15 Car Insurance Companies in Durban. Find the Cheapest

15 Car Insurance Companies in Durban. Find the Cheapest

If you are in the search of car insurance in South Africa, you might be feeling dizzy already with so many options to choose from. Now, if you are looking for insurance deals in Durban, South Africa, then there might be a chance that our options and agencies can be narrowed down to just a few. Let us explore the companies and insurance brokers in Durban that offer insurance.

Which companies in Durban offer car insurance?

When looking for companies in Durban, it is positive to know which of them offer insurance packages that are convenient for you:

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

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  • Hollard

  • SKFS

  • F & I Solutions

  • SA Taxi

  • Old mutual

  • Out surance

  • Carpe diem consulting

  • Sanlam

  • Kingsure financial services

Let us explore some of these companies that offer insurance so that you can evaluate the options for yourself and choose in the best way possible. Let us start with Hollard.

What does Hollard offer?

Hollard is one of the most complete insurance companies not only in Durban but also in all South Africa since it has many offices scattered all over this country. It offers insurance for:

  • Funerals

  • Vehicles

  • Life

  • Home

They offer products too, such as warranties, legal, travel and Hollard pet insurance. If you are looking for car insurance in particular, Hollard can offer you:

  • Comprehensive car insurance

  • Lite cover

  • En route

  • Car insurance for third parties

  • Extended car warranty

  • Long term storage

Let us assume you prefer to ask for extended car warranties. In case the vehicle warranty of your manufacturer has expired, then this option will suit you perfectly. There are many benefits:

  • The company will cover up to twenty three parts (major ones) of your vehicle, that is, the braking system, the engine, the gearbox, etc.

  • There are affordable premiums per months. The best advantage is that there is no need to pay the premium in full

  • The company provides 27/7 roadside assistance for free

The company suggests insurance for mechanical breakdown in case the maintenance or warranty of your manufacturer has expired, your vehicle is being used as a passenger car, your vehicle does not exceed fifteen years old, and you haven’t used your vehicle for racing or commercial purposes. The expenses of mechanical breakdown are protected against with a warranty policy. It is also possible to add building or home contents to your insurance deal.

Are there any car insurance brokers in Durban?

Durban is not only full of car insurance companies but it is also plenty of car insurance brokers ready to offer you the best alternatives to insurance. These are the brokers available in Durban:

  • Compendium insurance brokers

  • Masibumbane taxi brokers

  • Scottfin insurance brokers

  • RGA insurance brokers

  • Bay union insurance brokers

Let us see what some of them have to offer. Scottfin insurance brokers, for instance, offers exclusively insurance products for:

  • Engineering

  • Domestic

  • Motor

  • Taxi

  • Hospitality and tourism

  • liability

  • Commercial insurance

Motor insurance is the closest to car insurance. Brokers this company offer motor traders, fleet and stand alone. Your most prized possession must always be covered and so they offer three options. If clients decide to go for the stand-alone option, they give clients direct access to specialists that can assist them in the motor market. Brokers will give them excellent option regarding premiums, cover and excess structures. It is ideal for executive vehicles.

Which is the cheapest car insurance in Durban?

King Price insurance is considered as one of the cheapest car insurance in Durban. What it actually does is that it offers you all the alternatives in the market for you to compare and contrast them. Once you have chosen, you will get benefits and discounts for choosing this company. Many clients that had chosen other companies decided to go for King Price for decreasing premiums. According to King Price, these percentages are the clients that left other companies to join King Price:

  • 19% of Budget

  • 7% of Discovery

  • 23% of My Way

  • 27% of Out Surance

  • 6% of Holland

In order to get a quote with this company, you need to leave your name and cell phone number so that they can send you the quote.

Are there any car insurance contact details in Durban?

If you need to contact any of the above mentioned companies, here are some contact details that will make matters easier:

  • In order to contact Holland, you can call at the following number 0861 000 107

  • In order to reach Scottfin insurance brokers, you can call at 039 978 2220 or simply send an email to info@scottfin.com

  • If you want to contact Compendium, then you can call at +27872854040

  • If you are interested in reaching out for Assupol, you can call at +27313045061

Many of these companies and brokers have offices in South Africa and many others operate only online. Choose the method of your preference. If you prefer to deal with insurance in person, you can go straightforward to Holland or Assupol and Scottfin. If you simply want to investigate the possibilities or get a quote, you can visit King Price website which only works virtually. Any of the options can be beneficial for you and your vehicle. You should take into account that all companies have differences in regulation and policies, yet they remain similar regarding costs and package deals. Some of them are focused on offering exclusively assistance for when you are travelling or if you suffer an accident; other companies prefer to protect and cover your vehicle when it is used for commercial purposes.

Is it a great deal car insurance in Durban?

The beautiful location of Durban is full of companies and insurance brokers that can help you insure your vehicle. Read all about you need in our website to get all the necessary information about your options. You can compare quotes with different companies to get to know which can give you the cheapest option but, you can also leave us any specific question you might have so as we can assist you. Don't forget that driving protected is key to enjoy your car.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is Compendium a good choice?

Compendium has insurance packages that would benefit you

Does Scottfin offer insurance products for travelling?

Yes, for trips and travelling

Can I access domestic insurance?

Yes, with Compendium you can

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