What Are the Benefits of Hollard Car Insurance Pay as You Drive? Quotes and Phone Numbers

What Are the Benefits of Hollard Car Insurance Pay as You Drive? Quotes and Phone Numbers

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a special insurance plan offered by Hollard that will help you save quite a lot on your insurance premium, so please make sure you read what comes next…

Pay as You Drive Insurance Program

Hollard Insurance has created a special insurance system called Pay as You Drive with which you can pay only for the kilometers you drive and save some money on your vehicle insurance. Pay as you drive is an insurance option that enables you to get comprehensive car insurance and you have to pay only for the number of kilometers that you drive. With this program, you can have high quality comprehensive insurance coverage at a lower rate and you can save on you premium because you only pay in relation to how much you drive. We have already mentioned in this article what comprehensive coverage includes. But how do you enroll in this type of coverage plan? Well, you surely know the estimated amount of kilometers that you drive per month, don’t you? By choosing the Pay as you drive option, the only thing you need to do is to calculate the approximate number of kilometers that you drive per month and choose the option within this plan that matches your monthly mileage. And, the best part of the plan is that, if you happen to drive more kilometers during one month, you can make up for those kilometers with the kilometers you have not used during previous months. This means that you never lose the kilometers that you do not drive. After you have used all your kilometers that you had in your account, you have to start paying per kilometers.

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One of the main advantages of this type of insurance plan is that you can save on insurance if you generally do not drive too many kilometers per month. So, this is the best insurance option for those customers who do not use the car. There are six mileage optionsto choose from, taking into account your typical monthly mileage. With this program, you only pay insurance for the distance travel each month and not a standard insurance rate. All the mileage that you do not use will be saved in your favor and can be used to cover for any kilometers any time you exceed the maximum amount stated for your plan.

Eligibility Requirements for Pay as You Drive

In order to obtain the Pay as you drive plan, you need to be at least 25 years old and you need to have a valid driving license from your province but you should have had it for at least one year at the time you apply for the insurance plan Pay as you drive. Do, if you are 25 or more but you have taken out your license less than 12 months ago, you will not be eligible for this program, even if you drive a few kilometers per month. Other things that will be taken into account are your vehicle year make and model and your accidents and violations record.

Pay as You Drive Coverage

This program includes Free Accidental Death cover of up to R15000 for the policyholder. It also includes third party liability coverage for up to R10 million to help you pay for damages, legal costs and expenses in case you happen to be legally responsible for an accident. Pay as you drive also offers you free 24-hour emergency assistance that includes towing, roadside assistance and medical assistance.

Once you get your policy approved, you get one month grace period for your kilometers; this means that if you exceed you kilometers a little bit during the first month, these grace period kilometers will cover for these extra kilometers and you will not have to pay for any extra mileage.

Pay as you drive also includes a 10% extra kilometers during the first 12 months that will be added to your account in case you exceed your monthly mileage.

Pay as Your Drive Plans

There are six plans that you can choose from, depending on your monthly mileage and we are going to describe each of them briefly. The first plan is the Drive500 that is for customers who drive 500 kilometers or less each month. The second plan is the Drive750 that is for customers who drive 750 kilometers or less per month. The next plan is the Drive1000 for drivers who need up to 1000 kilometers per month. Then, we come to the Drive1250 plan for those who drive up to 1250 kilometers. The last plan available is the Drive1500 that enables you to drive up to 1500 without having to pay any extra miles unless you exceed the limit. All these plans require drivers to install data collection devices and tracking devices in their vehicles. These devices will collect the information and report to the company how much kilometers you have driven so far. The good thing about these devices is that you can choose which device you would like to get installed. Some of the options available as regards devices are the following ones: Tracker SkyTrax Data and Tracker SkyTrax Recover.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote online simply by entering some personal information and information about your vehicle. You will have to go online to the company’s website and enter your first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, identification number, date of birth, gender and marital status, driving license number, license type, and vehicle details, such as year, make, model and value. And, of course, you will have to introduce the approximate monthly distance or kilometers you drive per month. The e-quote will provide you with an estimate of you premium for a Pay as you drive plan that is more convenient for you. If you want to get a more precise quote, you can contact Hollard Insurance at the number 011 351 5000 and speak to one of their representatives from customer service.

Preguntas Frecuentes

I love this program. Where can I get these products?

You can contact any independent agent that sells Hollard insurance products.

How can I contact an independent agent?

You can look at the list of authorized agents that is available on the website. You can search for agents with you city or zip code.

What if I do not know how much I drive per month?

You can choose the plan you think is the closest option and then adjust your plan election.

I have an audi s4, and a pathfinder 4l v6, i don't drive alot, and i need a good insurance but cheaper, which one is the best?

If you want minimum protection with Hollard, you can apply for Third Only insurance so that the other person is covered when an accident os misfortune takes place.

how to get hold off you ?

If you wish to contact Hollard Car Insuranse Company to get further details, you can explore the website in which there will appear a list of authorised agents. By typing either your city or zip code, you can search for some agents near your home. If you have any other queries, there is an online form available that can be filled out with your personal information along with your question. 

I need a quote on pay as you drive.

Hollard Insurance offers a special insurance plan called “Pay as You Drive”, which means that the client only pays for the kilometres they drive. To know how much you will have to pay, you need to calculate the approximate number of kilometres you drive per month and choose the option within the plan that is closer to your calculation. 

Dear reader. I live and work overseas and only visit SA for 3 months in total in a year. The rest of the time, my car is parked in a secure location. Do you have a plan that could work for me?

If you live and work overseas and only visit SA for 3 months in total in a year, and you need a car insurance with Hollard company, then you should get in touch with them to see what plans they can offer. Usually, you can choose from a Comprehensive Car Insurance, a Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance and a Third Party Only Insurance. 

I would like a pay as you drive Insurance plan. Thanks.

The private company Hollard Insurance Car offers a special insurance plan called “Pay as You Drive”, which means that the client pays coverage for the kilometres they drive. In order to know how much you will have to pay, you will need to calculate the number of kilometres that you drive per month and choose the best option. 

Hi, can someone phone me to discuss “pay as you drive” insurance?

The recommendation is to contact the private company directly, Hollard Car Insurance, as they will inform you about the pay as you drive insurance plan. This consists of a plan where you get coverage according to the number of kilometres you drive per month, approximately. You will need to calculate them and choose the best plan suitable for you. 

Hi, I'm interested in a pay-as-you drive cover . Could an agent please call me?

If you are interested in a pay-as-you-drive cover with the company Hollard Car Insurance, the recommendation is to complete the online contact form, so someone from the customer service department can reach you out and provide you with all the necessary information. Usually, this type of coverage includes protection measured according to the kilometres you drive per month. 

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