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Can South Africans Acquire Woolworths Personal Loans?

   Are you looking for a Personal Loan to cover all the needs you experience in your daily life? Would you like to obtain money in order to finance your purchases? If you feel identified with those statements, let me tell you, Woolworths can be the one to grant you that type of loan.

     In the following post, you will receive information about Woolworths Revolving Personal Loan, which is a lending program aimed at satisfying your needs. After that, you will get data about how the lending procedure functions in this company. Finally, I will give you all the means of communication through which you can contact Woolworths.


Let’s focus on the features that come along with this loan:

-Financing periods can extend up to 60 months, in order for clients to have enough time to pay for the program

-The money granted can be used on whatever need the client has

-The client needs to make an initiation fee when the loan starts

-The client can ask for more amounts of money than the ones received

-The client can close the program whenever he/she feels like doing it

-Each of the monthly payments can be completed before the time stipulated

Benefits and requirements of Revolving Personal Loan:

-The client is able to control the loan via phone, in order for the customer to gain knowledge about the funds left in the account

-There is a service to support customers, so please dial up this number: 0861 50 20 10

-There is a variable interest rate and it changes according to the National o, bear in mind that it is very possible that it is modified

-The client must make payments each month. In fact, the client is allowed to carry out more quantity of payments in order to finish the financing before the time expected. The payments are completed at the stores, in an ATM, mobile banking or via bank transfers

-The client will always receive a monthly statement in his/her mailing address

-The application can be initiated in the company´s webpage or at a local office

-The client needs to be at least 18 years old

-The client needs to show the ID book in order to show personal data

-The client needs to possess a monthly income of at least R 2000

-The client needs to open an account with a bank so as to be able to manage the loan from home without having to go to an office in order to know how much money is there left in the bank account you created

    A further benefit clients are given has to do with an insurance that will protect the money given through the loan. This loan is named BALANCE PROTECTION INSURANCE. The client will receive full protection when there are diseases, accidents or any other impediment that affects the client´s health.

    There is also another benefit, which is a card that allows clients to get the money in a simple and quick way. This card is called WOOLWORTHS STORE CARD. And, there is a credit card, which can be gold, silver or black, in order for clients to be able to make as many purchases as they want.

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     Additional to the Revolving Personal Loan, the company has developed a quick loan that enables clients to get money in less than 2 days. It is called PERSONAL LOAN. This program was designed for special cases, such as emergencies.

Now, let’s see how the lending experience functions by focusing on certain pieces of information:

- The interest rate that applies to the different loans is always dependant on the National Credit Act and will appear in the monthly balance. The rate can only change once a year and mo more than that

-Clients always have the opportunity of getting more money from the loan, whenever they request Woolworths for the authorization. But, the company can always charge a little interest for such operation

-The loan comes along with a fee that the client will pay at the beginning of the loan.  That fee is used for paying all the service procedure that Woolworths carries out.

Contacting Woolworths

In person

    If you are the type of citizen that would like to obtain more information in person, please try going to one of the branches in Pretoria. It is specifically located at 147 Pinaster Avenue, next to 8th Street. You can also call the representatives of this office by dialing up 0081  012 424 9300

     Another office can also be found in Pretoria, if you go to the Castle Walk Mall, in Coronel Lois and Nossob st. Its phone number is this one:012 484 9060

By phone

   There is a free phone number the representatives are managing, so that clients can call whenever they have questions and queries. This is the number:0860 022 002.

    There is a fax number for clients who would like to accelerate the procedure and send the necessary documentation. So, please take advantage of this number:(021) 407 3995


  There is also an email address you can send your message to:

    Moreover, in the company´s official website you can obtain more information about every loan and also data about a branch near to your home, so that it is easy for you to get their services and products. You can even start an application in Woolworth´s website, where you will need to give personal data about yourself and also some data about your financial status.

    To conclude, Woolworths is actually a great choice when it comes to finding a Personal Loan that will carefully take care of all the needs you and your family have at present. And there are plenty of ways through which you can get in touch the company so as to start applying for a loan or even obtaining their benefits such as their cards or insurance. You deserve to be happy and to stop stressing about financial troubles! Give Woolworths a chance!

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Questions and answers

How can I speak to a consultant on weekends?

In the company´s website or by phone

Do I have to pay extra charges for getting a card?

No, that is a benefit obtained together with the loan

Is there an insurance for my house?

Yes, there is more than one insurance

Does Woolworths have a good customer service?

Yes, Woolworths has a great service, since the company is not only focused on giving clients cards, which is the most common service known by people, but also loans and insurances, to make sure their client´s lives are satisfied. This company is characterized by offering its clients financing periods of up to 60 months and you can obtain the money in less than 48 hours.

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