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Can I Apply for a Loan Via SMS or USSD? Requirements, Address and Quotes.

     If you want to apply for a loan in the simplest way possible Capfin is what you’ve been looking for. Not only do they have a simple procedure but also, they can be contacted through USSD, which is a service similar to SMS. I’ll expand on the details of this service along with Capfin’s requirements, address and quotes. You’ll also find data about their online calculator.

    Let’s start by the USSD service. It stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and it is also called “Quick Codes” or “Feature Codes”. USSD is used through your cellphone and allows to write up to 182 alphanumeric characters. It differs from SMS in the way that USSD originates a real-time connection while a USSD session is taking place. In this way, it’s more responsive than a SMS.

    Now, let’s discuss what Capfin has to offer besides this service.

Capfin Requirements

    You just need to assure you possess the next three thing to apply for a cash loan with Capfin:

* your 3 latest Bank Statements .

* your South African I.D.

* your most recent payslip.

How to Apply?

    You won’t find any other bank with such an easy and simple application. Follow these few steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy the cash:

1. To start with, take the three documents I mentioned in the requirements to a PEP or Ackerman store. This two entities are Capfin’s partners and offer the clients the guarantee they are working with South Africa’s trusted retailers.

2. Then, you should scan those three documents- SA I.D, the bank statements and the payslip- at the till.

3. Finally, Capfin will get in contact with you through a phone call to complete the application.

Capfin Quotes

    If you decide to work with Capfin you’ll be allowed to ask for a cash loan up to R 50,000 and the lowest amount is of R 1,000. They provide possible applicants with an online calculator for you to know an approximate of the total cost of your loan. This is a simple and useful tool you should take advantage of so you can organize your money. If you go to Calfin Calculator and you choose the amount of money you need and the period of time to repay it - 6, 12 or 24 months – you’ll be shown the interest and fees, the total sum of money to pay and the monthly payment over the period of time you’ve chosen.

    I’ll show you an example for you to understand the procedure better. Let’s imagine you want to redecorate your house and you need to ask for R 25,000. After choosing the amount, you choose to repay it in 24 months and the calculator states that: you would be charge R 10,371.2 on interest and fees, your total cost over the 34 months would be of R 35371.2 and the monthly instalments would be of R 1473.8. Now, if you think the loan gets more expensive than what you would like you can try lowering the monthly payments to 12 months. The new estimation would be that by the end of the 12 months period you would have paid a total of R 30,756.48 for the same loan of R 25,000 as the interest and fees will be of R 5756.48. And you’ll have to pay R 2563.04 every months until the complete cancelation of the debt.

     As you can see, the calculator works to show your options. If you can pay a little more every month you can lower the full cost of the loan. But, if you think that for your situation it is better to pay less every month you can chose to extend the period of repayment.

    As I told you, you should use this amazing tool they offer so as to have an idea of how much money you are able to repay.

    Keep in mind this is only an approximate calculation, if you want a full quotation you should get in contact with Capfin to go on with the application and then, Capfin representatives will analyse your situation to inform you the full cost of the loan.

Here you have Capfin key information:

Email Address

Interest Rate

Fixed Interest Rate


R 1,000 to R 50,000


Payslip, bank statements, be employed, SA I.D

Working Hours

Weekdays – 8:00 to 17:00


1 Industrie St., Kuils River. Cape Town

Telephone Number

087 354 0000

Contact Information

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    I’ll list now all the information you need to have to get in contact with Capfin if you wish to go on with the application.

- Their customer service team has more than 900 experts ready to assist you.

- Pay attention to Carpfin’s working hours. They are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.

- Now, you have quite few options to reach them. You can write them an email, call them by the phone or use the USSD service to ask information about your loan quotation, for example. If you go for the email you should write to , in the case of the telephone number you should dial the number 087 354 0000 to talk to their consultants and, finally if you prefer USSD the number is *120*5566#. But there’s also a Capfin direct USSD self-service for free existing customers and the number is *134*6454#.

- Remember you can even send them a message to tell them to call you, and they’ll call you back as soon as possible.

