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Where Can I Find Loans up to a Year? Requirements, Instalments and Quotes.

     If you are trying to ask for a little economic help, but you don’t want to spend years and years paying that help back this article is for you. I’ll tell you where you can find entities that offer loans up to one year. I’ll also inform you about instalments, requirements and quotes. Besides there’ll be contact details for you to get access to this banks.

    When you apply for a loan you may feel scared about having to spend years repaying it. You know that if you fail to pay the monthly instalments or if you fall behind you’ll probably have to face negative consequences that would create more debts on your name. This is a situation you would probably try to avoid, so if you need a loan you can try to get a short repayment term. Now I’ll talk to you about two banks you can work with: SA Cash Loans and Izwe Loans.

What are the requirements for SA Cash Loans?

    Before thinking about SA Cash Loan as an alternative for your loan, make sure you follow these requirements. You need to be at least 18 years old but no older than 65 and you need to have a permanent job for the last three months or more. Keep in mind  they expect that during this time you  have the same employer and they require you  earn at least R 3,000 every month. Don't forget you should own a bank account through which you are paid.

    Also, credit providers can reject your application on special cases like, for example, if you have debts within their accounts, or any type of debt (debt review, debt administration or debt counseling), or if you have defaults or judgments against them.

    As the approval depends on the discretion of the credit providers I advise you to check all these points before applying to avoid any kind of problem.

SA Cash Loans quotes

    The maximum sum of money you can ask for is R 150,000 and the minimum is of R 1,000. When you decide how much money you need, take into account that your loan amount will be defined based on your credit profile.

    The period of time to repay it goes from 6 to 60 months. If you want to pay back in a year, you should pay attention to the amount of money you are asking for, as if you ask for a high sum of money you need to know installments will be higher. As long as you are sure you’ll be able to cancel the monthly repayment term you can go ahead with the application.

How to apply?

- decide on the amount of money you’ll ask for.

- try to have an idea of the period of time you’d like to get.

- complete SA Cash Loan Online Application form.

- SA Cash Loan will present that application to their net of credit providers.

- expect an answer the next business day before 16 pm after submitted the application.

- submit specific documents asked by a SA Cash Loan representative.

-  wait 48 hours to have the money available in your account, as long as there’s no problem with the documents you submitted.

- use the cash at your need.

- remember to cancel the monthly instalments.

Contact details

    You may contact SA Cash Loans through the phone: 021 202 1679 or via mail to

Izwe Loan Application

Find the best loan of South Africa

    To work with Izwe Loans you need to present your three last pay slips and you need to complete an online application form with some data of your employment and your personal information. After sending the application, their consultants will get in contact with you to inform you if your loan had been approved and, if that’s the case, you’ll decide on the terms of the loan with the bank.

    Let me tell you they provide you with an online calculator so, you can calculate an approximate cost of your interest rates and monthly installments. I‘ll expand on an example. If you really need to repay the loan in a year or less, you should think about asking up to R 15,000 more or less. In such situation you would have to pay R 2,238 for 9 months. But, if you can expand the loan you can ask R 20,000 and you can pay it in 13 months. Bear in mind that in this case the monthly payments would be of R 2,179. Remember they offer quotes up to R 99,000 and up to 42 months to repay it so, you will decide on your loan terms depending on how much money you need, and how much time you need to cancel it.

What loans do the offer?

    With Izwe Loans you can choose among their three types of personal loans: Building Loans, Students Loans, Consolidation Loans and General Loans. Of course, quotes and installments will vary depending on the kind of loan.

Izwe Loans Contact details

     If you need to contact Izwe Loans pay attention because I’ll tell you next how you can do it. First, you can call them to their telephone number (010) 206 7400 and talk with one of their representatives to discuss your options. Second, you can write them an email to, and third, you can find them in the suburb of Houghton Estate. The complete address is Aloe Grove, Houghton Estate Office Park 2 Osborn Road, Houghton Estate 2128, South Africa.

Izwe Loans requirements and quotes.


Interest Rate

Fixed depending on the loan

Phone Number

27 (010) 206 7400


Osbon Road,2198. Houghton Estate


Minimum of R 6,000


Last pay slips (3)

    Now you have all the information you need take your time to think carefully and decide which bank has exactly what you need. Remember it is imperative you enter the contract fully decided to go through the entire process until you cancel your debt.

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Questions and Answers

Can I count on an instant SA Cash Loan approval?
Not until you're properly notified.
Will I be able of choosing the type pf loan with Izwe?
Yes! It's your decision.
Would I be able of buying a house with SA Cash Loans?
You propably wouldn't, as the maximuum quote is R 150,000.

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