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What is a Conventional Loan VS a FHA Loan? Check The Differences and Similarities of Both Possibilities

When trying to understand some financial concepts, it is always important to clear some doubts. There is a difference between a conventional loan and an FHA loan. In this article, you will learn about the differences and similarities between these two loans and the benefits that each of the loans offer. South Africa offers different loans that you can use and that offer different traits for you to enjoy. There are two banks, Ned Bank and the Banking Association of South Africa that offer some explanations on conventional loans and that provide these loans.

What is a conventional loan?         

            A conventional loan is a typical, traditional loan offered by most banks. They all offer flexible and convenient solutions to meet your financial needs. Whether you have short-term goals and needs or long-term ones, a conventional loan can be of great help since they provide financial aid. Conventional loans include:

  • Home loans

  • Vehicle finance

  • Asset finance

  • Finance in short term

  • Solutions for cash management

How do interest rates work on a FHA Loan?

            In general, these kinds of loans come with interest rates that are quite low and the qualification that they ask for are much more inclusive than a conventional loan. The borrowers of an FHA loan have to pay for mortgage insurance. This means that the lender is protected in case the borrower fails to pay the loan.


How much down payment is required for a FHA loan?

            These are the down payments:

  • If you decide to go for an FHA loan, the down payment will consist in 3.5% for those credit profiles that have a score of 580 or more.

  • For those credit scored that range from 500 to 579, it is 10%.

  • On the contrary, if you decide to go for a conventional loan, then the down payment ranges from 3% to 20%.

Which one is better FHA or conventional?

            In order to decide which loan is better for you, you will have to study and evaluate the different advantages and disadvantages that each offer. Also, you should bear in mind that each client is different and so what might work for you might not work for other people. What clients need to know is that both, a conventional loan and an FHA loan come with different terms and loan criteria.

Do I qualify for an FHA loan?

            In order to know whether you qualify for an FHA loan, you need to assess certain criteria stipulated by the bank. Your credit score will have an impact on your possibility of being approved by the bank. If you apply for an FHA loan, your minimum credit score must be of 500, while if you apply for a conventional loan, your minimum credit score should be of 620.

How are loan terms for an FHA loan and for a conventional one?

  • The terms for an FHA loan range from 15 to 30 years, while the loan terms for a conventional loan can be of 10,15,20 or even 30 years.

How is the interest for both FHA and conventional loans?

            The interest for FHA loans consists in a fixed rate. Conventional loans offer the possibility of accessing both a fixed rate and a variable rate.

Why some people prefer FHA loans?

            Some people, especially homebuyers, have a preference for FHA loans since they have more attractive and more competitive interest rates. Also, the qualifications are less stringent. You should provide the bank with a steady income and proof of employment.

What are some of the requirements for an FHA loan?

            Fortunately, in order to qualify for an FHA loan there is no need to have stellar credit. They are based on your down payment. Those who do not have 500 for credit score might not be able to qualify for an FHA. You must not be in bankruptcy at the moment of applying for a loan. In order to cover the down payment, you can make use of your savings financial aid.

What kind of mortgage insurances should I pay?

            There are two different mortgages: upfront premium and annual premium. FHA loans can also be used to cover home reparations. You can repair the flooring, patios and decks, the kitchen, plumbing, bathroom remodeling, systems for air conditioning, etc.

            In general, the top loan amount that is allowed is changed by the FHA. This is due to the fact that the prices of property are constantly changing in the real estate market.

            As it was stated before, Ned Bank is one of the entities that offer conventional loans too. You can use them for home loans, for instance. You can buy, build or even repair your home with a Ned Bank loan. The repayment term is of a maximum of 240 months. You should have it paid in full by the time you’ve reached 65 years old.

            At Ned Bank you can also access asset finance as a conventional loan.

What is it?

It is a loan backed by the government and it is insured by the FHA, which stands for the Federal Housing Administration.

How does it work?

It is a kind of mortgage, they work in similar ways.

What should clients take into account?

They should know that the rates are lower and more convenient, but the terms might be a little more complicated.

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            No matter which bank you choose, it is always important to know the difference between an FHA loan and a conventional loan. Remember that a conventional loan invites you to invest in conventional ways. This means that the rates might be higher because they are set by the market industry. The down payment might be more convenient as well as the rates if you apply for an FHA loan. Of course, perhaps with a conventional loan you have more options, benefits given by the bank and other terms for you to choose from. Also, try to bear in mind your credit score since they will determine whether you are approved or not by the financial entity. Explore the different benefits, advantages and disadvantages. Once you have made up your mind, it is just a matter of time for you go for the most convenient option possible.

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Questions and answers

I need to know if I can get a loan for R1 250 000 in South Africa from fha loan.

Pleas, bear in mind that FHA is not a company but a kind of loan. These loans are offered in other countries, and they are offered by the government to help boost the economy. The government of South Africa also makes available credit options for business owners that you can definitely check out. Even so, during this pandemic the government has launched loans to help palliate this crisis.

Is there interest the same for both FHA loans and conventional finance?

The rate is actually lower for FHA loans.

How can I qualify for an FHA loan?

You need a credit score lower than for a conventional loan.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Generally, yes. Especially, when the bank has approved of your application.

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