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Are There Wonga Loans in Durban? Contact Details and Features

    If you are facing a tough financial situation at home and you do not where to find support, let me tell you this is the right place for you to obtain information. That is right, I know a reliable company, that even though does not have a physical office in Durban, Durban citizens can still manage to contact and obtain their loans.

    For that reason, if you are a Durban citizen and you would like to find a solution to your monetary problems, I recommend you to keep reading this profitable article. Moreover, in the contact section of this article, apart from receiving contact details of Wonga, I will also mention the contact details of another company which happens to have a physical office: Loanfin.

Why should Durban citizens choose a Wonga loan for their needs?

-Wonga loans constitute an instant way of receiving money since the application found at this company happens to be fast and very simple

-The one condition that this company imposes is that its customers are willing to open a bank account so as to manage from there the loan

-Clients can ask for maximums of R 4000 and minimums of R 500

-Clients can observe the terms that are written in the contract

How does the application function at Wonga for Durban citizens?

    The first thing customers must do is to pick a device that functions with internet connection and that can be a phone or a smart TV for instance. Then, they create an account so as to log in the company´s website and they can decide the amount of money requested and the financing period that best suits its needs.

     Please take into consideration that the company looks forward to receiving each of your payments every month. This is also important since you must make sure your credit record is not affected by debts or payments that were not made appropriately.


These are the few requirements:

-Being 18 years old, so majority of age

-Living permanently in South Africa

-Having a bank account of your own

-Submitting one proof of residence, several pays lips and bank reports

More facts about the application and the terms of Wonga Loans:

Once the application is started by you, you can choose how much money you would like to be given and how many months do you want to take so as to complete its financing. The good thing with Wonga is that you will never observe hidden fees that would stress you.

Now, understanding how the company get repayments from you is very simple, since the company will directly debit the payments from the account you have just given in the application form. And, the most interesting section, when does Wonga give me the money? Usually in no more than half an hour your application is completed and depending on the bank you have an account with, the period can take from 1 to 2 days.


How about the interest rates at Wonga?

Interest rates will be determined based on the total amount the client has selected, so with short loans the company will set up high interest rates, as you will not have the chance of repaying for it during a whole year for instance.

Do not worry about any surprises in the middle of the loan, since Wonga will always make sure that you can understand the terms and conditions observable in the contract, so that before you sign it you acknowledge every piece of material that appears there.


Yes, that is right, this company has developed a calculator, which can be found in its website and this is how it works: you will enter the website with your username and password, you click on the calculator and you fill it in with the amount you need and the financing period. Then, you will receive a calculation of your affordability.


-Customers have freedom to select the date of the different repayments

-Customers are only made to give the company the data from their bank account

-Customers can choose online application

-There is no tedious paperwork on the way

-No need to phone the company during the application procedure

-Possibility of accessing to a loan from home

-Operating with a reliable company

-Getting to know in the contract about the different fees and rates

Contact details of Wonga

Pay attention to the different means of communication available to Durban citizens:

-You can make a phone call to the members of the company so as to ask questions regarding the length of loans, interest rates and more. In the chart provided below you are given the phone number.

-You can easily send an email from home by opening your email account. So, you can send a message and one of the members of the team will respond you straightforward.

In the next chart you are given information about the phone number I mentioned before, working hours of the company, email address and more:


R 500 To a maximum of R 4000

Interest Rate

Defined by your total sum

Telephone Number

0861 966 421

Working Hours

From 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


An updated bank account, your latest statements, latest pays lips and your ID card

Email Address

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As said at the beginning, for those Durban citizens that want a second option or that look forward to applying for a loan in person, they are given another choice: Loanfin. Let’s find out its means of communication:

-You can go to one of its physical offices located at this address: 34 Dr b Xuma Street precisely in Durban Central.

-As it is the case with Wonga you can send one email to the members of this company in order to receive detailed information about the loans they provide, which are similar to Wonga´s loans. The email address is the following one, so make sure to save it:

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Is Wonga in Pretoria?

Yes it is

Can I apply over the phone?

Of course you can

How can I contact the company on weekends?

By email

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