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Can I Apply for Woolworth loans in Randburg? Contact Information, Branches and Rates

Do you live in the area of Randburg? Is it time to get financing for personal needs? Do you think that Woolworth can help? Sure! And here we will show you how. In this post, we will focus on Woolworths loans and we will consequently describe financing options, rates, addresses and office hours. What is more, we will also mention another lending company so that you can consider other options when it comes to borrowing money.

                It is important to know that Woolworth is a retail company with more than 80 years in the market. Since its inception, it has been opening branches in different areas of the country so as to mainly provide financial help to South African citizens. One of these areas is Randburg and you can find offices in the following places:

-In the Salam Centre: in the shop No. 50 ay in the Oak Avenue you will find highly prepared staff.  In case you want to contact them by phone, there is a line open in the same office hour that is 11 787 1132.

-In Appletons Village: this branch is located in the corner of Hill Street & Malibongwe Drive. For telephone assistance, the line open in the same hours is 11 796 6200.

-In Victory Park Shopping Centre: the exact address of this office is the corner of Rustenburg Rd & 2nd Ave. This office has its doors open during the week and on the weekends. Please take into account that you can also receive help by phone calling 11 250 2640.

                If you are interesting in any Woolworth loan, you can visit any office or apply by phone or via online. In fact, those who don’t want to move from their own homes can call the general phone number 0861 50 20 10. This line can be used either to make question or to start phone application. Besides, they can also resort to online application. Visit the official site of the company and click on “Apply now” so as to get the money as soon as possible.

                Once we have developed all the necessary contact information, let’s look over the details about the different lending programs that Woolworth has for Randburg’s residents:

a. One lending option is the fixed term personal loan.

b. Another one is the revolving personal loan.

c. If you apply for a personal loan, you don’t have to pay for initiation fees.

d. If you are interesting in a revolving personal loan, you will pay R1197 for initiation fees.

e. Personal loans have fixed monthly administrative charges of R57.

f. Revolving loans have fixed monthly administrative charges of R69.

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g. As far as amounts of money are concerned, there are sums that range from a f R2 000 to R75 000.

h. Although interest rates may vary due to different reasons, most of the time are near 21%.

i. You can choose to repay the loans in terms that go from one to five years.

j. You will wait no more than two business days to have the money ready in your bank account after loan approval.

k. In order to make monthly payments, Woolworth will automatically deduct the quote from your bank account. In case you want to make payments in advance, you can do so by deposits, in a branch or via EFT. The company doesn’t accept checks.

                In the following paragraphs, we will show you how you some examples of possible quote you will have to pay based on different loan amounts. Please take into account that these examples are just illustrative and they can vary.

-Let’s start with a loan amount of R4 000. Those who want to quickly repay it can choose a financing option of 1 year. That is to say that you will make 12 payments of a quote of R 372. Of course you can choose a longer financing period of 3 years, for example. In this case, you will make monthly payments for a year and a half of around R150.

-Let’s see now an example of a loan amount of R30 000. You will pay 12 quotes of R 2 793 in case you choose the shortest financing option. For lower quotes, don’t hesitate to choose a three-year term so as to make 36 payments of near R 1 130. And last but not least, you can repay the loan in up to 5 years by paying 60 installments of R 811.

What other companies offers loans in Randburg?

Another lending company in Randburg is African Bank. You can find an office of it at 32 Oak Ave. In this case, representatives wait for current and prospective customers  during the week and on Saturday mornings. For telephone assistance, please call 0860 333 004. This company offers personal loans for up to R200000 that can be repaid in up 72 months with highly competitive interest rates.

                All in all, living with a tight budget is unnecessary in Randburg. Not only can citizens count on the help of Woolworth, but they can also resort to banking companies, such as African. Both companies offer personal loans as the most popular option, but there are other alternatives, such as revolving loans or consolidation loans. Make up your mind ans choose the one that suits you best so as to enjoy the kind of life you deserve. Go on!

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Questions and answers

Is there a general phone number to contact the bank?

Yes, it is 0861 50 20 10.

Can I finance home purchase with Woolworth?

No, there are no programs for that purpose.

Are financing periods flexible?

Yes, you can choose the most convenient period for you.

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