- If you are an existing client, you may use these means of communication to apply for a loan or if you have any queries about your account.

- All first time applicants must direct to one of the PEP or Ackermans store to become a Capfin customer in the first place. Once you’ve become a client you can apply online.

 - Their office is in the city of Cape Town, the address is 1 Industrie Street, Kuils River. However, keep in mind application takes place on line.


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Questions and Answers

I will like to settle my loan today and apply for a new one but, I don’t have new payslips, can I use my bank statement? Also, I will like to have it today
On one hand, yes, you can use bank statements instead of pasylips to apply for a Capfin’s loan, as long as your income is clearly reflected in it. But, on the other hand, that may not be enough to get a new loan in such short time. I mean, after you finish repaying your existing loan, there’s usually some time that needs to be waited before applying for another loan so, you probably won’t get it in the same day.
Do I qualify for a loan? if yes, how much? If I m a self-employed what requirements are needed?
As Capfin admits banks statements to prove your monthly income, that could perfectly be your answer. Just, keep in mind, you need to have all the other requirements covered as, for instance, be 18 years old at least, and having SA document and bank statements. After that, if your monthly income and credit profile are good enough, Capfin will accept you as a client. They will set terms according to your finances.
If I don't have payslip, what must I do?
If you meet the rest of the requirements, meaning, for example that you have a regular job for which you received a regular salary, you can apply for a loan by submitting bank statements as a substitute of payslips. This, clearly, is to assure Capfin you have enough income to pay for the cost your loan will have.
I’m your customer, can you help me again with r1500?
Capfin can help you once more but, you have to go over the application process again. Taking into consideration your last loan and, how responsible you were with those installments, the bank will decide if you qualify again or not. Of course, your current credit profile will, once more, be taken into account for the terms Capfin will state for your loan.
Why capfin does deductions on a wrong date?
Whenever a loan is confirmed, the entity sends the applicant detailed information about the terms. Among that information, you’ll find how each of the installments are going to be paid. So, first of all, check that information to see if that change was established from the start. If not, another reason may be if the pay day was on a non-working day and, for that reason, they changed it to the next working day.
Can I apply for another loan?
Some banks allow their existing clients to have more than just one loan at the same time. However, there are few banks that require their clients to cancel the current loan before getting more money. But, even for those who do let their customers to hold two loans together, the applicant must prove their income is sufficient to pay for both monthly installments.
Can I apply for a loan via sms?
Yes, but, not all companies offer that possibility. Capitec Bank is one of them, for example. By just sending a SMS to let them know you are interested in getting a loan, you start the application. After that message, it will be necessary Capitec gets data about your finances and your personal and contact details. Even though not all banks issue loans via SMS, they do it online which is also a practical method.
I’m a self-employed south African, are there loans for me?
Yes, of course there are! You can work with First National Bank, for instance. That bank understands being your own boss shouldn’t be an obstacle to get economic help. So, you only have to get your profit in your bank account for the bank to verify you can cancel the loan. Also, lending entities use that information to check your affordability, which means, to know the loan amount you can take.
I get an income but, I don’t work. Can I take a loan?
Yes, you might qualify for a credit providing you are talking about getting a high income. However, you need to keep in mind the type of earnings you receive. For example, if you’re a pensioner, you must go for a bank that allows such situation. It’s important to remind you, you will be asked to submit documentation showing how much money you get to find out if you can take money borrowed.
Hello I want to know if I take a r6000 how much am going to pay?
With the purpose of having an official quote, you need to contact the company you want to apply with to inform them about your monetary situation. That is key information banks use to agree on the interest rate of the loan, which is what determines the cost of such service. Another key element is the number of installments you will take to pay for the debt.
Would you please help me get the cheapest loan?
The most effective method is to take advantage of an amazing tool we have for you to use freely. The online calculator you find in our platform will get you closer to the banks from South Africa charging the lowest rates. But, more important, you will get an estimation of the monthly payment you would have to pay with each of them. Then, you can compare and decide which loan is for you.
