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Where Can I Find Simple Quick Loans? Office Hours, Requirements and Quotes.

     Do you need just a little help to make ends meet? Are you thinking about taking a simple loan that gives you a hand? If this is your case, you’ll find here all you need to know to get that extra help you are desiring. I’ll refer to requirements and quotes for Wonga Quick Loans and you’ll see how easy and simple it is to apply for a quick loan. Besides, I’ll also refer to office hours and contact details for you to get the assistant you need. 

Wonga Quotes

    The quote could be any amount between R 500 and R 4,000 if you’re a first time applicant. Bear in mind that if you succeed on paying the loan as agreed, Wonga will increase your Trust Rating with them. If you keep working with them in the same way, eventually they’ll allow you to raise the maximum quote to R 8,000 and they’ll gradually provide you with more flexibility.

What do you need to apply for a Wonga Loan?

    Before applying for a quick loan with Wonga make sure you:

1. are 18 years old or more,

2. live in South Africa,

4. own a South African bank account,

5. have an email address,

6. can cancel the loan on due time,

7. can be under credit check with  a positive outcome,

8. own a cellphone number,

9. can submit a document to prove your last three months of income.

What are the benefits Wonga Loan has to offer?

    Among the many benefits Wonga Loans has, we can mention they are flexible, transparent committed to their clients and ready to help them any time they need.

    They offer flexibility as, for example, you can repay the loan earlier than you’ve agreed, saving interest. They’ve shown they’re committed to their customers, treat them fairly and give them a hand to use their money wisely. They are also transparent, they have no extra fees apart from the ones they notify you from the very beginning. Finally, we know they are willing to help and assist their clients by phone or email, for instance. Next, I’ll provide you with the right information to get in contact with them.

Contact details

    You have two emails addresses depending on the purpose of your query. If you need to talk about you application you can write to but, in the case of repayment queries you should write to

    Of course, you can reach them by phone. The telephone number is 0861 966 421 and you can call them on any day from Monday to Friday -7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or, any Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    There’s one special contact information in case you want to report a fraud. Say that you receive suspicious SMS’s or emails offering cash loans on behalf of Wonga and you want to report it, you should call 0861 966 424 or write to

How to apply for a Wonga Loan?

Find the best loan of South Africa

    Let’s refer to the procedure you have to follow to get a quick cash loan from Wonga.

    First, use the online calculator to decide on your cash loan. Second, fill in the online application form and submit it to Wonga Loans. Also, provide Wonga with your personal and employment details so they can check if you qualify for a cash loan. Third, wait for the loan approval and send them the documents they’ll tell you. Forth, if everything is alright with your documents and information, expect the cash in your account soon. And fifth, make sure the money to repay the loan is available on your account on the date arranged.

Wonga Online Calculator

    You should take advantage of the online calculator they offer to know if you’ll be able of paying the loan in the agreed time. You need to submit the amount of money you want and the time in which you plan to repay it. Next, this amazing tool will show you the total cost of your loan, with the interest and fees added, and the date you would have to repay it. Interests are charged by day, so keep in mind that the longer you take to cancel the debt, the more you’ll have to pay.

    For instance, if you apply for the maximum of R 4,000 and you want to repay it back in 30 days, the interest and fees you would have to pay would be of R 724.57, which leaves the total cost you have to pay in R 4734.75. But if you choose to repay that sum of money – R 4,000 – in 4 days the interest and fees would be of R 616.63, and the total cost of R 4616.64. If you pay in 4 days you would save R 118.11. You can go on changing the amounts and payment terms until you reach a loan you are sure you can repay.

    Also, remember that if you can, you are allowed to pay before the period arranged saving interests. If you do this, you just need to call one of Wonga’s consultant and they’ll process the repayment.

    On the other hand, Wonga trusts and expects clients to pay on time. They don’t extend loan periods as their aim isn’t to stretch out your debt. If by any chance you get behind on the payment, they’ll add interest and fees until you cancel the loan. They’ll be trying their best to get in contact with you in order to find a solution but, if this situation goes on long enough you’ll receive negative consequences because of the debt. This is why I advise you to think carefully before applying and make sure you can afford it.

Wonga Loans Information


R 500 – R 4,000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

0861 966 421

Working Hours

Weekdays 7:00 – 19:00, Saturdays 8:00 – 13:00


Cellphone, email and bank account, SA I.D.

Email Address

Video Loan

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply if I’m freelance?
Of course!
Do they open on Saturday morning?
What if I can repay the loan in 60 days?
Unfortunately, Wong's maximum term to repay is 30 days.

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