours if I want to Apply for a Loan?

If you want to apply for a loan, forget about business hours. You can start your application online at any time you want! Also, don’t forget you can upload your documents online as well. So why go to their office? If for any reason you do need to go over their branch, bear in mind that Capfin’s office’s business hours start from Monday to Friday at 8 a.m. till 6 p.m., on Saturday they open at 8 a.m. and close at 1 p.m.; they’re closed on Sunday.

What are Capfin Loan Contact Details in Cape Town?

If you need to go to their office because you have a query that con only be answered in person with Capfin staff members you need to know Capfin’s location. Their address is 1 Industrie St, Kuils River, Cape Town, 7580, South Africa. Just a reminder, most of the things you need to do for a Capfin Loan can be done online; please, to save you from the inconvenience, do asks us all your questions below before deciding to take the trouble to go all the way over there.

We’ve got to the end of our Article. We hope we’ve been of help in your Capfin loan queries. Our aim was to introduce this company to you and their easy-to-access loans. We covered, for instance, what are the conditions for requesting this loan, what are the documents you need to hand in, what are the maximum amounts you can borrow. We’ve also discussed repayment terms, and other options similar to Capfin loans. If you are in South Africa and need small loans with fewer requirements and paperwork, Capfin might be the way to go.

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Questions and answers

Can I get a loan while having another one which I paid one month ago?

Absolutely, yes! You might be eligible for another personal loan with the private company Capfin S.A., even if you paid your previous loan one month ago. The company will analyse your personal information as well as your financial situation and credit profile to determine how much money you can borrow.

How long does it take to get the money from a loan that you have requested at Capfin?

According to the official source of information, your personal loan with Capfin S.A. can be paid out within 48 business hours after being approved. The money will be deposited into the bank account you declared at the beginning of the loan application process. Also, the delay in approving the DebiCheck request from your bank may delay the transfer of the money.

Will I receive a notification for my loan approval?

After the private lending company Capfin S.A has processed your loan, it will be more likely that you receive an USSD notification, which you will have to accept or reject. If you do not receive it, then you can contact the company directly by phone to ask about your loan approval. 

How long does it take for a Capfin loan to be approved?

Usually, the process is quite easy and quick. According to the official source of information, the private company Capfin S.A. takes about five minutes to approve a loan with no paperwork involved. However, it can take longer, between 24 and 48 hours depending on the credibility of your credentials that you have submitted. 

How long does it take to approve a loan because I have just applied?

Usually, the time of approval for a personal loan with the lending company Capfin S.A. will vary depending on several factors such as the results of your application process, the number of applications being processed, etc. The entire process can take up a couple of days. Usually, the money is deposited within 48 business hours. 

Can pensioners apply for a Capfin loan?

Of course, they can. The private company Capfin S.A. offers personal loans to clients that are able to comply with all the requirements. If you are a pensioner, then you just need to demonstrate you have the means to afford the monthly fees and that you have a positive credit history. For example, you will need to show your monthly pension certificate or bank statements. 

What if I am applying for a loan of 4,000 rand, how much interest can I pay back for six months?

If you are applying for a personal loan with the financial company, Capfin S.A, the interest rate that the company offers can be around 5%, which is the maximum rate. Considering that the repayment term is about 6 months, you will be paying 969 rand per month ( this includes a service fee and an initation fee). 

How will I know that my loan has been approved?

In order to know that your loan has been approved, you will receive a confirmation that the application process has been successful. Usually, once you hand in all the necessary documentation, which will be subjected to credit analysis. The entire process can take a few days and then the money will be deposited within 48 business hours. 

I have changed the bank due to the 1st one was blocked. It's the 2nd month I bank with the current one, I am asking to apply for a loan urgently as it's not a first time taking a loan.

If you have changed banks, and you have been operating with a new one for 2 months already, you may have no difficulties in applying for a personal loan with Capfin S.A. Consider that the company will analyse your profile and your regular monthly income. Usually, in order to borrow money, you will need to present your ID and your 3 recent payslips

Simple: R25,000 over 24 months. Repayments per month.

If you wish to obtain a personal loan of about 25,000 rand with the private financial company, Capfin S.A., you need to consider the following. Te repayment period offered can only be six or twelve months. Furthermore, there is an initiation fee of 535 rand and a monthly service fee of 69 rand. The interest rate can go around 27.25%.  So, you will be paying monthly fees of 2,403.73 rand. 

Hi, I got a loan from Capfin last month, but was not aware that I could have got a bit more, and pay over 12 months. This month would be my first payment. Do I have to wait for the sixth month to pay it in full, or can I apply for the 50,000 rand and pay it over 12 months? How can u help me, please?

It is not necessary to pay your current personal loan in full, with Capfin in order to ask for more money. You can easily ask for a top-up to increase the amount of your current loan. If you wish to obtain extra 50,000 rand and pay it over 12 months, please get in touch with the company to arrange this. 

If I'm a pensioner, can I also apply for a loan?

Of course, you can apply. If you are a pensioner, you can qualify for a personal loan with Capfin, as there are no specific lines of credit for pensioners with this company. If you comply with all the requirements, you can obtain up to 50,000 rand over a period between 6 and 12 months. 

How can I change my phone number? Because every time I log in, the OTP pin gets sent to another number.