Hi, I applied online over the weekend. But my docs were not submitted fully. So, I emailed them today. How much time should I wait?
It usually takes few business days to go over the loan request and its documentation. Of course, if there’s some problem with the information or documents, the bank will need to contact you to clarify it and, it will delay the process. As you have some trouble when you tried to submit the documents, you may have to wait until they gather everything together and, examine it to give you an answer.
Can I apply for a loan via sms?
Nowadays, that may not be a real option. You can use that method of communication to ask for specific information about your loan but, to apply for a loan, you must use one of these channels: trough one of the PEP Stores closer to your home, through Capfin’s website or over the phone.
I want to take a loan of r1800, what’s the interest?
As we always say, the final cost for the loan varies according to your credit score. All the same, Capfin’s online loan simulator, shows the maximum rate and fees you may be charged for that amount is R 1058. We’ll also remind you, that quote must be returned and canceled within 6 months. So, each installment may be around R 476.34.
Can I get the loan on the same day that I applied?
This option may be available for la specific type of loan. those that are known as payday loan. as they are granted for little money to be paid in the following month, the entities that grant them usually need less time to process the application. In this case, you may take a look at Wonga, for instance or, Cash Converters.
Is it possible to apply for a capfin loan even though you don't have payslip?
Yes! They accept whether payslips or bank statements form the last three months at least. This, of course, if we assume you have a job and your salary is deposited every month in your bank account. That way, the bank will have clear information about your affordability and, they will be able of getting loan terms right for you.
Hi, I had a loan with you. I can’t log in because I have changed my cell numbers. Please tell me what to do
In order for you to be able of logging into your Capfin’s account, you need to have the OTP. This refers to a pin the bank will give you through your cell phone only. As you’ve changed it, you will have to call Capfin’s Customer Service to update your personal details. Otherwise, you won’t have access until you get your Pin.
What if i earn my salary in my hands and i am wiling to apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan as an independent worker or self-employed person as long as your salary is of R 2500 at least per month and you have selected a surety of your choice that can be your parents for instance.
How long before I get the money?
It will take 2 labor days after you got the loan confirmation for Capfin to deposit the loan amount into your bank account. Remember, you must have gotten the approval and the terms must be stated beforehand and then, you’ll get the money in just 48 hours. Before that, you’ll have some waiting days or the application loan.
Hi. I have an existing loan at Capfin, can I top up my loan?
You may qualify for a top up loan if your credit score is more than good. Also, it may depend on how many installments have you already cancelled form your existing loan. if you’ve had funds on your account each time Capfin needed to deduct the installment form it, you have more chances of being accepted for a second loan. But, before asking for more money, be sure to have sufficient income to keep cancelling the installment properly.
I applied for Capfin loan at pep last week but yet I didn’t get any feedback telling me I did qualify or not. What may had happened?
When a person applies for a loan, there’s certain time the company needs to go into the information in that form. Not only do they have to read the application form but they also have to check the information is true. This is done by verifying the documents the applicant submitted are valid. After that, they study the terms for the loan and, of course, all that takes time. So, you may have to wait a little longer, if here’s still no answer, you can give them a call to ask Capfin’s consultants.
I asked for loan, I'm working at a day spa. Can I get it?
As you said you are currently working at a day spa, you have one of the requirements covered. If you have a cell phone number, SA ID, you own a bank account and you can provide pasylips or bank statements, you can apply for a loan with Capfin. If, besides, your credit profile is good, you will be granted the loan, without a doubt.
Can I apply for a loan online? Do I qualify for a loan?
Online application is available for Capfin and, for most lending company. If we focus on the qualification, the company will check the applicant does not have current or past liabilities. But, before getting to that point, they’ll verify the applicant has a job and is old enough to get involved with such contract.
I need a r3000 loan, what will my installment be?
As you know, for that loan quote, the repayment term is 6 months. So, on each of those months, you would have to pay approximately 738.55 rands and, that monthly payment, will have a total cost of 4431.85 rands for the loan. Of course, this is a simple estimation as, you need to know the rate Capfin will state for your loan in particular to have the final cost.
How much interest is charged by Capfin?
