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Does Xcelsior Offer Cash Loans for South Africans?

     Xcelsior, is one of the most requested companies in terms of lending programs for citizens and you know why? It offers Short term loans with the possibility of accessing to money in a fast way. This is a private company that does not look to examine credibility on its customers, since it believes in the idea of giving citizens a second chance when it comes loans.

    In the following article, I will give you information about Xcelsior, including some details about the company, how is the application made and also information about the storage. Then, I will mention contact details of this company in South Africa.

About Xcelsior

As said before, this company is well known for its short term loans. The only condition for granting them is that clients have selected a valuable collateral of their own, that can be a car, a motorbike and other vehicles, which can serve as the guarantee of the loan and whose value represents the amount of money given by the company to you.

One of the greatest benefits of this company is that it does not ask its clients to go through examinations of affordability, which means that every customer that is blacklisted can with no problem apply for Xcelsior loans.

How does the application at Xcelsior work?

   You must know that the application found in this company happens to be quick and very simple. In fact, you will not need to do any paperwork. And, the company can transfer you the money in less than 45 minutes, so that is great.

    If you decide to apply right now, in less than those minutes you will receive a reply with the results. The company knows that you need the cash for emergencies, and will not make you waste time by waiting lots of days for the application to be approved or not.

What are the features of Xcelsior cash loans?

-Possibility of having a loan against motor vehicles, such as bikes, cars, caravans, trailers, ships. Those assets are the collaterals of your loan

-Your collateral will be kept in a safe place

-Your collateral is given to you once the loan ends

-You can ask for R 5000 or R 500 000

-You can always extend the amount of money given if your condition requires it to

-You can use multiple vehicles to secure your loan

-You can only choose vehicles for guarantees, not homes or another assets

-The loan is given in less than 90 days

    Now, before you start with the application remember a couple of pieces of information that happen to be quite useful, such as the fact that the company does not provide car loan, but it rather accepts cars as collaterals of the loan. That is something totally different.  Also remember, that for your vehicle to count as a collateral, it must have been paid off by you on its totality.

    Moreover, if you happen not to be able to finance your loan on time, then the company is perfectly capable of selling your asset( the one you have chosen as collateral) through the different traders it has link with, so please make payments on time or at least let the members of the company know about your financial situation.

How does the loan process work?

The company will really respect your privacy and will not reveal any of your financial status to anyone. As said before, because of the aim of the company of providing fast loans, you will not need to undergo any examinations to check your affordability. It does not matter whether you are a blacklisted client, Xcelsior wants to give you a second chance by offering you its cash loans. And, it is important to bear in mind that you will never need to pay extra costs for the loan you are given, as it is the case with many companies that come with surprises in the middle of the loan and that scares clients.

Now, I will give you crucial data about each of the stages that make up the Xcelsior Cash Loans:

Assessment at Xcelsior

The company will first examine the different collaterals you have selected to stand for your loan, so based on the amount you are given, the collateral can be the correct one or not. Xcelsior is willing to loan you as a client, up to 50% of the total value of the collateral.

Approval for a cash loan

The moment you are with the members of the Xcelsior´s team, and your application is approved, the company will transfer the funds to the bank account you have chosen. In less than 30 minutes you will get access to that cash.

Storage of your Vehicle

You will not need to stress about where your vehicle is kept, since Xcelsior will store your vehicle in a really safe place which is secured 24/7, so as to know they are protected as you want. One important thing to bear in mind is that you can deliver the vehicle or the company can look for it at your place.

Repayment for the cash loan

You have the chance of paying for the totality of the loan or paying interest rates and monthly installments every 30 days. If you choose to settle the lending program your asset is given bank to you.



In the website of the company you will find a section to start your application. You can also send an email to the following address:

By phone

You can make a phone call to the company and obtain details about the cash loans and also start the application. The phone number is this one: 12 997 1062.

In person

One of the branches is in Pretoria, exactly at 2, Villebois Office Park. In Moreletapark. Another office in Pretoria is located at 260 Kruger Street.

You can also find an office in Boksburg, inside Johannesburg. In the next chart you have its data:


From R 5000 to R 500 000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

997 3946


Boskburg. 135 North Rand Road. El Ridge Office Park. Shop 4.

Working Hours

Business hours on weekdays


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You can send an email

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