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Am I Eligible for a Wonga Loan If I Live in East London? Requirements, Online Application and Working Hours

     Do you live in East London? Do you need money immediately? But not a big amount of money, just a bit to pay an unexpected expense. This is your lucky day! We’ll discuss and inform you about WongaLoans and their short term loans. Beside, you can apply online from East London or any other place. We will tell you about its requirements, working hours and Contact Details.

    Let’s see what I mean by an unexpected event. For example, you forgot about that bill that always arrives later than the rest. As you thought you have already paid all your expenses, you were freely enjoying the rest of your salary. But now, you have this bill and no money to pay it. What is more, you need to get the money but you don’t want to spend months and months repaying it. If you relate to what I’ve just said, you’ll find the solution here.

Wonga Loans Requirements

Complying with the requirements for a loan with Wonga is simple as they only ask four things: that you are able of presenting: a document that proves you’ve received an income for at least the last three months, your bank account details, a South African Identity Document and a cellphone number.

How to apply for a Wonga Loan?

   -  You should start by calculating the loan by using Wonga online calculator. You need to submit the sum of money you need and the period of time you’ll pay it. Next, the calculator will show you the full cost of your loan and It will detail the interest rate for you to know from the very beginning how much money you’ll pay on interest. Later, I’ll show you a clear example of how this amazing tool works.

   -  There are two things worth pointing out here: one of them is that through this calculator you can rearrange the numbers until you reach the installment you are sure you can afford. And, the other one is that you won’t find any hidden cost in the future. The calculator’s full cost is an estimate, and you’ll have to wait for the official confirmation from Wonga but; once they tell you the cost. you can be sure they won’t add any extra charge. They tell you from the start how much you’ll spend and they stick to that number. This is really helpful for you to organize your expenses properly knowing how much money you have to set aside for the payment.  

   -  Once you know the terms you’d like to have, you should contact Wonga to complete the application form. On this application you will need to enter some bank account and personal information like your ID number, employment details and how much money you earn and spend per month. With this data Wonga Loans can study your financial situation and decide if you qualify for the cash loan. Wonga is known for its fast answer, so don’t worry as you’ll be informed in a really short time after you’ve applied.

   -  Next, when Wonga notifies you about the loan approval, they ask you to send them a proof of your income for them to check it. Bear in mind you can send them your last payslips or bank statements that show this information clearly. Be sure Wonga Loan will do their best to verify this information as soon as possible in order to finish with the process.

   -  After they check your income, they transfer the money to your account. At this time you can use the money as you intended to and, at last you should assure the money for the repayment is available in your account on due date.

   -  Finally, Wonga will collect the money directly from the account and you can avoid the hassle of taking money to the bank or transferring it.

How does the Calculator works?

    I’ll show you the example so you can see how easy it is to work with Wonga. If, for instance, you need to borrow R 2,660 and you want to finance the loan in 12 days, you simply submit this information to the calculator and you’ll have the outcome. You’ll be shown that you would have to pay R 482.50 on interest and fees, leading the total cost of the loan to R 3142.50. If you think the interest is a little too high you can try to lower the days to repay it and get a lower interest.

Wonga Address and Working Hours

   You can find Wonga’s office in Cape Town, 33 Bree Street. Either way, remember they work online so, you can apply from East London or wherever part of South Africa you are.

Now, if you want to reach them you can call Wonga at the number 0861 966 421 any day between Monday and Friday from 07:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00

You can also email them at any time at if you have doubts about the application or to to ask about repayments queries.

What do I need to know about Wonga loans?

1. You should ask a minimum of R 500.

2. You are allowed to borrow R 4,000 as top.

3. The shortest repayment terms is 4 days.

4. The longest repayment is 45 days.

5. The interest rate is fixed and it’s defined by the sum of money and the installments period you choose.

6. Interest rate is charged per day: 0.1%

7. You are allowed to repay the loan earlier than you’ve agreed and save money on interest.

8. If you fail to pay the loan on time, interest will go on accumulating for a maximum of 30 days.


R 500 – R 4,000

Interest Rate

Fixed Rates

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


33 Bree Street, Cape Town

Working Hours

Mon-Fri (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Sat. (8 a.m. to 1p.m.)


SA citizen, bank account, employed, cellphone

Email Address

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Can I repay the money the day after I got the loan?

No, you should wait at least 4 days.

Is there a problem if I’m divorced?

Not at all! You can apply with no problem

Can I ask money to buy an expensive suit?

Yes! You can buy anything you want as long as it’s legal.

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