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Can I Apply for a Loan Via SMS or USSD? Requirements, Address and Quotes.

     If you want to apply for a loan in the simplest way possible Capfin is what you’ve been looking for. Not only do they have a simple procedure but also, they can be contacted through USSD, which is a service similar to SMS. I’ll expand on the details of this service along with Capfin’s requirements, address and quotes. You’ll also find data about their online calculator.

    Let’s start by the USSD service. It stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and it is also called “Quick Codes” or “Feature Codes”. USSD is used through your cellphone and allows to write up to 182 alphanumeric characters. It differs from SMS in the way that USSD originates a real-time connection while a USSD session is taking place. In this way, it’s more responsive than a SMS.

    Now, let’s discuss what Capfin has to offer besides this service.

Capfin Requirements

    You just need to assure you possess the next three thing to apply for a cash loan with Capfin:

* your 3 latest Bank Statements .

* your South African I.D.

* your most recent payslip.

How to Apply?

    You won’t find any other bank with such an easy and simple application. Follow these few steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy the cash:

1. To start with, take the three documents I mentioned in the requirements to a PEP or Ackerman store. This two entities are Capfin’s partners and offer the clients the guarantee they are working with South Africa’s trusted retailers.

2. Then, you should scan those three documents- SA I.D, the bank statements and the payslip- at the till.

3. Finally, Capfin will get in contact with you through a phone call to complete the application.

Capfin Quotes

    If you decide to work with Capfin you’ll be allowed to ask for a cash loan up to R 50,000 and the lowest amount is of R 1,000. They provide possible applicants with an online calculator for you to know an approximate of the total cost of your loan. This is a simple and useful tool you should take advantage of so you can organize your money. If you go to Calfin Calculator and you choose the amount of money you need and the period of time to repay it - 6, 12 or 24 months – you’ll be shown the interest and fees, the total sum of money to pay and the monthly payment over the period of time you’ve chosen.

    I’ll show you an example for you to understand the procedure better. Let’s imagine you want to redecorate your house and you need to ask for R 25,000. After choosing the amount, you choose to repay it in 24 months and the calculator states that: you would be charge R 10,371.2 on interest and fees, your total cost over the 34 months would be of R 35371.2 and the monthly instalments would be of R 1473.8. Now, if you think the loan gets more expensive than what you would like you can try lowering the monthly payments to 12 months. The new estimation would be that by the end of the 12 months period you would have paid a total of R 30,756.48 for the same loan of R 25,000 as the interest and fees will be of R 5756.48. And you’ll have to pay R 2563.04 every months until the complete cancelation of the debt.

     As you can see, the calculator works to show your options. If you can pay a little more every month you can lower the full cost of the loan. But, if you think that for your situation it is better to pay less every month you can chose to extend the period of repayment.

    As I told you, you should use this amazing tool they offer so as to have an idea of how much money you are able to repay.

    Keep in mind this is only an approximate calculation, if you want a full quotation you should get in contact with Capfin to go on with the application and then, Capfin representatives will analyse your situation to inform you the full cost of the loan.

Here you have Capfin key information:

Email Address

Interest Rate

Fixed Interest Rate


R 1,000 to R 50,000


Payslip, bank statements, be employed, SA I.D

Working Hours

Weekdays – 8:00 to 17:00


1 Industrie St., Kuils River. Cape Town

Telephone Number

087 354 0000

Contact Information

Find the best loan of South Africa

    I’ll list now all the information you need to have to get in contact with Capfin if you wish to go on with the application.

- Their customer service team has more than 900 experts ready to assist you.

- Pay attention to Carpfin’s working hours. They are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.

- Now, you have quite few options to reach them. You can write them an email, call them by the phone or use the USSD service to ask information about your loan quotation, for example. If you go for the email you should write to , in the case of the telephone number you should dial the number 087 354 0000 to talk to their consultants and, finally if you prefer USSD the number is *120*5566#. But there’s also a Capfin direct USSD self-service for free existing customers and the number is *134*6454#.

- Remember you can even send them a message to tell them to call you, and they’ll call you back as soon as possible.

- If you are an existing client, you may use these means of communication to apply for a loan or if you have any queries about your account.

- All first time applicants must direct to one of the PEP or Ackermans store to become a Capfin customer in the first place. Once you’ve become a client you can apply online.

 - Their office is in the city of Cape Town, the address is 1 Industrie Street, Kuils River. However, keep in mind application takes place on line.


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Questions and Answers

What if i earn my salary in my hands and i am wiling to apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan as an independent worker or self-employed person as long as your salary is of R 2500 at least per month and you have selected a surety of your choice that can be your parents for instance.
Would my payment behavior affect my loan?
Yes, your cash loan depends on your credit profile and your payment performance.
Do they open on Saturdays?
No, only on weedays.
Can I go to any PEP or Ackermans store?
Yes! Just look for the nearest you have.

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