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Are the Citizens of Boksburg Able to Obtain Xcelsior Loans?

About Xcelsior and its experience

This firm is well identified for its short term loans. The one condition for granting them is that customers have designated an appreciated collateral of their own, that can be a carriage, a motorcycle and other automobiles, which can aid to pledge the loan and whose value characterizes the amount of money provided by the company to you.

One of the highest benefits of this corporation is that it does not request its clients to go through inspections of affordability, which means that each customer that is barred can apply for Xcelsior loans without complications.

How does the application at Xcelsior work for Boksburg citizens?

   You must recognize that the application originated in this company happens to be rapid and very humble. Actually, you will not need to do any form-filling. Then, the company can handover the money in less than this period of time: 45 minutes, so that is awesome.

    If you choose to apply immediately, in less than 45 minutes you will be given an answer with the grades. The company discerns that you need the money for crises, and will not make you waste your precious time by waiting many days for the submission to be accepted.

What are the features that comprise Xcelsior cash loans?

-Opportunity of having a loan by choosing collateral such as motor vehicles, bikes, carriages, convoys, trailers, vessels. Those assets are the collaterals of your loan

-Your collateral will be reserved in a harmless place

-Your collateral is delivered to you the moment the loan ends

-You can solicit R 5000 or the maximum of R 500 000

-You can choose to extend the amount of money granted if your financial conditions necessitate it to

-You can use numerous vehicles to shelter your loan

-You can only pick vehicles for assurances, not households or further assets

-The loan is given to the clients of Boksburg in less than this period: 90 days

-The company can give you an insurance so as to protect your finances in case something happens or you lose your debit card

-You can have the money of the loan deducted from your bank account

    Before you jump to the application let me recall useful of pieces of information, such as the fact that the firm is not responsible for car credits, but it receives cars as securities of the loan. That is something completely dissimilar.  Also think of the fact that for your vehicle to be used as a collateral, ought to have been paid off by the client.

    Furthermore, if it occurs that you are not able to finance your credit on time, then the company is faultlessly talented to vending your asset (the one you have selected as collateral) through the diverse dealers it is connected with, so make monthly payments on time or let the associates of the firm know about your monetary state.

How does the loan process work for Boksburg clients?

The company will truly respect your confidentiality and will not disclose any detail of your financial standing. As held before, because of the purpose of the company of providing reckless loans, you will not need to experience any inspections to check your affordability. You can be a blacklisted customer, since Xcelsior wants to offer you another chance by proposing you its loans. Besides, it is significant to bear in mind that you will not once need to pay spare costs for the credit you are granted, as it usually happens with numerous companies that come with shocks in the middle of your loan and frights clients.

Now, I will give you critical data about each of the periods that comprise Xcelsior Cash Loans:

Assessment at Xcelsior in Boksburg

The company will primary inspect the diverse collaterals you have designated to stand for your loan, so grounded on the amount you are given, the warranty can be the accurate one or not. Xcelsior is eager to loan you as a customer, up to 50% of the entire value of the guarantee.

Approval for a loan you choose

Find the best loan of South Africa

The instant you are with the memberships of the Xcelsior´s team, and your request is approved, the company will hand over the funds to the bank account you have selected. In about 30 minutes you will get admission to the cash.

Storage of the Vehicle chosen for the collateral

You will not necessitate to constantly worry about where your automobile is reserved, since Xcelsior will stock your vehicle in a really harmless place which is safeguarded 24/7, so as for you to see they are endangered. One important fact to know is that you can transport the vehicle or the company can go and look for it at your home.

Repayment for your short term loan

You have two choices: paying the entirety of the loan or disbursing interest rates and monthly installments every single month. If you pick the settling of your lending program, your collateral is given back to you immediately.



In the webpage corresponding to the company you will discover a section to begin your application. You can similarly send an electronic mail to the subsequent address:

By phone

You can make one call to the Xcelsior and get details about their short term loans and jump to the application. The phone number of Xcelsior is the following one: 12 997 1062.

In person

You can find a physical office in Boksburg, inside Johannesburg. So, if you need to be given information in person by the many members that compose its team, you can easily go and speak to their representatives. In the following chart you have its information:


From R 5000 to a maximum of R 500 000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

997 3946


Boskburg, whose exact address is: 135 North Rand Road.  At the El Ridge Office Park. Shop 4.

Working Hours

Business hours on weekdays


South African


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Questions and Answers

Can a person with work apply for a loan?
You can always apply for a loan regardless of your work, as long as you can give the company the latest payslip of yours so that the firm knows how much money you earn each month and can also deduct the payments from there.
Is application in branch permitted?
Yes it is
What if I have debts?
You need to finance them first
Can I ask for multiple loans?
Depend on your affordability

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