If you want to change your phone number as a contact detail with Capfin, as you are having problems with getting access on the system, then the recommendation is to get in touch with an advisor from the company For sure, you will be able to provide the new number, and then you will not have problems when logging in. 

Does Capfin loans improve credit scores?

The credit company Capfin offers personal loans to people who generally have positive credit score and a good credit behaviour. If you comply with these, then you will be able to obtain convenient interest rates. So, if you are in arrears and your credit history is negative, then you will not be able to be eligible for a loan. 

Hi, did Capfin send me an SMS?

Usually, Capfin sends their customers an SMS per month informing the amount of money available for them to borrow as a top-up loan. If you have not received the message, and you wish to increase your loan, the suggestion is to communicate with any advisor from the company, and for sure, they will help you out. 

Hi, please, refer me to Wonga loan because I'm not employed, but I need a loan.

Most of the companies and banks will ask clients to be permanently employed or at least self-employed with a regular monthly wage.  You will also need to provide proof of income by showing your recent payslips. You will not be able to apply for a loan either with Capfin S.A or Wonga if you do not meet these requirements. 

I applied for a Capfin loan on the 31st of July at Ackermans, and submitted all relevant documents. They said I should wait for a call within 48 hours, but I haven't received the call till now.

If you already applied for personal loan with Capfin S.A and have submitted all the relevant documentation, then you will need to wait for the application to be approved. Generally, the entire process takes a few days. However, if you still have inquires about it, the recommendation is to get in touch with the company.

I am a Capitec client, do qualify for Capfin loan?

Certainly, you do. In order to apply for a personal loan with Capfin S.A, you must comply with some requirements. As a client, you need to present a valid South African ID, three recent payslips, a valid South African bank account (for example, a Capitec Bank account) and you must be permanently employed.

How do you know that I qualify?

To know if you are eligible for a loan with Capfin Bank, first you need to comply with all the requirements that the company asks in the application process. Moreover, you need to have a clear credit record with enough affordability capacity. The bank will study all your paperwork, application form and economic situation which can take up to 72 hours, then the money will be deposited in your account. Also, you can communicate with any bank agent to check if your loan has been approved. 

How long does it take for Capfin to get back to me after changing my phone number?

Once your renew your number with Capfin, you can carry out your online banking operations. If you need the company to get in touch with you, it will usually take up to a week. In any case, the response may vary depending on your financial situation and the amount of money you may have requested.

Does Capfin take someone who is under debit review?

As with many financial companies demands, Capfin recommends that their clients hold a satisfactory credit record. That is, the company will examine your economic situation thoroughly to establish whether you have enough income capacity to afford a loan; that is why, you also need to hand over proof of your earnings.

Good day, i'd like to update my phone number it recently changed

To replace your phone numer in Capfin, you can log into your personal session, click on your personal information tab and change your number. It is vital that the company has an up-to-date database with all the contact details of their clients in case the bank needs to send notifications. 

Do I qualify for a Capfin loan as a South African currently working and living abroad?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive a loan from Capfin as one of the main requirements the company lays down is that clients must reside in South Africa. This also implies that you should have a permanent job and a local bank account where the money will be deposited. 

Hi if I take a loan of R15.000 how much I need to pay each month?

When you ask for a loan at Capfin, you will be required to provide documents that will allow this institution to set an interest rate on your R15,000 loan. With that information and the repayment term you choose, you will be able to know how much you would pay each month. For instance, if the rate is set at, say, 20% and you decide to pay it back in 12 months, you would have to pay R1,500.

I'm based in Thokoza you have a Capfin branch in this area?

There is no Capfin branch in Thokoza, Alberto. However, did you know that you do not need to visit a branch to ask for a loan at Capfin? If you meet the requirements, you can ask for a personal loan at Capfin completely online. You will need to provide the company with your latest payslips or bank statements.

Hi, I need to find if I am an existing client and left with one repayment, now wish to borrow R3000 again. Is there a possibility that I can be approved?

If you still have one installment to pay for with Capfin, you should wait until you finish paying your existing loan to ask for a new one. If you are in real need of finance due to an emergency, you should consider other alternatives. You will find more about these alternative ways in our articles.

Help how long do I have to wait for a call from capfin but all my details was submitted?

It should not take Capfin more than a week to assess and verify all the information you provided them with. Perhaps, if it is taking longer than that, you could e-mail them or give them a call to see if the application went through and did not get lost in the system.

How do I qualify for a 24 month personal loan?

In order to apply for 24 month personal loan with Capfin, you will have to bring forward some documents that include your bank statements (these should be your latest three), your latest pay slips (the last three) as well as your South African ID. Based on the information provided, Capfin will determine whether you qualify or not for this loan.

Good Day, I have registered with Capfin previously and I need to change my telephone details as I do not use the number that was registered previously. Regards, Gadi

If you need to discuss your loan but you need to change or update your telephone details so that CAPFIN can get effectively in touch with you, you can call the company by phone or simple visit the company at its head office in Cape Town so that you stay in touch with the new registered details.

Do I qualify for a CAPFIN loan while on learnership for 12 months?

If you have been on learnership for a period of 12 months, you may be able to apply for a CAPFIN loan. The company expects clients to provide bank statements or pay slips (the most recent ones). SETAS generally fund learnerships, so depending on the conditions and allowance agreed, an agreement may be reached.

