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Where Can I Apply for a Fast Loan in South Africa? Requirements and Quotes.

    Did you have an accident with your laptop? Is it broken? I’ll assume you use your computer to work, so this inconvenient must be a really problematic one. You need to fix it as soon as possible but you don’t count with the money to pay for it. You are thinking about asking for a loan, but banks usually ask for too many requirements, and the process is too long. If you need the money now, calm down because I have the answer. Wonga Loans offers you fast loans to take care of this unexpected events from any part of South Africa. I’ll expand on the few requirements you need, quotes and the easiest procedure to apply for a loan.

How does it work?

    As I’ve already told you, Wonga offers short term loans which come in handy when you need to come up with a fast and practical solution. They offer you the chance of applying for a fast cash advance for a short period of time. You can borrow money for a month top, and you can pay it back earlier with no extra cost. As their aim is to avoid keeping you in debt, they never extend the existing balance of their clients, hence they expect borrowers to cancel the debt on time. This is of paramount importance for you to be really sure of applying for a loan. What is more, they recommend that if you have doubts you shouldn’t apply until you know for sure you can repay it when you promise to.

    Wonga Loans will tell you from the very begging the cost of the loan, I mean the full cost. You’ll know that what they tell you upfront will be the total amount, they emphasize the fact that you won’t encounter hidden fees along the steps.

How to apply?

    I’ll explain to you the process you need to follow in order to acquire the cash from Wonga Loans. You should start by deciding the quantity you need. For this step you can use the online calculator they have on their website. When you submit the sum of money and the period of time you need it, the calculator will show you the cost of your loan along with the date you have to pay it. You will be able of changing the numbers until you reach the perfect outcome. Keep in mind they really pay attention to the repayment date, so make sure you get a deal you know you’ll be able to cancel properly.

    Next, once you decide the quote you are shown an online application form for you to complete it with some personal and employment information. Also, you should give them your ID number, your monthly income and expenses and data from your bank account. Wonga will check and use all this to decide if you qualify for the loan and, they will notify you about it.

    Once your information is verified and you are informed about the approval of the loan, you’ll be asked to present your last three payslips to prove your last three incomes

    Finally, when they finish checking the information and they are sure you are in the right financial situation to face the cost of the loan they transfer the money to your account. Bear in mind they work fast through the whole procedure, so if there’s no problem with your financial situation you may have the cash available within one day since you started the application.

    Now, the last part is for you to make sure to have the money in your account on the day you agreed, remember they’ll collect it form the account in the same way they transferred it first..

    Remember you can ask as much as R 3,000 if you’re a new client and up to R 8,000 if you’ve already worked with them.

I’ll simplify the steps for you:

1- settle the amount of money you need

2 - fill in the Wonga online application form.

3 - provide Wonga with your last payslips for them to check your income.

4 - wait for the verification of your income and, then the money will be transferred.

5 -use the money to pay what you need.

6 - make sure to have the money in your account on the date of the repayment.

7 - Wonga will collect the repayment directly from your account.

8 - be ready to ask for another loan when you need it.

Wonga Loan Requirements

    In order to apply for a loan you need to provide Wonga with your cellphone number, bank account information, three payslips to prove your income and, of course, your South African ID number.

Contact details

Find the best loan of South Africa

    To contact Wonga Loans you can use one of their many options. One of them is through an email, and you’ll find they have two email addresses. In the case of queries about application, for example you can write to, but for queries about repayment you should write to

    Another option is to call them at the number 0861 966 421, and you’ll be assisted on your queries by one of their representatives.

    Besides, they offer an extra phone number and email address specifically in case you need to report you have been victim of fraud. The number is 0861 968 424 and the email is

    Finally, their address is 33 Bree Street, in the city of Cape Town. All the same, remember they work online so you don’t need to live in this city to apply for a loan with Wonga.

In the next chart you can find the most significant information about Wonga Loans


3,000 South African Rands

Interest Rate

annual interest rate of 36%

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


33 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre,

Working Hours

7:00 to 19:00 Monday-Friday. 8:00 to 13:00 Saturday


cellphone, SA ID, bank account data, proof of income

Email Address


Video Loan

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Questions and Answers

Can I ask to repay it in 5 months?
No, the maximum period of time is 1 month.
Will I be able to buy a house with a Wong loan?
No, the quote goes up only up to R 3,000.
Can I call at any time?
Only at office hours.

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