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Can I Apply for Loan so as to Pay Other Loans?

Let me answer the question mentioned above: yes! Companies have currently developed loans that help you finance a loan you were given in the past and that you are struggling to pay it off as you are supposed to. Understanding how it works is really easy, which is the reason I am writing this article.

   In this article, I will give you information about the leading financial companies in charge of offering loans to pay further loans: Direct Axis and Letsatsi Finance.

    Direct Axis has developed two type of loans to help you pay your previous loan: Direct plus Loan and Consolidation Loan.

What is the Direct plus Loan made of?

     If you decide to apply for a Direct plus Loan, the bank can grant you a supreme amount of R 250 000, which is enormously suggested to big industries whose idea is to devote a lot of cash in advertisements and attainments. Of course as we are talking about lots of assets, the bank will demand the business to have an assurance to serve as the pledge of the loan. Also, the salaries of the business play a forceful role, as it should be superior to R 12 000, amount that requests to be established each month. Lastly, the bank will need candidates to own belongings of high values. If you follow those requirements, you can contract the loan and start making comfy purchases that your industry needs.


     Applicants that request for this loan are given the great chance to get an increase in their cash brook, as they are talented to get a supreme of this amount: R 1900 on a monthly basis unquestionably. How that is made possible? The industry will be demanded to make a monthly imbursement whose interest charges are not substance to variations. Likewise, if the business picks a lengthy financing period, in the end it will pay back a smaller amount of money for the credit.

    One of the principal advantages of a Consolidation Loan when it comes to backing an industry, is that it can bid funding to those business managers that are looking to increase the capital they have. Therefore, the loan will combine the accounts of the titleholders of the business.

   One more benefit is that businesses can gain new possessions, belongings and also make new funds that will turn into more incomes for the enterprise.

Now, let’s move on by focusing on the loans given by Letsatsi Finance just for you:

The main benefits for clients are these ones:

-Reimbursing installments every month just once in a while

-Obtaining a unique loan talented to finance many loans

-Saving money by avoiding administration fees

-Improving their top score since the debt will vanish and the client´s reputation will upsurge. This will permit you to be entitled for future loans

-Obtaining full guidance from professionals linked to loans

    If you are attentive in the repayment for this credit, you have among 1 month and 36. You will be given about R 100 000, on condition that you give the company all the certification such as your personal ID, a clearance letter and pays lips and also new bank statements. Please reminisce to have all the credentials in hand so that the procedure can continue fast and there are no suspensions in the granting of the loan.

 The second loan obtainable in Letsatsi Finance is called One Month Loan:

    By obtaining a One Month Loan you will able to back any issue which can be a crisis, such as disbursing medical bills, funeral costs and more issues linked to your daily life.

What are the features of this incredible loan?

a.You can receive the support of your claim in just 60 minutes

b.You are able to be approved more than one loan so as to pay another loan of your own

c.You are able to back the loan at whatever time you want

d.You can continually get some guidance from professionals

Concerning the repayment for this loan, the company will make you only finance during 30 days the installments. Besides, if concerned about the amount, it can be about R 500 and R 800.

Certification requested in this circumstance is identical as for the preceding loan but the settlement letter is omitted, which is excellent.

Find the best loan of South Africa


In person

One of the bank´s physical offices is positioned in Southfield, explicitly at this address: 108 De Waal Road, in the area of Diep River. Its telephone number, is the following one: 86 102 0304. It opens during this timetable: on weekdays from this time: 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.

By phone

  If you would like to attain a Personal Loan, take into deliberation this telephone number: 0861 020304.

   If you feel like conquering a Consolidation Loan, please dial up the following phone number from home: 0861 243 556.


One of the headquarters of this financial company is situated in East London, precisely found at 63 A Buffalo Street, whose phone number happens to be 722 1789 or this one too: 722 1588, and there is also a singular fax number: 641 3131.

In the following chart there is data regarding another branch in Port Elizabeth:


Up to 15.000 R

Interest Rate

Not more than 20%

Telephone Number

 582 2577


Port Elizabeth. Laboria House. 16 Grace Street. Shop 3.

Working Hours

From 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Majority of age and personal certifications

Email Address

You can try to connect to the company in its official website, where you can permanently apply for a credit and obtain sufficiently of information regarding many goods and get direct admission to a regularly asked questions section calculated just for you.

   To sum up, if you are having rough times trying to finance a loan you acquired in the past you can successfully cover it with the help of these two excellent financial companies. I suggest you to contact both companies and decide which one has the loan that your financial situation needs.

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