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Short Term Loans: How to get quick Approval? Calculate

Short-term loans come in handy when you have an emergency but are in a financial fix. It is, however, necessary to have the correct information about this type of loan before entering into a financial obligation. This blog helps you get this vital information about short-term loans.

Most, if not all, lenders in South Africa offer short-term loans. These loans help borrowers sort out emergencies and allow them to have a piece of mind as you can use them to settle other sorts of loans approaching deadlines. They often come at a flexible payment period and affordable rates.

What is a short-term loan?

A Short-term is an un-collateral credit usually paid in a year or less. Some financial intentions have these loans repaid in weeks or months. You can use this loan for personal or business purposes. Due to their non-collateralized nature, short-term loans usually attract higher interest rates and often have other fees.

How do short-term loans work?

Short-term loans are simple, easy to apply, and quick to receive. Most financial institutions in South Africa allow you easily apply for this loan online. You only need to provide the lenders with a Proof of income, ID and other necessary credit information.

It's critical to review the terms and conditions, interest rates, repayment schedule, and other loan information before submitting your application. As mentioned above, short-term loans usually have higher interest rates and attract fees and penalties. Failure to repay in time may lead to a negative credit score. Short-term loans are often due in weeks or months.

Short-term Loans: Required Documents

Like any other financial, bare minimums must be met for you to qualify for a short-term loan. Here are the required documents South African lenders ask for when allying for loans under this category:

  1. A copy of the National ID
  2. Proof on income
  3. Proof of residences

Types of Short-Term loans Available in South Africa

They are various types of short-term loans in South Africa. This section highlights loans that into this category.

There is a list of short-term loans:

1) Payday Loans

As the names suggest, all financial commitments are settled when the borrower receives his pay or salary. Payday loans allow you to a cure credit for emergencies, but the principal amount plus interest are all paid when you receive your paycheck. The cost of settling this type of financial obligation usually attracts high-interest rates.

Some South African lenders, mostly financial cooperatives and banks, are in partnership with employers or employees' groups to allow the workforce to enjoy payday loans. This allows the lender to deduct repayments from the borrower's account.

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2) Online Loans

Online loans fit in this category of credit. Lenders offer online loans that allow you to quickly borrow money for emergencies or any other experience without meeting anyone. This reduces the paperwork during loan applications. It is simple to apply and get a loan online, but there is a catch. Online loans attract high-interest rates with short repayment periods.

3) Bank Overdrafts

Bank overdrafts are another form of short-term. Account overdrafts allow borrowers to asses cash even when their account balance is zero. The principal amount plus interest rate is directed immediately to your account money to cover your negative account balance.

4) Cash loans

Small financial service providers usually offer cash loans in South Africa. Due to their risks, lenders offer cash loans with items as collateral. Cash loans allow you to quickly sort out other financial obligations even when you are on low cash. They attract high-Interest rates and short repayment periods.

Benefits of Short-Term Loan

Short-term loans have several benefits. Here are some benefits of borrowing a short-term loan:

Easy to Access

Short-term loans are easily accessible to small businesses and individual borrowers. The fact that they don't have a long list of requirements and paperwork makes it easier for anyone to apply for short-term credit. 

Quick Funding

You can get the cash quickly when you apply for a short-term loan. This type of loan is less risky to lenders as they are usually in small amounts and have shorter maturity periods. Most financial service providers allow you to get a loan almost instantly after your loan is approved.

Short Repaying Period

Most financial service players allow you to offset a short-term loan with a year at most. This reduces the period of including interests and other fees that may come along when seeking financial help.

Which is a better long-term loan or a short-term loan?

Usually, long-term loans are considered better than short-term loans. They not only offer vast amounts of cash at lower interest allowing more repayment terms. Applying for many short-term loans can quickly get you negative credit scores making it harder for you to access loans further. On the other hand, short-term loans come with hidden fees and penalties if you default on your payments.

Do banks give short-term loans?

Banks in South Africa offer various types of short-term loans. Thesefinacal institutions borrowers to borrow funds for personal or business experience. South African offer short-term loans like online loans, overdrafts, and online loans to browsers. Here are some of the banks offering short-term loans in SA:

  1. Fnb
  2. Capitec
  3. Nedbank
  4. Absa
  5. Standard Bank

Are there any instant, short-term loans?

As we saw you can access instant, short-term loans in South Africa. Banks and other online financial service providers allow you to get short-term in various ways. For instance, you can get online loans, overdrafts, and advanced salaries from most banks in SA.

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Questions and answers

I get a disability grant. Will I be able to get a loan?

If you have a disability grant and are looking for a short term loan, you can resort, for example, to Net1, which offers money ranging from 410 rand to 1,050 rand. This application includes a competitive rate and the repayment period includes three to six months. The beneficiaries can apply for these loans through Moneyline. 

I need a loan 10 000 which company can help me?

There are many companies in South Africa that offer convenient short term loans online. First you should consider loans offered by the bank you operate with. In the event you do not own a bank account or you don't meet the requirements, you can consider online companies such as Wonga, for instance.

Is is possible to apply for loan consolidation?

Yes, this is a common option

Can I ask for a loan for just a month?

Yes, that is the main advantage. You get to apply in short terms.

Do I have to fill an online application?

Yes, in many agencies you have to fill the application with your data

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