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How Can I Apply for a Home Loan of R 500,000? Address, Application and Online Calculator.

     Do you need to buy a house? Are you tired of spending all your money on rents? You can take all the information you need from this article. You may think about asking around R 500,000 but, bear in mind the quote will depend on the type of house and the features you’re looking for. I’ll expand on address, application and online calculator you’ll find with Better Bond Home Loans.

Online Calculator

    First of all, I’ll refer to this amazing device they offer. As you know, when you take out a loan you have to repay that amount of money plus interests and fees added as a charge for using the service. Thanks to the Calculator, you can know how much money is going to be involved in the procedure before you apply for the loan,

You can choose between three types of calculators. They are:

a- Bond Affordability: it will calculate how much money you can spend. This is really useful if you calculate before starting house hunting, for example. As you’ll know from the beginning the approximate quote, you’ll know where to look.

b- 3-in-1 Bond Calculator:  if you already know the value of your house, you use this option to calculate the total cost of the loan with its repayments and bonds, for example. Also, you can have an estimate of the money you could save if you make additional monthly repayments. This calculator will help you organize your money for you to make sure you’ll be able of repaying the installments.

c- Bank Comparative Options: you can compare loan options from your bank and also, you can compare it with different offers you may receive from other banks. This comparison is made based on the minimum loan you may qualify for. So, you’ll have the choice of choosing the best deal for you and get the most out of the loan.

How to apply?

    Now, I’ll explain to you the procedure to ask Better Bond for a home loan. First of all, you have to make sure you’ll be able of repaying the monthly installments for the time the loan lasts. To be sure you won’t get behind on your payments you should calculate the total cost, the monthly repayment, interest and fees and every detail you need to know. You already know how to take advantage of the calculators Better Bond offers.

    Once you have an idea of the quotes and interests, you need to get pre-approved by Better Bond. Contact them and they’ll require some information about your income and expenses. Bear in mind you’ll also be under credit check and financial assessment. Next, they issue a pre-qualification certificate in your name stating the sum of money you can ask for. With that certificate, you can start looking for the perfect home for you and your family.

    When you find that special place where you want to create new memories, you have to submit an OTP (Offer To Purchase) and the application form. If you think this is too complicated, don’t worry because Better Bond will be there to guide you through this step.

    The last part of the process consists in two steps. The first one is that Better Bond presents your OTP and application to the net of banks they work with for those banks to make you an offer. And the second step is that you decide which offer is best for you. As your loan is presented to so many entities, they will try to give you a low rate to make you choose them. So, as a really positive consequence you have great chances of getting a really low rate.

Let’s summarize the steps to apply for a Better Bond Home Loan:

1. Use the online calculator to have an approximate idea of the cost of the loan.

2. Get in contact with Better Bond to get the Pre-qualification certificate.

3. Search for your ideal house.

4. Contact Better Bond again to present the offer to purchase and the application form.

5. Wait while Better Bond works with their banks to get you different rates.

6. Analyse and decide on the best option for you.

7. Communicate Better Bond your decision and detail the contract.

8. Cancel the monthly installments.

Find the best loan of South Africa

Better Bond Addresses and Telephone Numbers

    The head office of Better Bond Home Loan is in Randburg. The complete address is BetterLife Group Head Office Block 9, Pendoring Office Park 299, Pendoring Road. And the telephone number is 0860 555 540. If you want to apply for a loan with them, don’t hesitate and contact them to start the process.

    But, what if you don’t live in Randburg? Better Bond has many branches around South Africa, so you don’t need to worry as I’m sure you’ll find one of them closer to you. You can call at 0800 007 111 to ask about any of their branches. Just for you to know, some of them are in Bloemfontein, Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, KwaZulu Natal, Pretoria and Western Cape.

Better Bond Home Loans


R 500,000

Interest Rate

Competitive Interest Rate

Telephone Number

0800 007 111


Pendoring Office Park 299 Pendoring Road

Repayment Terms

Up to 30


Pre-qualification certificate

    Next, I’ll mention another entity for you to have as an option. In case you need less money and a simpler loan you can work with SA Cash Loans that offers quotes from R 500 up to R 150,000. You have some basic requirements like, for example, be between 18 and 65 years old, be employed for at least the last 3 months and own a bank account through which you are salaried. As you can see, its requirements are simple so, if you want to apply with them you can reach them to the phone 021 202 1679 or email them to

    Whether you need to buy a house or to go on holidays, you have these two important and useful entities as options.

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Questions and Answers

Can I take a consolidation loan with Better Bond?
No, they specialize in home loans.
Is there a chance to apply for a SA Cash loan if I’m self-employed?
Can I send the OTP without the pre-qualification certificate?
No, you need to be pre-qualified first.

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