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Can the People Living in Porth Elizabeth Get Woolworths Loans?

    Is Porth Elizabeth where you are residing at present? Are you searching for the financial stability that will let you enjoy peace of mind? You might be needing a loan. And it can be granted by one of the most prestigious enterprises in South Africa. Woolworths. This company has developed 2 lending programs: the typical Personal Loan and the Revolving Personal Loan.

  In this post, you will get details about the two loans proposed by this company, which includes features, benefits and requirements. Then, you will be given different means through which you can get in touch with the company in order to start making transactions with them.

     Woolworths has created two loans for the citizens of Porth Elizabeth: Personal Loan and Revolving Personal Loan


     The key characteristic of this lending program is that it has been designed for emergency cases in which the citizen needs money in no more than  48 hours. So, if it happens that you need money immediately and do not know how to get it, you can apply for a Personal Loan with Woolworths


Let me show you its features:

-The company is willing to give you a financing period of 60 months, which is the maximum accepted. Thus, you have lots of time to complete the payments

-You have freedom to spend the money on whatever purpose you have in mind

-There is a fee you are requested to pay the moment the loan starts

-The company is authorized to give you more money than the one requested at the initiation of the loan

-You can finish paying for each installment whenever you are ready

-There are monthly installments you need to make, which have a fixed due date

Now lets see its requirements and also benefits of Woolworths´ loans:

-The customer granted the loan, can have access to the loan using mobile banking in the cell phone or laptop

-The company has created a free phone number designed for client´s service. The number is:0861 50 20 10

-There is an interest rate which is variable and can be modified by Woolworths only once a year. So, that the client can make sure there will not be surprises in the middle of the loan when it comes to rates

-Monthly installments come along with each of the lending programs and the customer has the possibility of making the payments in person, by automatic deduction or in the company´s official webpage

-The customer will receive a statement on a monthly basis with the information of their loan and the money. This statement can be obtained via email.

-The application procedure can begin from your laptop or by visiting the company in person

-Customers are expected to have the majority of age, just like it happens with other financial institutions

-The customer needs to submit a card with their identity information, so as to prove the company they are living right now in South Africa

-The customer is asked to possess a monthly salary of R 2000 or more than that. So, it is vital that you take into account your job at the time of applying for a loan

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-Customers will be requested to open a bank account that will enable them to control their loan and other services, such as their cards and insurances

Benefits the citizens of Perth Elizabeth can get:

-THE BALANCE PROTECTION INSURANCE:  this is a cover that will give complete protection to the customer, as he/she will be covered in circumstances in which there is an accident on the road, they suffer a disease or they experience some type of disability

 -A WOLLWORTHS STORE CARD: clients who are given a card by the company, can easily manage their loan with that card. Moreover, they can purchase what they need by simply using the Woolworths Store Card. There is a huge array of cards available: Black, Gold and Silver. Their availability will depend on your financial circumstances and your salary.

-A WOOLWORTHS CREDIT CARD:  as you probably know, getting a credit card will give you access to tons of purchases, in situations in which it is hard to finance an asset or service on your own.

 How the loan service functions. Some important facts:

-Every loan will follow the National Credit Act, which determines initiation fees and interest rates that the customer will pay.

-Customer can always request for more funds, as long as the company determines it is necessary and authorizes the procedure

-There will be a starting fee that is charged at the beginning of the Personal Loan

Contacting Woolworths in Porth Elizabeth

In person

    There is a physical office located in the area of the Greenacres Shopping Centre, found in Cape Road. Its phone number is 41 393 2700. This office functions every day from 8 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

    Another office is found at the Access Retail Park, located in Corner Buffelsfontein Road and Newcombe Ave. This office is located at Walmer. Its phone number Is 368 6738. This branch opens Mondays to Sundays from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm

By phone

   There is a phone number clients can phone on, if they want more information about loans and insurances. Such number is 0860 022 002.

    There also exists a fax number, clients can send their paperwork to: (021) 407 3995


    There is an email address that allows clients to send their documentation and also get details about all the services Woolworths

    Moreover, citizens can get more information about all the loans, the cards and insurances in Woolworths´ webpage.

     All in all, the people that reside in Porth Elizabeth can obtain either a Personal Loan or a Revolving Personal Loan if they get in touch with Woolworths. This company will give them plenty of benefits regarding financial matters, which apart from money includes store cards, credit cards and insurances. I really recommend you to contact their staff members and find out which loan will benefit you the best!

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What other insurances can I get?

Home Insurance and Car Insurance

Can I apply on the phone?

Sure, you can begin the application from home

Is it possible to send a message to the company?

Yes, you can send them an email or a message from their webpage

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