Hi I have a loan with Capfin. They gave me R2700, I have paid R673 for 6 months so far and i have paid 2 installments and I earn R2800 per month. My first installment was in December so i paid the second installment for January. Can I get another loan at Capfin?

The company Capfin does not mention specifications regarding the renewal of a loan or appling for a second loan while still owing one. However, it is advisable for clients to finish paying the first loan and then proceed to ask for a second loan so that they do not fall behind with their installments.

Hi. I applied for a loan on Monday and until now I've had no response.

Capfin is a company that was established in 2010 and so it has built a huge net of clients. Therefore, evaluating loan applications may take a while. The company is constantly receiving applications and has to analyse them. Should this continue happening, you can get in touch with the company by phone and ask about your application in particular.

Can I continue with my application online if I have already sent my documents at pep?

Generally, customers at Capfin are strongly advised to be consistent with the way they apply for a loan. If you have already started an online application with Capfin, you can resume it where it was left. If you have carried out the application process in person, you are advised to continue in the same way.

After I paid up my loan, how long should I wait to apply again?

If at Capfin you have already paid up all of the installments from your current loan, then you can proceed to apply for a new loan. Capfin may ask you to fill in a different form, since you have already fill it once with your first loan. Paying up your installments on time will enhance your credit record.

Can I get a Capfin loan if I only have 2 pay slips? i just came back from maternity leave 2 months ago

Unfortunately, Capfin will ask you to bring forward three pay slips. Therefore, you will not be allowed to apply. If the situation allows you to, what you can do is wait another month so that you obtain a third pay slip and can then apply for a loan at Capfin without inconveniences.

If you accept my loan, how long its takes for you to pay me?

The approval of the loan takes time since all the information forwarded is evaluated. If the company Capfin decides to approve your loan, the company may take some hours until the money is transferred to your bank account. In general, the process is quite fast and matters run smoothly after approval, but it depends on the client's situation.

Can a pensioner qualify for a loan?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for pensioners to apply for a loan at Capfin because of the fact that one of its requirements is for clients to forward their three latest bank statements or payslips. In any case, you may get in touch with the company to enquire about your personal options.

How do I know if I qualify for a loan?

In order to qualify for a loan at Capfin, you certainly need to provide the following documents: your South Africa ID and your latest payslips (they need to be the most recent ones). If you qualify for a loan, the company will let you know whether your application was approved or rejected.

Hi I want to take out a loan of r2000 for 6 months. How much will my installments be?

Capfin’s online calculator shows the monthly payment for the loan you’re trying to get may be R 507.89. As regards the interest rate, the total cost to pay would be R 1047.35. If all factors are considered, at the end of the term and, supposing you don’t get behind with payments, you would have paid R 3047.35 for your loan. Always bear in mind, this quote depends on the affordability assessment Capfin will take over.

How long to wait for a call to process a loan?

The first part of the application process can be done almost automatically. This is so because Capfin checks for basic requirements. But, after that, they have to read your information carefully to verify everything is ok. Only after doing that, will they be capable of giving you the official answer. From the moment of the approval, there’ll be just 2 working days until you get the funds.

I’ve just applied for a loan three times and I was rejected. Why?

When an entity discards a loan application they do so because the applicant couldn’t prove the requirements were met. Even though you might comply with the requirements, your credit score plus income and expenses are not enough to pay for a Capfin loan. You can wait few months before trying again and, you may have a different result.

Am in a 2 years contract, do I qualify for loan?

A relevant detail most Banks take into consideration is how long the applicant has been working in the same place. You can apply for a short term loan if your job lasts 2 years, providing you have been employed at least three months ago. You can get a 12 months loan term, for instance.

I did a loan and I was supposed to get a call or a massage but, I gave the cashier a wrong phone number so what must I do?

It’s of paramount importance Capfin has your contact information as, they need to be in contact permanently. To start, to get into your Capfin account and manage your loan correctly, you’ll receive a pin over your cellphone. So, please, call Capfin customer service as soon as you can to provide them with your accurate number.

Why a housekeeper doesn’t qualify for a sa loan?

A loan refusal is not about the kind of work a person does but, how they are paid for such activity. If your employer doesn’t provide you with pays lips, for example, Capfin won’t accept your petition because they can’t verify your earnings. In addition to that, such salary has to be high enough to cancel the installments.

I'm on a learnership programme. Do I qualify for a loan of r1000?

So long as you get a stable salary each month and, you get that money over a bank account, you can take the loan application at Capfin. Remember, you’ll also be requested to present proof of income and your South African Identity Document. At that point, the outcome will be set by your credit history.

If you are a student and you receive a stipend of r3600.00 monthly. Do you qualify for a short term loan?

In order to be eligible for a loan, the person needs to have a regular job for which he or she is paid every month. If you are a student and you get that monthly income, you can start your loan application at Capfin to see if you have real chances of getting the funds.

I need a loan of up to ten thousand rands which I'll be able to repay for a period of five years. Can I get the loan?

As regards the sum of money you need, you will not find any problem with that at Capfin. However, as regards the term of the loan, you will. This company’s longest term is 1 or 2 years only. So, you can’t spend 5 years cancelling this loan. Your monthly cost for 10000 rands on 2 years, for example, will be R1144.43 more or less, leaving the total cost to pay on R 13732.06.

