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Can I Have Access to Woolworths Loans in Alberton? Requirements and Contact Information

     If you are a resident from Alberton and you do not know how to finance your daily bills and expenses, or even buying a vehicle for your family, you need to know there are specific loans for those occasions. In fact, there is a company that designs loans for the people of Alberton. That is right, I am talking about Woolworths. As you know, this is one of the retail stores most preferred by South Africans due to its variety of services and products.

   In the post you are about to read now, you will be given all the features and requirements of their loans, which are called Personal Loan and Revolving Personal Loan. Moreover, you will get data about their advantages. At the end of the article, you will be given contact information about Woolworths in Alberton.


     This is a lending program specially created for those clients that require getting money instantly. So, if you are experiencing an emergency, you can enjoy the benefits of this loan and receive the money in only two days.


     If you apply for this loan, you can finance the money granted in periods that go up to 5 years. So, plenty of time given to clients. There will be a fee charged once the loan starts and the moment you receive the funds, you can enjoy it on whatever you want. Moreover, there is no limit regarding money, since you are authorized to ask the company to grant you additional funds and, if you have enough money, you can choose to finish its financing before the time stated in the agreement. Finally, bear in mind that you will be asked to make certain payments carried out on a monthly basis.

Now that you know some of the features of Woolworths´ loans, let me give you a description of the requirements you need to comply with:

-You must have the majority age, which in all cases is 18 years old

-You must submit your ID car so as to give personal information about yourself

-You must have a monthly income whose amounts if of at least R 2000. Your wage plays a crucial role in this case

-You must create an account with a financial company and Woolworths

More details about Woolworths Loans:

-You can become an applicant for the loans either in person or via website

-Regardless the use you provide to the money granted, you are allowed to obtain a loan

-You can choose to manage your loan from your cellular phone or from your computer

-You can contact the company´s representatives on the following number: 0861 50 20 10

-The interest rate is not fixed, so it can change throughout time

- You are expected to make payments once a month, which will be fixed. Those payments can be completed in person in one of the company´s physical offices or automatically deducted from your bank account

-You will receive on a daily basis different statements with data about the state of your loan and the funds available

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Advantages the citizens of Alberton can enjoy:

     There are various products the clients can obtain once they are found eligible for a loan:

-THE BALANCE PROTECTION INSURANCE: this insurance was created to protect you and your finances whenever you can no longer make the monthly payments due to problems with your health

-A WOLLWORTHS STORE CARD:  this is a card that enables clients to purchase any product they want in Woolworths´ stores. Moreover, they can receive the money of the Personal Loan and then use it through this card. In fact, you have three store cards available: Gold, Black and Silver, of all which were designed for different needs and budgets.

-A WOOLWORTHS CREDIT CARD:  the main benefit of a credit card with this company, is that clients can buy whatever they want in any of the stores and with accessible payments.

Some facts about Woolworths´ lending service:

-All the conditions of the loans are regulated by the National Credit Act, which is an act that every financial company follows

-The citizens of Alberton can ask for more money if the funds granted are not enough. But, the use of the money needs to be justified

-Citizens need to make one payment at the beginning of the Personal Loan, which is a service fee

How to contact Woolworths in Alberton

In person

     If you prefer to be given data in person, you can go to one of Woolworths´ stores  located at Alberton 1450 which is located at the Ext Road Verwoerd Park. It opens everyday from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon. And, you can call their consultants by dialing 865 83 00.

By phone

    By dialing up the following number you can not only receive data regarding each loan but also start an application for a lending program you are interested in:0860 022 002. That is a number out of charges and it is available 24/7

     You can also send a fax to Woolworths to the following fax number:407 3995


     You can send a message from your email, to the following That email address can be used for obtaining more data about insurances and cards.

    You can also use your computer to enter the company´s webpage, which is full of data about credit cards, store cards and also covers. You can even send a message to the store´s representatives so as to get a quick reply and start the application from there, without going in person to the different stores.

     To conclude, residing in Alberton and obtaining a loan to gain financial stability is possible thanks to Woolworths´ services, among which you can find their lending programs. Try contacting the retail store by phone, computer or in person and decide which program will suit your needs, I am sure it will benefit your life a lot!

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Questions and answers

How Do I know if I am eligible for a loan?

Once you apply you will be notified if you are eligible

What benefits will I get with a store card?

Benefits such as important discounts and gifts

Where else can I find stores?

In Pretoria and Porth Elizabeth

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