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Are There Absa Loans in Cape Town? Calculator and Contact Details

Do you live in Cape Town? Do you have trouble with business? Do you want a new vehicle? If all the questions share the same answer, let me tell you have found what you need. Absa bank has been working for the well-being of South African citizens since 1991 and this fact has helped it to be one of the most prestigious companies of the market. Be ready to read about all its benefits.

                In this post, we will show where it is possible to find Absa branches in the area of Cape Town. What is more, we will mention some of the array of lending programs divided into two main groups: PERSONAL LOANS and BUSINESS LOANS. You will find details about rates, calculation, financing programs and even more.

                As it has been stated before, let’s start by giving details about some locations of Absa bank in Cape Town:

-You can find an office in the area of Clearmont. The exact location of the branch is the corner of Main Rd & Grove Ave. Agents will be there during the week from Monday to Friday from 8.30a.m. to 3.30p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12.30p.m. You can visit them in person, or you can even call the by phone dialing up 21 657 1200.

-Another branch can be found in the area of Wynberg. In this case, the location is 72 Main Rd. During the week, agents are available in the same timetable. However, on Saturday doors are open from 8a.m. to 11a.m. In case you prefer to call this office, the phone number available is 21 710 9600

                Fortunately, visiting an office in person is not compulsory when it comes to application. Absa bank offers other ways to apply for a loan and to get more information by other means and they are described as follows:

Phone line assistance: in case you need information about general data about Absa, the line you can call is 0860 008 600. However, if you already know your preferences and you are interested in personal loans, the line open is 0860 100 372. And fortunately, there is also another line so as to answer questions in relation to business lending that is 0860 040 302. It is important to know that the phone lines are open 24/7.

On line application and help: the Absa webpage is more than easy to use. Every loan has a complete description as well as specific information about rates and financing. What is more, it has a tool that allows current and prospective clients to apply for loans by clicking “Apply now” without the need of leaving their homes.

                Now you how easy is to contact the bank, let’s delve into the details of these two main groups of loans:


                If you are thinking about how to finance personal needs, take into account the following programs:

1. Instant loan:

                With instant loans, you will quickly get money in low amounts: from R250 to R3000. The only thing you need to be eligible is a salary of at least R250 and an account with the bank to receive the money. Fees are around 10% and financing periods are just of 35 days.       

2. Express loan:

Find the best loan of South Africa

                If you need more money, you will have to ask for an express loan. In this case, you will be able to borrow up to maximum of R8000. As the amount of money higher, you will have more time to pay off the loan, actually from 2 to 6. Interest rates are near 5%.

3. Personal loan:

                You also have the possibility of getting more money. You can borrow up to R350000 to be financed in up to 7 year. Let’s take a look at an example of possible quotes for a loan on R20100.

If you are interested in clear the loan in 1 year with an interest rate of 21%, you will have to make 12 payments of approximately R2051. If you think that this figure is high, please choose a longer term, such as 4 years. In this case, you will have to make 48 payments of near R727.


                Apart from focusing on personal needs, Absa bank also has exclusive lending programs so as to help people finance their business. Some of them are the following:

a. Business term loans:

                These are programs that lend money so as to avoid falling behind competitors. Current or prospective clients can finance the purchase of new equipment or assets so as to improve production. As interest rates are fixed, payments remain stable. Financing periods go from 3 to 120 months.

b. Business vehicle loans:

                There are some businesses that need specific vehicle to succeed. If this is the case, please take into account that with Absa bank, you will have the possibility of buying forklifts, harvesters, graders, diggers, trucks and even more. In order to finance the money, there are flexible financing options that range from 1 to 5 years.

c. Agricultural property loans:

                And last but not least, Absa has programs that will help you finance properties in the country side. If you are looking for a way of living away from the cities, you can resort to Vacant Land, Lease Discounting, Mortgage Backed Business Loans, Investments Loans or Development Loans so as to get a piece of land to start your own business. Whatever program you choose can be financed in up to 10 years. Regarding payment frequency, you can choose to make payments every month, twice a month, every year or twice a year.

                Did you still have questions? With Absa, everything is easier. There are programs to finance personal needs and others to afford business needs. Don’t hesitate to choose the one that suits you best so as not to worry about money and only think about success. Enjoy life with the help of real professionals: ABSA Bank.

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Questions and Answers

I live in Oranjezicht, is there a branch in that area?
Yes! There is a branch in Gardens Center.
Can I pay for education with Absa bank?
Yes, you can!
Are there special programs for vehicle financing?
Yes, there are!

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