For 2 years, I want to know the monthly payment on a 50000 rands Capfin loan

If a client gets a loan of R50.000 at Capfin to cancel over 24 installments, he or she may have to pay R2866.39 on each of those installments. We can also tell you, at the end of the loan, you would have paid R68793.31 for this product. Of course, you can end up repaying more money if, for example, you get behind and Capfin sets some penalty fee.

I want to take a loan of r40 000 for 12 months. How much will I pay monthly?

Taking advantage of Capfin calculator, we get the following result: you might have R 2319.84 deducted from your bank account on monthly basis if you get a R 40000 loan on a year term. Such outcome reflects your approximated total cost may be R 55676.27. Just remember, you have to finish the loan application to get the official quote.

I am busy paying my capfin loan, can I get more cash from capfin while paying the loan?

That can only be answered when studying your present financial situation taking into consideration how many instalments have you cancelled and, what’s your overall affordability. As long as Capfin can confirm you can afford both monthly instalments, you have chances of receiving a new loan. All the same, no matter the result, calculate how much money can you spend monthly to pay for the loans.

How much is 10.000 capfin loan for 3 years?

Capfin loan terms are fixed and short. You can ask for R 10000 but, you must pay for it in just one year, not three. If you decide to go for this 1 year loan, the cost of the loan will be R 13716,28. If we want to refer to the monthly costs, it will be R 3716,28. Keep in mind, this is an estimate as, the official cost is based on each applicant’s finances information.

If I lost my phone while waiting for the message, what should I do?

The first thing you can do is asking someone else their phone borrowed to get in contact with Capfin. Then, you can tell them about your problem and give them a new contact number so they can keep you updated. If you don’t have anyone near you to ask for a phone, there’s always the alternative to reach Capfin’s office and solve the problem in person.

I need 1000 rands, how can I pay for them?

For those clients applying for just R1000, Capfin offers them to give it back in 6 months only. For instance, we can have the following estimate: paying R784.75 each month, which means a total of R 1784,75 at the end of the 6th month. This, surely, will be defined according to the different affordability and credit assessment the bank takes over your finances.

I want to pay for my two loans. One is r3.000 and, the other one is r1.700. Capfin would help?

We can refer to two points. One of them being the total loan quote you need. As Capfin can lend a maximum of R50000, you can surely get funds from them. But the other point relates to the kind of loan you are looking for, a Consolidation loan. Capfin would only grant Personal loans. You can take the money and cancel those two liabilities yourself or, you can try with a different company. Direct Axis, for example, grants Consolidation loans.

Can a Capfin loan be granted to a person who earns social grant?

Capfin loans can be issued to any person who presents a SA Identity Document and is employed permanently. Besides, the salary must be received on monthly basis through a bank account to be able of presenting bank statements and salary slips. Pensioners are usually welcome to apply and, as with any applicant, the approval of the credit is made after checking the client’s credit history.

If I have an existing loan, can I make another loan?

If you have been approved once it means you meet the requirements Capfin requests their clients to comply with. So, you can take advantage of that. Then, if you think your salary can cover both loans with no problem, you can apply. But, remember that if Capfin thinks you can’t afford both instalments, they will get a denial.

Good morning, my loan was approved on Saturday. When can I expect money into my account?

When Capfin approves a loan request, they can take 48 working hours to make the transaction. So, if you got the loan confirmation on Saturday, you must count only Monday and Tuesday as, Sunday is not a working day. Bear in mind, the process can be delayed due to any minor issue with your documents. However, if everything is alright, you should expect the money on time.

Good morning, can I have a loan if I’m just 18?

Capfin’s minimum age to be a borrower is, in fact, 18 years old. But, there’s an important detail that must be mentioned. In order to be eligible for a loan, the applicant must have built a credit history, which is not common for 18 years old SA citizens. So, you can start building your score before thinking about taking a loan.

Does capfin loan to self-employed? For example, if I do trading online

Capfin only loans to permanent employed South African citizens. This means you won’t be suitable for a loan at this company. You will have to look for another great lending company, FNB. They accept South African working on their own with just few extra requirements. The most important is to present 6 bank statements instead of only 3.

Hi if I take a loan of 30000 and pay it in 24 months, how much will my instalment be?

The 2 years’ term at Capfin is available just in certain situations. This bank will have to pay special attention to your case to see if you can get such term. If Capfin lets you take a two years’ term, each installment may be around R 1462, if we imagine you get a rate of 15.5%.

Hi. I’ve been working for a security company for 3 years, and I also work independently. Can I qualify for a loan?

To start, you comply with the requirements as regards your income as, Capfin demands their clients to have a steady job for at least three months before asking for the money. Guessing that you’re also from South Africa and meet the rest of the requirements, Capitec will pay attention to, the score of your credit to state if you qualify or not. You will be notified about this when you go through the loan application.

Hi I applied for a capfin loan online filled in the loan application form then, i got an sms saying it has been approved and processed but, there’s no money in my bank account yet. So, how long do i wait to get the money i have borrowed at capfin?

Hi! Although your loan application has been approved, Capfin has not approved to grant you the loan yet. You’ve passed only the first step as, now, Capfin needs you to submit documents so they can process affordability checks over your financial record. Then, you will get the final outcome of the loan application and, if you get a confirmation, you’ll enjoy the loan after 2 working days.

