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Is Johannesburg Eligible for Atlas Loans? If so, Contact Details and Requisites

    Are you know living in one of the most popular areas, Johannesburg? Are you tired of not knowing how to handle a difficult financial status? Let me congratulate you, you have just arrived to the perfect place to reach for a solution. And that solution can be given by Atlas, one of the leading financial enterprises in the country. This company is really willing to make improvements to your life by granting you their loans, which you will see are easy to obtain and have a certain flexibility in terms of payments.

   As this company is present in Johannesburg, I will devote the article to give you information related to the loans you will find in this company, the application procedure for them and the appropriate requisites asked to every client. Then, I will give you all the contact information you need about this company, so that you make a good choice.

Atlas loans for Johannesburg residents

    The citizens of Johannesburg can easily be granted a loan from Atlas in order to satisfy a huge variety of needs. In fact, there is a maximum of R 8000 allowed and a minimum of R 3000. Besides, you can always solicit for additional amounts of money if you believe the maximum is not enough. That is, Atlas can offer you up to additional R 1000 per month.

Tell me about the application procedure

    Take a look at how easy it is to apply for a loan with this company. It can be carried out over your phone, from your computer or in person in any of the company´s branches. However, you must follow only two steps to begin with it: complete the form the company will give you and then wait until one of the company´s professionals gets in touch with you to finish the procedure.


What about the requisites?

    As it is the case with any financial company willing to grant you money, there are requisites to meet so as to be eligible, such as presenting your contact data with your Id card, bank statements and pay slips which are recent.

     What is more, the company will ask you to submit a proof of your current job, so as to demonstrate you can complete each payment in time, without delays. There is also needed for you to submit your bank account information, so that the company can easily transfer the money there and you can start enjoying the funds. Please remember to give the company your phone number, so that they can contact you to let you know about any news with your application.

     Now, if your application is approved by the company´s members, you can expect to receive a special card granted by the company. Such card is used for making transfers and transactions and can also be used to make purchases in many shops and banks. How does it work? You will be able to choose a number that serves as your pin, in order to make safe use of the money.

    Finally, if you are worried about the repayment, you should know that once you give Atlas all the data regarding your bank account, you can receive the money via transfer in a matter of hours.

     Before finishing with this article, I will also like to talk about certain points that can be useful at the time of operating with Atlas:

1)Atlas has additional funds to be granted to the clients that are facing hard financial status or an emergency, situation in which they cannot wait until a new procedure is completed. Once you demonstrate that you have an emergency, the company can give you R1000 each month.

Find the best loan of South Africa

2)You always need to notify the company if you feel like you cannot pay one of the installments on time and you need more time, so that the company is aware of this and there is no problem at all or penalties.

-If the company sees you have not financed the loan for a long time, they can send you a notification from their lawyers, which means that apart from paying the debt you will need to pay for the whole legal procedure. So, it is recommended that you try to stabilize your financial status within two months, so as to avoid further complications and spending additional amounts of money in lawyers.

Contact Details of Atlas in Johannesburg

-In person

The main office of Atlas is found in Johannesburg, located at the Carlton Centre in Marshalltown. This office is situated at Commissioner Street, at the level 200.


One of the ways you can contact the company from home is by entering its website, which in fact has plenty of information about insurances, more loans, tips for your experience as a client and the chance of sending messages in an easy and quick way.

-By phone

If you feel like contacting the company from home, but from the comfort of your phone, you can just dial up the following number, which is free of charges: 087 701 8665. Moreover, there is another phone line designed for doubts and possible inquiries you might have: 0800 204 679. Such line is also free

-By email

You can even try to contact Atlas by sending an email from your computer or cellphone, to the following email address:  Besides, there is an additional email address if you have not received a reply from the first Please be patient, since sometimes their member scan take a while in order to give you a response, so you might have to wait a couple of days.

   As a conclusion, if you are a Johannesburg resident and you were stressed about your money problems, that can stop now thanks to Atlas Loans, which have the benefit of possessing a flexible and easy application procedure, so as to guarantee that every citizen can have access to the money they need without further complications. What are you waiting??? Your life can change thanks to lending program! Get in touch with Atlas and see it yourself!!!

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Questions and Answers

Hi if i have only received a r2100 loan payable over 2months when do i get a top if i can get one
The application process varies depending on each client’s situation. In this particular scenario, in which you have only 2 months to pay for the credit, we should pay attention to your payment affordability. For instance, if you can barely pay for this loan, Atlas will probably not accept granting you more money. But, if you earn sufficient income for a top up loan, they will be more enthusiastic to lend you more money.
Can I pay for the loan with debit card?
Sure you can
Is the company open on weekends?
No it is not. Only on weekdays
How can I contact the company on a holiday?
By email

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