The interest rate is calculated taking into consideration two main factors: the sum of money borrowed and the period of the loan chosen on one hand and, the credit profile the applicant has on the other. As an example, for R10000 over a year, the client may have to pay almost R4100 just on interest rate and fees. But, for R22000, the interest rate and fees charged may be around R5600
Can I go to any PEP or Ackermans store?
Yes! Just look for the nearest you have.
Would my payment behavior affect my loan?
Yes, your cash loan depends on your credit profile and your payment performance.
Do they open on Saturdays?
No, only on weedays.
I used the ussd code for the quick loan via my cellphone. I put my id number then I was asked to provide my Capfin direct pin. I don’t have one. I have never heard of it so. What do I do and where do I get that pin from? I did try my id number again but they said the pin is incorrect
The Pin, or as Capfin calls it OTP meaning One Time Pin, is absolutely private and, for that reason, the bank sends it only to the cellphone number you registered in the application. If you didn’t receive it, you need to click on “Send OTP link” and, you’ll get it on your phone. That’s the only way to get it as, Capfin will always make sure the Pin is received only by the applicant, avoiding their clients being possible victims of frauds.
Hi, I got your message on my phone stating that I can get a free interest loan up to r8000 do you still have that offer for me?
On any circumstances you get messages directly into your cellphone about such loan offers, you need to check it as soon as you receive it. It’s not common banks send that kind of benefits over text messages so, it may not be true. When this happens, you have to get in contact with the bank immediately to confirm if they are the ones offering such products or, there’re malicious people trying to take money from you.
Please, send me information about Capfin loan terms
With Capfin, you can get a maximum of R 50000 that will depend on the affordability assessment they carry out. Now, there are two possibilities as regards the payment term. For quotes below R8000, the term to repay the loan is 6 months. If the quote is higher than that amount, the term will be 12 months. If focusing on the application, you can use the internet, the phone or you can go to apply in person.
How can I apply for a personal loan with Capfin via ussd?
This option is not currently available as, the only ways to apply are through Capfin’s website, over the phone or in person. The USSD facility can be used to have easy access to information about your loan. For example, if you want to settle your account or, to ask for the balance of an existing loan.
I used to have a loan but I finished paying it, can I apply for another?
Normally, banks let their clients wait for 1 or 2 years after they’ve finished cancelling the first loan before allowing them to get new funds. This waiting period helps borrowers to stand up on their feet before entering a new payment period. So, if few years have gone after your last loan, you can surely apply for another one. If not, you may wait some time so as to be financially ready.
I want a loan for r2000 back payable in 3 month
There are plenty of companies that can help you with those terms. For example, Wonga has recently added up to 6 months to repay the money. In the quote you are asking, there’d be almost R 6670 on the rates and different fees Wonga charges, which leaves a total of R 2664 to pay for the loan. If we divide it by three, you’ll have to pay R 888 on each month. Of course, these are all estimated costs and, to have the official cost you need to start the loan application.
I already have a loan with Capfin but wish to increase to the amount of r20000. Can I?
Not all clients are allowed to get more money when they’re in the middle of an existing loan. Capfin, as any lending company would do, has to bear some points about your current payments in mind. One of those points is how many installments have you paid and if there were canceled with no delay. Besides, again, they are going to carry out a new affordability assessment, in which this existing loan will be included, to see if you can pay for the total cost of the new loan.
I changed banking details, what do I do to update u with these new details?
In the simplest way, Capfin needs you to give them a call to provide them with any new information you think they should have. There, you will talk to one of their agents from Customer Service and, you can inform him or her about those new details. Do this as soon as you can to avoid problems that may delay this month’s payment.
I have applied for a loan at Capfin 3 days ago but I never received it
It is possible that Capfin need more than 3 days to give you a response about your application form. You have to bear in mind they need to make sure you qualify for the loan. So, they will verify every little detail. But, to make sure, you can check if the loan application was correctly uploaded together with all the documents. If you detect a mistake, we can correct it but, if days pass by and you still don’t get an answer, please call Capfin’s assistants to ask for an answer.
I want to apply for a loan but the problem is that I do not have a payslip