How much is 10,000 at Capfin for a year to pay?

Getting a 10.000 rands loan to cancel within a year at Capfin will have a total cost of 13.757.80 rands. If we look at this carefully, we can tell the loan will have 3757.80 rands to pay on interest and fees and, the monthly payments may be more or less 1146.48 rands.

How much can I pay every month?

Capfin has two loan terms available. One of them is for a sum of money of 8.000 rands or less and, the other, if your loan is higher than that. In the first case, the loan term is 6 months top and, in the second case, the loan term can reach up to a year. Your monthly cost will depend on your loan amount and term

I have a Capfin loan but I need a top up on it because of an emergency. I have paid the loan for 3 months, can I get a top up on it?

Capfin lets their current clients ask for more money while they are canceling an existing loan. The final decision will be made after Capfin takes a look at your up to date financial status so they can be sure you won’t miss on your payments. However, instead of topping up your loan, you may opt to get a payday loan with, for example, Wonga. These loans can be payable in just a month.

Hi I'd like to know how does Capfin decide how much do I qualify for?

Once the client passes the first stage of the application, that is, after Capfin verifies the requirements are perfectly met, they have to set loan terms that can be paid properly by the client. They do this by going over the applicant’s total income per month and the expenses. Also, they take the credit score of the client into consideration to find out how responsible he or she is with payments.

How long does an online application take and when will you get the money?

The first step to get to your Capfin loan is to create your Capfin profile in just few minutes. Of course, those who have already worked with Capfin, will miss this step. The second step is to get your Pin to get into your profile and complete your credit request. After those two steps, you will wait until Capfin processes the information and tells you about the outcome. Finally, when you get the approval, you will only wait between 1 and 2 business days to receive the money.

Will I qualify if I’m on contract with a salary of r2500?

As Capfin sets a loan quote that fits the applicant’s income, you can apply if your job is permanent and you earn R2500 per month. The detail you should keep in mind is that you may qualify for less money than the amount you applied for. However, if you think you can get better terms, you can try applying for a loan with a different company before deciding.

How much do I need to earn so that I can get a loan?

Generally speaking, banks set their minimum salary between R2500 and R3500. But, either way, what makes banks allow you to take their money is your credit history. Besides, a good record on your past payments will give you a lower interest rate on your loan because the financial company will rely on you canceling the credit on due time.

If I still have a loan with Capfin, can I open the second loan?

Yes, having a loan is not an obstacle to take a second loan at Capfin. What may be an obstacle is if the sum of money you earn every month is not high enough to pay for both loans. Another obstacle may be a low credit score as; banks may be reluctant to give you more money if you have had some issue repaying loans in the past. If you aren’t in any of these situations, you can take your second loan.

Can I find a loan to pay in 6 months?

In African Bank you can apply for Personal Loans for instance of R 5000 and repay for it in half a year by paying installments of around R 852

I'm getting money from maintenance every month so, am I able to get a Capfin loan?

As yours is a special case, it should be studied carefully because, on one hand, you get a monthly and regular income but, on the other hand, is not a salary and, one of the requirements for Capfin is to have a steady job. So, if you are employed, you can apply for a Capfin loan. What you can try to do is add what you get from maintenance to your salary as monthly income to see if you can qualify for better loan terms. All the same, the salary form your job must be high enough to afford the cost of the loan on itself in order to be approved by Capfin.

What is the free number that I should dial?

The phone number you can dial up in order to contact Capfin is the following one: 084 196 1035 or this one too:087 354 0000

I'm interested in taking a loan for r 50 000.00 but I also need to know what the fee agreement amount is and what is the interest rate please.

In order to apply for a loan of R 50 000, you can repay for in 6 years and the monthly installments applied to the loan are those of R 793, with an interest rate of 4.5%

Hi I need a loan of R 2000 and I have a salary of R2500, can i still pay it?

You can have access to Capfin Loans, since you must have a salary of at least r 2500, and the company can offer you a maximum of R 20 000. Of course such amounts depend on your current financial status and working conditions.

Hi capfin i just wanna find out if i will be able to qualify for a loan if i earn r2500 per month?

With a payslip of R 2500 you can apply in Capfin for the company´s loan of R 10 000 and repay for it in installments of R 1119 for a period of 12 months

I need a loan of R150.00.00, can i get it?

Unfortunately, the company has a maximum of R 50 000 to obtain. However at Capfin you can obtain an additional loan as long as you have complied with the previous monthly installments

I would like to obtain a loan for my 2 daughters for study purposes. What is the process?

If you are looking for a student loan, the process needed to manage by the client has to do with entering the company´s website you are interested in, checking affordability in the calculator provided online, clicking on the application section and being ready to gather all the documentation, which of course includes certifications of your child´s tuition.

Example let say i take. R30000 capfin loan. Approximately how much will be my monthly installment?

Unfortunately the loans offered by Capfin have a maximum that consists of R 20 000 and you can pay in 12 monthly installments of r 1700 approximately.

Hi, i work as a care giver at home i receive my salary from raf but have no paslip how can you help me

Hi, in case you do not possess a payslip to show your current salary, you can resort to a company specialized in self-employed citizens: Norton Bazar. You can make a phone call to this company by phoning on 0808 231 8471

Can i borrow r 5000.00 from Capfin?

