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Can I Get FNB Vehicle Insurance in Bloemfontein?

Can I Get FNB Vehicle Insurance in Bloemfontein?

Everyday driving constitutes an activity that involves many risks and problems, which can be created by a third party or accidentally by you, as in most cases. Whenever you find yourself in those risky circumstances you know for sure that your pocket will suffer if you don’t possess the right vehicle insurance

Fortunately, if you are a Bloemfontein citizen, and are worried about your vehicle`s safety, FNB can help you with that.

First National Bank, which is South Africa`s most important and experienced institution that deals with the economy of their inhabitants aims at  keeping their earnings and possessions in a safe place. For such motive, FNB clients can have access to different type of insurances.

 FNB might be just what you are searching for, as it offers suitable, reasonably priced and flexible vehicle insurance together with additional benefits such as assistance on the road.

In this article we will focus on the previous steps before getting vehicle insurance. Those steps include identifying the documents you need to submit to FNB and your car`s information, which will determine what insurance suit your needs. Then, we will examine in detail each FNB vehicleinsurance.

Documents you need to submit to FNB

Before selecting the appropriate car insurance you need to submit a proof of residence in your name that is no older than three months, a valid passport from South Africa, an ID book or card issued in South Africa, a South African driving license or an international driving permit that you got abroad and an insurable asset.

Information that will determine your vehicleinsurance: risks, location and history

You will get the appropriate insurance for your vehicle based on your car`s information. Which is why it is very important to consider what kind of car do you have, what is the model and the make of it, when did you buy it, where do you live and where do you keep your vehicle at night. Moreover, take into account who drives your car, what do you use your vehicle for (purpose) and what is your claims history, that is, if you were previously in an accident.

Now that you know what kind of documents do you need and what type of information you should bear in mind, you can take a look at the three FNBvehicleinsurances in Bloemfontein:

  • Comprehensive: although it it’s the most expensive cover, it is the most complete one. It covers the driver against accidental or malicious damage and damage caused by nature, such as explosions and fire. It is extremely useful in cases of hijacking, robbery or setting alight. With this insurance you can be certain that you won’t need to pay for the repair of your car or a third party`s vehicle. FNB will take care of that. What else? If suddenly your vehicle runs out of fuel and you need it quickly delivered so that you can go on with your journey, their assistance team will be there for you and they will get you 10 liters of fuel. This also applies when the battery of your car is flat and needs urgent replacement. Finally, you will get assistance if you have forgotten the keys inside the car and you can also be assisted through a 24// helpline in case you feel lonely and in need of help. Finally, if you are in an accident, FNB will take care of the towing and storage of your vehicle. So you won’t have to pay excess for that service. So complete, right?

  • Third party only:  in case a minimal protection will make you happy and you want to save money, this is the perfect insurance for your vehicle. It is the most basic one, but it surely guarantees to protect a third party, their vehicle and property, in case there is an accident. So it basically protects third parties in accidents caused by you.

  • Third party, fire and theft:  this cover is usually recommended by FNB in you have an old car which is at least 15 years old or if you have a new car that has been already financed by you.  You receive protection against third party damages and thefts. And if you are looking for more protection, you have the chance of paying an affordable premium and you will get protection against damages causes by nature.

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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And last, but not least… there are additional benefits, such as:

  • Affordable premiums since FNB will negotiate with all the brokers in order to get the cover that suits your budget and your needs

  • An essential excess waiver

  • Plenty of quotes from various insurance companies, so that you can establish comparisons before selecting the one

  • Assistance on the road for free

  • Evaluation of products for free

  • Open driver policies

  • Psychological counseling and legal advice

  • Protection against natural disasters

  • Admissions to various claim brokers

And optional benefits such as car hire, comprehensive subsidence and credit shortfall cover.

Would you like to contact the company in Bloemfontein and get the best vehicleinsurance for your car? Here you have all the information of their branches:

  • Address: Southern Life Plaza, 41 Charlotte Maxeke St, Bloemfontein, 9301

Phone number: 51 447 8901

  • Address:19, in Brandwag Shopping Centre, Melville Dr & Stapelberg Street, Brandwag, Bloemfontein, 9301

  • Phone number: 51 444 0262

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Questions and answers

What if a friend is driving my car?

If your friend has become a regular driver of your vehicle, you should inform the insurance company so that all damages are covered.

Do older drivers need to pay more?

Older drivers should pay the same amount as younger ones. They receive the same protection.

Does FNB protect their clients 24/7?

Sure, their insurance service is available every day, no matter the time.

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Plenty of benefits

Assistance on the road

Psychological counseling

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