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Are There Wonga Loans in Port Elizabeth? Features and Contact Information

   If you are here I imagine has to do with your current financial situation, which needs aid and that can be obtainable through Wonga loans. That is right, even though this company does not possess a physical office in Wonga, their services are acquired online being this one the leading means of communication. Moreover, there are other physical offices of Wonga closely located to Port Elizabeth.

         As a result of that, in this article you will be given all the information you need so as to understand how Wonga loans work and how you can communicate with the communicate to start an application.

   Why should Port Elizabeth clients pick a Wonga quick loan for their necessities?

-Wonga loans are immediate, which means that the application procedure is reckless and the endorsement is fast as well, so there will not be problems in the mid of the procedure.

-Customers can straightforwardly apply for a credit with the only condition of opening an account with the firm

-Quick Loans at Wonga give customers access to this amount: R 500 or this one: R 4000

-Wonga Quick Loans are controlled by the National Credit Act

-The consumer has total admission to the lending agreement

How about the application at Wonga?

    Clienteles simply need to select a device that has an internet connection that can be their cell-phone or PC. At that time, the client generates an account and continues to log in. Once there, you can indicate how much cash you need and in which period you would like to fund it. Consequently, there is no need to commence the application by telephone or in person. You can be sure that the data you provide in the firm´s website is protected.

Now, please recall that the company expects clients to obey with payments, or else it will have a bad consequence on your credit score, which means it will influence future loan requests. Thus, if it happens that you are having hard times so as to pay back for the loan, let the corporation know about your condition and the memberships will examine your individual case so as to offer you the appropriate way out and assure you will not end up paying lots of money in the end.

These are the requirements for a loan with Wonga:

-Being this age: 18 years old

-Living at present in South Africa

-Having an account with Wonga

-Acquiescing proof of dwelling, pays lips and bank accounts

After you have succumbed that documentation to the firm, the members of the Wonga will observe your state of affairs and decide if you are a good applicant or not.

More information about Wonga

    When it comes to the application, you are talented to choose the sum required as well as the financing term, which will regulate the different repayments. They will never be unseen fees in the mid of the loan as it happens with some firms. You will at all times be informed about the refunds of your loan.

    The money from your refund is simply unruffled by deducting the currency from your bank account every month.

But now the most fascinating part, when will you be granted the currency required? It can take less than 30 minutes and it will be subject to the bank account you hold.

Regarding interest rates, the maximum of lending companies delimit an interest rate grounded on the total amount you want. With small loans, the customer needs to pay more advanced interest rates, if it happens that the loan is not protected. It also occurs that there are new costs once the loan has been settled and the customer does not know to pay for it.

But do not disquiet about it, Wonga is a company that will at all times make sure you can entirely figure out its terms and conditions before you start the application process. Subsequently, you will be given information about interest rates, total sum, repayments and other costs. Besides, here comes a worthy benefit accessible with Wonga: if you choose to pay before the time estimated each of the repayments, you will be offered a reduction on the total sum.


I will now make reference to an example of what is the mechanics of the calculator that can be accesses through the website of Wonga:

If you choose to ask for R 600, the firm can offer you 6 monthly payments, which means you have 6 months to pay back for it and you will be requested to pay an interest rate of this amount: 0.75%.


-The customer can pick the day of repayments

-The customer only gives the company the facts about the bank account so as to deduct the money from repayments

-The client has admittance to a relaxed virtual application

-Avoiding form-filling

-Avoiding phone calls to the firm

-Decide on your credit from the luxury of your home

-Operating with a clear monetary company

-Knowing before the submission the amount given, also fees and rates

Contact details of Wonga

There are numerous means of communication accessible so as to get in touch with the firm, apart from communicating them online.

-You can make one phone call to the representatives of the company so as to let them know about your worries or queries. The telephone number is the one that appears on the chart

-You can also send one email to the email-address that is observable at the end of the chart.

-In the subsequent chart you are provided with information about a physical office of Wonga near Port Elizabeth:


R 500 To this amount: R 4000

Interest Rate

Delimited by your total amount

Telephone Number

0861 966 421

Address of an office close to Port Elizabeth

Cape Town at 33 Bree Street. Inside the Cape Town City Centre

Working Hours

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


An account with Wonga and financial papers

Email Address

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The National Credit Act

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Yes you can!

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Automatic deduction

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