You can apply for a loan of R 5000 at Capfin by paying monthly installments of r2512 if the interest rate does not surpass 4%. You will repay for the loan in about 2 years.

Hi, if want a loan of r20000 for 24 months to pay how much will I pay? Thanks

If we use the online calculator, we can easily see that for a quote of R20000 to cancel in 24 months, the interest and fees to pay is R4991.33. That sum of money, added to the amount you borrowed must be return on monthly payments of R2082.61. If you make a general estimation, the loan you want may have a total cost of R24991.33, depending of curse, on your credit profile.

How much will i pay if i take a r 3000 one month loan at capfin?

If you choose a 1 month loan at Capfin and you need R 3000 the bank can offer interest rates of 3% and the installments will be of around R 3007

Is there a loan of R 5000?

Yes, you can obtain R 5000 since the maximum permitted in Capfin is that of R 20 000. Of course, the amount will vary in consideration with your monthly income and the credit record you possess at the time of the application.

Me and my dad need of up r7000. But he works as baker at certain bakery. Do we qualify for a loan or not?

Hello, you and your dad can have access to a loan of R 7000 without problem, the only thing you need is to show he is permanently employed and that he posseses a good credit record. This company can offer its clients up to R 50 000.

How can I send my latest proof of income to the company?

There are different options: you can scan it at the retail store, you can take pictures of the pages and upload them via or send them by e-mail, and you can fax it to 0866880000

If you don't work can you still have access to a loan?

For those clients that do not currently work there are loans available. For example, there are loans that do not need payslips given by RCS. The company can give you access to a minimum of R 1000 to R 125 000, and you are able to repay for it in 12 months or also 60 months. The requirement is that you choose a surety who earns at least R 2000 so as to show you are capable of sustaining the loan.

What steps should I follow for a loan?

First it is important that you read carefully the many options available, then you can try phone application, or you can also enter in google the company´s name so as to be redirected to its official website. There, you click on the section destined for application for loans and you give the company your information.

Is it is possible for me to apply for another loan at Capfin whilst didn’t finish applying for the first one?

As Capfin is sure going over your first application to decide if you qualify for a loan and under what terms, a second application doesn’t make sense. You should wait until you have a response in order to see what’s the outcome of the first loan application. After that, you can decide whether you accept the terms Capfin presents you or, you reject it.

Why they take double the amount of money in a month?

There may be few reasons for that. For instance, most entities charge an initiation fee at the beginning of the loan term to pay for the different operation a loan needs. That amount they took may represent the initiation fee. Another possibility could be if you didn’t pay a previous instalment. If, by the date the company had to take the money from your bank account there wasn’t enough money to cover the installment, they’ll take it as soon as there’s money in the account. So, you may be paying two installments together.

How much is the interest rate?

The interest rate at Capfin can range from 3% to 4%, which is the maximum allowed. The interest rate will be lowered depending on the financing term you select for your loan

Do you give a loan to someone who get a monthly salary of r 1820.00?

Unfortunately, the minimum salary requested for the loan at Capfin is R 2500 but you can ask someone to apply for the loan on your behalf

Can i have a loan,of 10,000 for the studies of my daughter by paying during 10 years? I have an account with Capfin already.

Of course, you can have access to a student loan so as to cover your child´s tuition at school. Capfin enables its Personal Loans to be used as Student Loans, so that every client can have access to education. Moreover, its loans have financing periods of up to R 30 000, which can be paid in comfortable 12 months. You can renew the loan so as to cover educational needs.

How much is interest rate for six months loan ?

Remember that the lower your financing period, in this case 6 months, the lower will the interest rate be. For such motive, you can apply for a loan at Capfin and repay interest rates of 3%

Can capfin loan give me r500 ?

Of course, in fact Capfin offers loans whose maximum is that of R 20 000, so the amount you are asking is a minimum and can be obtainable. Remember that in order to be found eligible you must comply with the requirements and financial documentation in order

I am a client at Capfin. I want to know the 3 documents needed when I re-apply for a loan. N. Njwambe

It really doesn’t matter if you’re taking a first or a second loan with Capfin. The documents you need to present are basically the same as, they are used to certify your identity and, affordability. To help you remember, those documents are your SA Document and the payslips you received during the past three months. Also, instead of payslups, you can submit bank statements for the same period.

How much will I pay per month if I take a 14000 loan for 6 months?

Capfin divides their loans in two terms. Those loans lower than 8000 rands are the only ones that can be paid in just 6 months. For any amount higher than that, for example 14000 rands, the repayment term must be 12 months. In such case, the monthly installments to pay is R 1512.68 more or less.

How much do i qualify for at capfin? I need to build a house

You can obtain a loan of up to R 20 000 with Capfin, as long as your salary is of R 2500 and you have a decent credit record to make sure you will comply with payments.

Can I reduce the repayment time by paying more in each installment?

Yes, you can. Your loan term will reduce if you make additional payments

I need a r5.000 loan, I earn r3.000 a month, how much is my instalment and how long is it going to be?

If you take 5000 rands borrowed from Capitec, it should be canceled in 6 installments, that means, 6 months. We can estimate that you will have to pay 1145 rands each month to cover the interest rate and fees Capfin charges for the service. However, the official cost of this loan will be settled after having not only your income but also, your credit profile into consideration.

