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Can I Apply for a Home Loan with Wonga? Opening Times, Contact Details and Online Application.

     If you are trying to get a home loan to buy a house with Wonga, I must tell you that it wouldn’t be possible as they specialize exclusively on quick short term loans. But don’t worry because, either way, their service could be really beneficial in some special cases. I will explain all the benefits Wonga has to offer and its application, opening times and contact details. Also, I will tell you about another bank you could apply to if what you really need is a home loan.

How does Wonga Loans work?

    The aim of Wonga is to facilitate you fast money in times in which you didn’t expect to need it. I’m talking about those unexpected events that leave you hanging from a cliff as, for example, if your car breaks down and you need to fix it right away because going to work or taking the kids to school is not optional. Here’s when Wonga appears. They take pride on their speed to charge the money in your account, the simplicity of the process and the facility to repay it. You can ask for a loan that goes from R 500 up to R 4,000 – in case you have already worked with them, and you didn’t have any problem, you can ask up to R 8,000-.

Among their characteristics we can find:

- Flexibility, even though you fix a term to repay the loan, if you want to, you can pay it earlier and save interest.

- Commitment: they want to make sure you trust them, and that they can trust you, so they will help you and advise you about what’s best for you. This would include letting you know you shouldn’t get involve in a loan if, for instance, you don’t have work stability.

- Honesty: you wouldn’t find extra charges hidden in the process. From the very beginning they will tell you the total cost of the loan for you to decide freely.

-Speed: not only will they answer right away but also they will carry out the whole process really fast. You can have the money in your account within the same day you applied for the loan.

Online Application

    1- To start with, you should use Wonga's calculator and decide the amount of money you are going to asked for and the repayment term. Why should you use this calculator? Because there you will find all the information you need to have in order to decide properly. You can try different sums of money and different times to repay it and this extraordinary tool will calculate the interest rate and fees you would have to pay. You can try as many times as you need until you reach the deal you think is best for you. When you decide on these numbers you select the button that reads “Apply Now”, and as simple as that you start the process.

    2- Next, you should complete an online application form. This form should be filled with information about your bank account, ID number, employment, and income and expenses per month. After you submit this information Wonga will analyze it and decide whether you apply for a loan or not and, they will inform you about the decision in a short time.

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    3- What follows is that if you’ve been approved for the loan you asked for, your income will be checked through your last three pay lips. It can also be through your bank statements, the important part is that the document proves your identity and your salary for the last three months. 

    4- And the procedure ends when they transfer the sum of money you borrowed to your bank account. As I have already mentioned, before transferring the money they will check the salary you have detailed before is true. As this procedure is entirely online, they will collect the money to repay the loan from your account, so when time’s up, be sure to have the funds available to avoid complications.

    - An important detail I will mention is that in order to apply for a Wonga loan, beside proving your past three salaries and providing Wonga your bank account information you should have a cellphone number and a South Africa ID

So, before applying for a Wonga loan make sure you comply with the requirements or you won’t be able of getting the money.

Opening Times

If you decide to work with Wonga please bear in mind the next information: they open from Mondays to Friday from 7 to 19 and on Saturdays from 8 to 13.

Contact Details

    You will get in contact with Wonga Loan if you call the number 0861 966 421. If you prefer sending emails you have two possibilities. One of them is, but in case you have doubts about the repayments you can write to .

  Now that you have this information you can relax knowing that if you need a fast loan with short repayment term you know where to find it.

    But, what if all this sounds perfect but what you really need is a home loan? Ok, don’t worry because as I told you before I will mention other bank you can work with in that case.

You could pay attention to Standard Bank. The type of home loan you can get will depend on what you want to do. They have some interesting options I’ll mention them for you to analyze them. They can help you:

- if you want to buy your first house or you already own a house and you want to buy another property.

- if, instead of buying  a house you want to build it, they offer you financing it.

-or, if you already have a home loan and you would like to switch to Standard Bank, they will provide you with the assistant you need to go on with the change.

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