This is not a problem anymore as; you have some choices to get the loan you need. Capfin is one of them. This company’s loan application can be supported by submitting bank statements for those who don’t receive payslips. In those bank details, Capfin will check the income and expenses of the applicant and, they’ll be able of deciding whether to approve the loan request or not.
I need to apply for a capfin loan online, is it possible?
Of course it is! The first step is to open your Capfin profile which you will have to use to start and continue with the loan request. After opening it, you will be sent a unique PIN to your cellphone. That PIN is what you need to access your account. Once you enter your Capfin profile, you can complete the application form with your information to see what loan term you qualify for.
Can I pay cash every week?
That is not a usual alternative banks offer. To begin, banks usually take the money right through the client’s bank account, as in the case of Capfin. Beside, payments tend to be made per month, not per week. A possible solution for you, if you get weekly cash, is to deposit it into your own bank account as soon as you receive it. So, when the payment day arrives, the bank can take it from that account.
Can I get r10000 if I earn r3500?
Taking as reference the maximum rate you may get, the monthly installments over a year for R 10000 are approximately R1145 each of them. So, to start, your earnings are sufficient to qualify. However, your credit and affordability capacity must be good in order to get the approval for such amount. If you know your credit score is high, you’ll feel more confident about the approval of the request.
Does Capfin consolidate?
I’m sorry to let you know Capfin will not consolidate your loans. At Capfin you will only find short term loans that can help you get through a simpler financial need. If your total debt is R50000 or less, you might get a Capfin loan to cancel them but, it won’t be a consolidation loan. This means, you will have to manage the payments yourself. The good news is that, after doing that, you will be left with just one liability with Capfin.
I need loan to pay may study. What can I do?
You have many options to finance your studies and, the one you choose will depend on some factors. For instance, if you have a job and, if you do, if it’s a part-time job. Besides, the kind of study you need to pay for will be important to select the bank to apply with. Next, I’ll name some entities you can look at to get a student loan: Standard Bank, FNB or, ABSA Bank are just three of your many options.
I already apply for a loan and now I need to re apply again. How do I do it?
For any loan application, you will have to provide the bank with your updated information. This includes personal details as, since last time you ask for a loan some of them may have changed. But, more importantly, your current financial situation will establish if you can borrow more money. Therefore, you have to complete a new loan application.
I need a personal. Loan today, please
Personal loans are not the kind of loans that can be granted in less than a day as, the company has to check affordability and financial status to lend the money. If you can’t wait, you can go for a payday loan but, I must warn you, their interest rate is usually higher. It’s up to you to decide to wait a couple of days for a personal loan or, be willing to pay a higher cost on a payday loan.
How can I get an urgent loan?
You can simply go for a payday loan company like Wonga, Cash Converters or Letsatsi, to get the fastest loans to be issued. These loans are meant to be granted and cancelled in a really short time. You can get the approval in just few hours and, the repayment terms can be from just a month to no more than 6 months in few cases. But, in general, they have to be cancelled in 3 months top.
I would like someone to lend me 10.000
There are plenty of banks and lending companies granting that sum of money. For example, you may research about what African Bank, Nedbank, WesBank or Absa offer for such quote. You can even consult our loan simulator which will show you the interest rate different banks charge in South Africa. Then, once you decide, you can get started and apply for your 10000 rands loan.
Please assist me to get a loan approval
The most important thing you ought to keep in mind, if you want to make sure to get the loan, is to understand what are the requirements and what are the documents you have to submit. Generally speaking, the requirements always involve getting proper salary, being a South African citizen and having a reasonable credit record. Then, of course, you have to gather the documents that prove that information: SA ID., pays lips and bank statements.
I want a personal loan to get a new house
I’m afraid, there’s no company issuing personal loans as high as the amount of money any citizen needs to pay for a house. Unless you have a big sum of money saved and, you just need to complete the value of a house with a loan, you will have to think about getting a home loan.
If I settle my loan, will I be able to apply for another loan?
If you pay all your installments on time, you have more chances of getting the bank approval. But, all the same, the lending entity will go over your financial data as they did with your current loan to decide whether to help you with more money. So, if you know your payments have been properly cancelled, there is no reason for the bank to reject your new request.

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