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Can Gauteng Citizens Obtain Wonga Loans?

   Wonga is a company that has established itself in the market many years ago and it has gained a good reputation for granting quick loans, which means that clients can obtain the money they need without having to wait lots of time. Another characteristic that distinguishes this company from other financial lenders, is that it enables online application, so the client must not make many phone calls so as to be approved the application.

    Fortunately, Wonga is present in your place, Gauteng, which is why in this article you will be given data about this company´s loans which includes reasons for choosing them, features of loans, information about application and contact details.


Why should Gauteng citizens choose Wonga loan for their personal and financial needs?

-Wonga has created super instant loans so as not to make clients wait

-Wonga will only require clients to open an account with them

-Clients have access to R 4000 and minimums of R 500

-The National Credit Act is in charge of regulating Wonga Loans

-The contract is given to the client so as to gain knowledge about every aspect of the agreement

How does the application work for Wonga loans in Gauteng?

     The only thing customers need to begin the application is internet connection and then a device that functions with wifi. For instance, many clients make use of their cellphones or tablets so that from there they can log in the company´s website and directly go to the application section. Once there, clients can select amount of money given and period of time for financing it.

     It is essential that you comply with the different payments established by the company, since if that does not happen it will have a big impact on your credit record, which means that perhaps you are not able to apply for another loan in the future. So, my advice is to make each payment on a monthly basis.

    These are small requirements to comply with:

-Being 18 years old or more than that

-Being a citizen of South Africa

-Opening a bank account

-Showing a proof of residence, some payslips and bank reports

The moment you have already submitted the documentation, the company will examine your personal situation and see if you are a good candidate or not.

How are repayments?

As explained before, in the application form you will have the choice of repayments, which means that you decide the figures in terms of the total amount that the company will give you. The good aspect about Wonga is that you will never be surprises by new fees as it is the case with other financial companies that do not tell you about changes or modifications to rates and fees.

And, repayments to Wonga are simply carried out by providing the company with the details of your bank account. So, the company with such information, can debit the amount of the repayment on a monthly basis. Please make sure to always have money in your bank account, so that every month you comply with repayments.


What are the interest rates?

     Interest rates are flexible and defined by the total amount the client chooses. The shorter the loan is the higher interest rates Wonga would expect its clients to pay since the risk is huge and the loan is not secured. So, it is always advisable to clients that they apply for a long term loan so they have plenty of time to repay for the credit and at the same time they save some money by paying lower interest rates. So, the company and you are benefited from such decision.

     Regarding rates, it is important to mention that you will have total access to the contract between you and the company, so as to know all the details of terms and conditions that are written on such pieces of information.

   Lastly, the company offers clients a special discount whenever they pay to repayments at the same time or they pay before the time speculated. So, if you have a good behavior in terms of a client that got a loan, you will save lots of money. Interesting, right?


Yes, as it is the case with many lending companies, Wonga has especially created a calculator to enable clients to check affordability and get to know beforehand whether they are a good applicant or not. Such calculator is found in the company´s website.


-You and only you will define repayments

-The only condition you must follow is to open an account with Wonga

-You will not need to carry out paperwork

-You will not need to phone the company

-You can apply from your computer

-You can apply from your house

-You are given the contract and you have plenty of time in order to know all the details of terms and conditions of Wonga loans

-You are dealing with one of the most transparent companies in terms of loans and related services

-You do not need to tell the company about the usage of the money of the loan

Contact details of Wonga in Gauteng

Plenty of ways to communicate with Wonga are available these days, so pay attention to each of them:

-You can establish a communication over the phone with members of Wonga in order to clarify possible doubts you have about its loans or other services

-You can enter your email account and simply send an email with your inquiry.

But, if you want to contact the company in person, that is to say talk to a representative and take advantage of a personalized attention, then the following chart will be very useful for that matter:


From minimal R 500 TO R 4000

Interest Rate

Determined d by your total amount

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


Tsakane in the area of Brakpan

Working Hours

Since 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Financial documentation and personal ID

Email Address

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