Hello if i'm self employed can i also apply for a loan please? Regards

Capfin enables self-employed clients to apply for its loans provided the salary earned each month is up to R 3000 and that there is a surety available to serve as a guarantee of the loan

How much do i pay per month for a R 50 000 loan for 24 months

If you are interested in paying the loan in 24 months you will be paying an interest rate of around 4.5% and the total amount of the installments is that of R2182,39

I sent my documents to Capfin yesterday and even now am still waiting for the respond

It is normal that they take one or two working days to go over the final step of the loan. Now they have your information, they have to check, using the documents you submitted, such information is true. Only after checking that, will they make the deposit of the loan into your bank account.

I already have a 10000 loan at capfin can I increase it to 15000?

It depends on how long have you taken this loan and, how have you been paying for it. Why? Because if you have neglected any of the installments, Capfin may find it hard to trust on you taking more money borrowed. Besides, if you have just taken the loan, it might get a little more difficult to be granted more money.

How can i contact capfin by phone?

One of the ways you can contact Capfin by phone is by dialling up 087 354 0000 or you can also send a simple sms from your cellphone to the following numbers and obtain more information: *120*5566#

I’m not permanent but my work contract is for 3 years. Can I still qualify for a Capfin loan?

You have chances of getting a Capfin loan because they grant short term loans. Actually, the longest period to cancel the credit is only 2 years. But, I can’t forget to remind you, you need to meet some simple requirements and, one of them is to get pays lips form the company your work for.

In just few months is my last payment, when must I start applying for another loan?

You can start applying whenever you want to but, keep this points in mind. To begin, it’s not recommended to start taking more than one loan as, payments can get out of control. Always remember, if you fail to pay the loan, it will negatively affect your credit score making it difficult to get loans in the future. To contrast, once you cancel your current loan, your credit score will be affected in a positive way, which will improve your future loan terms.

I finished paying my loan bit still i keep getting calls from capfin that my loan is due, how is that?

There might be a mistake form Capfin. If you’re sure there’s no installment left to pay for, just inform the bank about it to verify it. You can log into your account to check everything is ok first and then, contact Capfin. As long as you can prove you made your payments, you won’t have any trouble.

I'm trying to access my loan but it keeps on saying there is an error. It does not specify what error it is

The only way for you to get into your account is by using your Identity Document number and the One Time Pin that Capfin has to send you. This method is what makes it secure to apply and manage the loan online. If you are having trouble, first of all, find where it says Resend OTP Link and click it to receive a new Pin in your cellphone.

Loan for 7 000 rands, how must I pay per month?

A loan amount of 7000 rands will, to start, have only 6 installments to be canceled. Each of those installments might be 1621.94 rands more or less. Those installments will leave an approximated total cost of 9731.64 rands. Don’t forget; however, your loan request will be under affordability assessment to decide if you can pay for it or not.

I want to know since I have a loan I’m still paying for, is it possible to get another one?

Capfin will have to review your existing financial status, this means, to go over your current income and expenses, before allowing you to take more money. Another factor that will affect such decision is if you have paid the installments of your loan on time. If those checks are right, Capfin will let you take another loan.

How long should I wait after the documents were uploaded?

When Capfin gets your documents, which are the proof you submitted true information about you, they will pay attention to them to verify the requirements are correctly met. The time they take to do that will depend on the characteristics of your documents as, if everything is right, they can go faster.

Can i apply for a loan when i get paid forthnight and when i only been employed for six months

What you can do in such case is to take a short term loan, so that in those 6 months you finish financing the loan with the salary you obtain from your employment

Im 23 years old and an indepedent client, can i get a loan from capfin?

Independent workers can apply for Capfin loans as long as they choose a surety whose salary is superior to R 3000.

I need to know how much will I pay if I take r15000

Capfin divides their terms in 6 months for loans lower than R8000 and, 12 months for loans higher than that number. So, in this case, you’ll probably have to repay it in 12 installments. As an estimated cost for fees and interest rate, you’ll have to pay R4596.47 and, your monthly installments would be around R 1633.04. At the end of the loan period, you would have paid R11876.44 for the money taken.

Which number should I phone?

One of the phone numbers available to customer service is the following one : 087354 0000 or you can also use your cellphone and send an sms to this number:43679. By doing so, a rep from the company will get in touch with you to give you more figures about the company´s loans

I would like to ask why do i not qualify for a capfin loan?

In order to qualify for a Capfin Loan it is needed for you to be able to sustain the loan in financial terms, which is why the company asks for a wage that allows you to pay at least this amount per month: R292.77. However, if you have a surety or a relative that can help you finance the loan, you can contact the bank and inform them about your financial situation. Or, you can try obtaining a minimal loan of R 1000 at Capfin, which is the minimym authorized.

Hi. Do you give loans to pensioners?

Capfin does offer loans for pensioners as long as they are not older than 65 years old. However, if that is your case you can contact Pension Loans by phoning on the following number:021 100 3656

Can i consolidate the existing loan with capfin?

Yes, if you have obtained a loan with another financial company in South Africa, you can apply for a Consolidation Loan in African Bank so as to settle your previous loan. However, it is compulsory that you have a perfect credit record and you have 0 debts at the moment of applying for this second loan. Please contact African Bank for a Consolidation Loan by phoning: 0112569000.

