3 Tips to Find Car Insurance for Ford Focus. Compare Rates

3 Tips to Find Car Insurance for Ford Focus. Compare Rates

Insurance rates, insurance deals, and insurance options: they all seem quite complex and difficult to understand and find. However, the market shows that it is definitely not like that. You have agencies offering insurance packages you have options for coverage that range from fully covered to basic covered. In any case, you can find some details of interest in this article about Ford Focus ST insurance and information you didn’t even know you needed.

How are Ford Focus ST insurance rates?

The rates for Ford Focus ST insurance, as well as the rates of other vehicles, haven been fluctuating back and forth because of the changing conditions of the market in South Africa. The values that will be provided are changing all the time so that you can take them as estimates. These are some data that could be useful:

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  • The rates for car insurance for this vehicle are estimated at an annual R20.792,18 for a full coverage insurance

  • Per year, comprehensive insurance can generally be found to be set at R4.426, 60.

  • Collision generally costs R8160,60

  • Liability costs about R5872,02

  • A policy for liability only costs per year as low as R6805,52

  • If you decide to go for insurance of high risk, then it costs R45098, 12 or even more.

  • The highest rates are for teen driver which are estimated at R77548,70

As you can see, rates are the highest for teen drivers since they imply a more dangerous driving or less responsible attitude towards driving. The other option that turns the rate really high is full comprehensive insurance. The rates will be determined by the market conditions, factors like the age of drivers, the profile of the driver and more. Turn to your closest agency in South Africa and ask for your personal situation and options. See what the rates and prices would be like for you.

How is the Ford Focus ST insurance cost?

In case you want to find out the costs for Ford Focus ST insurance, then here are some details that may help you. Some clients do not know what matters are taken into consideration and some other do not  know the estimated prices for full coverage, comprehensive insurance, collision and liability.  These are some of the prices when it comes to full coverage for an average premium:

  • The price for full coverage is of R 20743,67

  • Comprehensive insurance is estimated at R 4406,53

  • Collision is estimated at R123,60

  • Liability is estimated at R5845,40

The most expensive option remains the full coverage for a Ford Focus ST. As you can see, the cost of insurance for a Ford Focus ST is generally determined by the type of coverage the client want to apply for. Now, the prices can differ because of risk and coverage. For liability insurance, prices can be cheap for a driver who is in his or her forties. Rates could go higher for those drivers who have had violations or if they have found themselves to be involved in accidents way too often.

If you are looking for liability only, the cost would be of R6774, 67. If you are thinking of full coverage, the cost goes up to R20743, 67. If it is for high risk, the price goes up to R 44844, 69. This is the range of prices you may find when applying for vehicle insurance with a Ford Focus ST.

If you consider other risk scenarios and additional coverage, there are the following details available:

  • A rate with a discount is of R 11915,62

  • You can save per year R 2847,76 by making of use of R 14988,20 in deductibles

  • Those driver who are of the age of forty, can access a rate of R 20743,67 if they pick R7494,10 in deductibles

  • In case a client decides to go for low deductibles for coverage of physical damage, they would have to pay additionally R 5485,68 per year

  • Those clients that have already committed multiple violations, would be paying around R 44844,69 or even higher

  • Drivers who are of sixteen years old would have to pay for full coverage a total of R 77159,25

How is the Ford fiesta insurance price?

The price for a Ford Fiesta as well as the price for Ford Focus ST fluctuates based on different factors that may have an impact on it. Many times, insurance prices change by location. It can actually make a big difference without people realizing it. Rural locations are known to receive fewer claims for physical damage than metro areas that are larger. Insurance in rural areas, in general, tends to have for this vehicle a price of R 15557, 75. Small cities tend to have insurance set at R 21777, 85. Insurance in large cities, on the contrary, tends to estimated at R27997, 96. Therefore, drivers should compare insurance costs taking into consideration their driving habits and their locations. In any case, you can go to an agency and ask the differences in price for insurance and the reasons why there are such differences.

In conclusion, is the cost for Ford Focus ST insurance convenient in South Africa?

It is convenient as long as some factors that should be taken into account remain in your favor. This means that location, risk, behavior as a driver, age, accidents in your profile should be taken into consideration to access a convenient insurance deal with Ford Focus ST in South Africa. Find a rate or price that suits your budget and get the insurance you need. We all know that insurance is as important as having a vehicle with fuel. You never know what is going to happen next while on the road and so it is always better to be precautious and foresee possible situations. This way, you remain protected and relaxed while you are driving. Remember that, depending on where you live will have a say on the price of the insurance deal and rate.

Preguntas Frecuentes

What rate can I access if I'm 42?

You can access a rate of R 20743,67

How is collision estimated?

It is estimated at R123,60

What happens if I have committed a previous violation?

You would have to pay a rate of R 44844,69 or even higher

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