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Can I Obtain Vehicle Insurance with Alexander Forbes in Benoni?

Alexander Forbes is today one of the most important insurance corporations in South Africa, whose biggest aim is to guarantee their customers that their homes together with another important assets such as their vehicles are kept in perfect conditions and they do not need to stress about wasting lots of money in recovering and repairing them. You probably know that a person`s vehicle constitutes one of their most treasured acquisition, reason for which it is of extreme importance to find the most complete vehicle insurance. Luckily, Alexander Forbes is not only focused on offering different products and services but also benefits that will enrich driver`s adventures.

Covers offered by the company:

1)The 55 plus: this cover is designed for retired people, that are considered as individuals who are at less risk of being in an accident due to their high experience driving vehicles. This is the cover for yourself if you:

-Are 55 years or older

-  Were insured before with another company

-If you work but part time. This includes if you are the manager of a company or the consultant of a corporation

- If you want to insure every acquisition you have by using only one policy. This includes your house, any personal content or other automobiles.

You get:

-Not to pay for the basic excess established

- More coverage than the usual insurances offered by another companies

- More discounts of at least 40%, which means you will saving money

- Discounts if you reside in a region that is out of danger or risk. This means no excesses paid whenever you make a claim

2) The platinum woman: this cover is specially designed for women by women.

What do women get?

-Cover for breast cancer: the company is willing to pay you more than R20 000 if you happen to lose your breast as a consequence of an accident or if your diagnosis of breast cancer turns out to be optimistic. However, previous circumstances are not found in this service.

- Cover for any content in your handbag: this means a coverage of R 5000 that can be boosted depending on the contents you possess in there.

- A discount for being a female driver: there are proofs that women driver better than mean so the company will offer a 50% discount.

- A service that will assist you at multitasking and will offer you discounts on any electronic and outdoor devices you would like to acquire.

-Discounts at any vehicle`s accessories you would like to buy at specific locations.

- A service that will provide security to you whenever you car breaks down and you need towing and transportation service. This also includes finding a safe place in order to store your vehicle.

3) Envoy: this cover is the most complete one, which is designed for busy people whose objective is to get all the benefits for their vehicles and avoid misfortunes.

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us. - Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued. - Shortfall cover: for complete peace of mind when your car is financed.





- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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This insurance covers all types of contents and risks and has a greater flexibility when it comes to damages.

What do I get with the Envoy Cover?

-The most complete insurance you will ever find, which apart from being complete is designed to suit your budget.

-Access to many professionals in order to counsel you in any non expected situation.

- Lowering of premiums

- A valuation of every asset you have in your car so that if it is lost or hijacked the company can recover them. This is done by making a list of all the accessories and things you have added to your car also.

- A 24/7 emergency service so as to provide assistance to you and help you make claims in the most effective way. This also enables you to get any accessory or part of your car replaced as soon as possible.

-Having access to another chauffeur when you are not in the appropriate conditions in order to drive your vehicle. This will not only protect yourself but also other people on the road and their cars.

- If you have just written off your vehicle, you get access to another price that differs from the current one.

-Legal and medical assistance when you are in an accident and need the advice and help of professionals.

- A liability protection of more than R 50 000 000

- You can lower your excesses if you have behaved as expected on the road. That means you get rewards for good driving.

- Your vehicle`s tires and wheels are insured and can be replaced when needed. For instance when the tires are flat.

Apart from the three covers that Alexander Forbes proposes, you can find services:

-Vehicle service: it does not matter the time of the day or where you are, you receive assistance for yourself and the passengers that are in your vehicle. The company will find the nearest dealer that will provide you with the towing service that your vehicle requires. The company will also bring you 10 liters of gasoline when your car has stopped and you need to continue your trip. And it can also happen that you unintentionally forgot the keys inside of your car, situation in which you will receive assistance as to how to proceed.

-Medical service: doctors and other health professionals will be delivered to you by airplane or car so that they take care of any injuries caused by an accident. There are also psychologists that will give you counseling in such traumatic situations.

Alexander Forbes` contact details in Benoni:

You can go to their agency located at Office U15 Lakefield Square 106 North Rand Road Lakefield, Benoni and you can also phone them on 118 941 039

Moreover, you can ask Alexander Forbes for a quote by completing a form in their webpage.

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Questions and answers

Which is the cheapest cover offered?

The 55 cover is the cheapest one

Can I ask for a quote by phone?

Sure, you will need to provide the same information as the one required in their form (webpage)

Will I need to pay for the medical service?

You wont need to pay for health professionals. These charges are included in your insurance.

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