How much to repay for r20 000 borrowed from Capfin?

Twenty thousand rands will have 5397.44 rands on interest rates and operation fees. As we already have said, your loan term will probably stay on 12 months. This means that you will have to pay 25397.44 rands if you are approved for that quote loan. The cost per month will be, of course, 2116.45 rands.

How much can I apply for?

The maximun ammount is R20,000

I have an existing loan with capfin but almost done do i qualify for anothet loan or can i take out another loan on top of that one?

Hi! It is advisable that you cancell your current loan and then apply for the new loan, so as to have a clear credit record and being able to increase the amount granted in the future

How much will I pay back if I take a loan of r15000?

A R 15000 loan at Capfin must be canceled within 12 months. The official cost of the credit will be set after your credit assessment as, your financial status will provide, for example, the interest rate to charge. But, here you have an estimate of what you may have to pay for that loan. The fees and interest added may be R4292, the monthly installment R1607, leaving the total amount to pay on R 19292.

How long should I wait 2 get the loan that I've applied for?

If you’ve sent you documents, that may take a while. This is so because Capfin needs to make sure those documents are valid. But, if your loan has already been approved by Capfin, in just two business days you can have access to the money. You will find the bank transferred it directly into your bank account so, you won’t need to approach Capfin’s office to receive it.

Hi there what is the interest rate that you charge on these loans please? Also, what are the repayment periods? Thank you

The interest rate for the loan is agreed after finishing your credit assessment and after going over the information you stated. The reason is that Capfin prepares a loan offer having in mind all that information about you and, making sure you can afford the loan you’re asking for. As regards the repayment period, you would get 6 months to repay if your loan is 8000 rands or less or, a year if the amount is higher than 8000 rands.

I am a student and I need to finance my studies, how can capfin help me?

You can take Capfin’s help but, if you have a regular job. This is one of the most important requirements Capfin asks for as, they require the client to get monthly income and, he or she must be capable of proving that salary received. Apart from that, your earning must be transferred into a bank account. If your loan is approved, Capfin will use this account to give you the money.

How much should I pay for 15000 for 24 months?

Capfin presents two standard loan options. The first one is for loan amounts not higher than R8000, which should be paid in just 6 months. The second option is for loan amounts reaching R50000, in which case the term can go as far as a year. In this last example, the total cost of a R15000 loan is R19292 approximately. If you still want to repay it in 2 years, you should contact Capfin as they will study your case to see if you qualify for such loan.

How much would I have to pay monthly if I had to borrow r500?

Saddly, I have to inform you that Capfin does not grant loans for such low amount. You can ask from R 1000 onwards. If you do, I mean, if you ask for a 1000 rands loan, you would probably have to pay 292.22 rands per month over 6 months. This monthly payment leaves a total cost to repay of 1753.35 rands. If you just need 500 rands, you may consider asking for a payday loan to Cash Converter.

How much do I qualify for?

The quote any applicant qualifies for is decided after taking some factors into account. One of those factor, for instance, is the amount the applicant receives each month as salary. Another factor takes into consideration the expenses that person has to pay every month. At last, an affordability assessment is taken over to finish up with the loan application and present an official offer for the applicant to accept or reject.

Does capfin have a certain time like closing in this season? I urgently need some cash now so will they assist me since its december?

Hello! Capfin is open in december, except for holidays like Christmas and New Year. Otherwise, if you go to the bank during weekdays, you can expect the company to have its doors open.

How much do I pay for a 10000 loan within 6 months?

If you apply for such amount with Capfin, it would be obligatory you repay it in a year, instead of 6 months as, those are the terms this company states. The total to pay for this loan may be around 13600 rands. But, if lowering your quote to R8000 is a possibility, you would be allowed to cancel it in 6 months. In this case, the total cost of the loan may be around R 10695.

Is the loan application only applicable for 1 year?

When the applicant starts the request, he or she must inform Capfin about some information regarding his or her identity and financial status. Only then, will the applicant get a loan offer from the bank. The cost of the loan is always set taking the applicant credit profile into consideration. As a result, that offer usually applies for less than a year as, the bank needs to have up-to-date information to properly calculate the loan cost.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a debt consolidation loan at capfin

No, at Capfin you will only find Personal loans. But, that may work for you. For example, if your debts together reach a total amount of 50000 rands or less, you can use a Capfin loan to repay them. The difference with a consolidation loan is that as the money is transferred into your account, you would be in charge of repaying the different liabilities instead of the bank. Then, you will have to pay only Capfin’s monthly installment.

I am a domestic worker with salary of 4500 plus 13th cheque. I need to borrow 3000 to buy a fridge. How much will i pay?

You can apply at Capfin for a R3000 loan and repay for it in a year by paying monthly installments of R 129,61 with interest rates of about 3.5%

What is the instalment for 6 months?

The installments you must pay each month will totally depend on the amount you choose for your loan, being this possible a maximum of R 50 000. In such case the installments would be approximately of R 9000

How will be my payments after taking a loan with Capfin?

The payments for any Capfin loan is set with fixed interest rate, which means it won’t change as the time goes by no matter what happens. Each payment would be settled from the beginning and, the only factor that may affect it is if you get behind with payments. In this case, the bank usually charges penalty fees that may cause your instalment grow.

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