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Can I Find Loans Designed for Directors? Contact Details

   Do you need money for your business? Are you the director of a company? If that is your case, I can help you by offering you comprehensive information related to one financial company in charge of providing loans to directors: Nedbank.

     For such reason, in the article you are about to read, you will be given all the data you need regarding this company, which includes of course features, terms, requirements and also contact details. So, I strongly recommend you to keep reading the article and make the most of it.

Loans offered to directors: NEDBANK

In Nedbank you will find a series of loans available:


What is a Business Growth Loan?

    This is a sort of loan calculated for proprietors of small businesses that want phases of time to finance the loan that array from 2 to 10 years. Businesses that obtain this loan can use the money for many purposes. As an example, they can acquire new goods and new physical workplaces. There are no restrictions with regard to the different uses directors can give to the reserves the bank offers them.

Let’s make an emphasis on the main advantages of this loan for directors:

-Interest rates will be inferior when compared to other banking companies

-There won’t be duties intended or subtracted from the client´s account, which is a great benefit and signifies an opportunity of saving currency in the long term

-The bank will give customers complete admission to a special line of credit called: Nedbank Credit Life Cover

How can directors apply for this loan?

-By putting forward their last three business bank reports

 -Showing what sort of possessions and amenities the business owns and their value

- Putting forward rent payment expenses

-Submitting documentation that is a reflection of the transactions with the bank

-Handing in documentation with the names of every companion or director of the corporation, which helps the bank to know who is in charge of the business.


This program wants customers and their firm to make sure they are given funds in a calm way and there is no boundary with reference to the amount.

Here you have the benefits obtainable through this loan:

-Clients that are considered eligible for this sort of loan can effortlessly be granted the currency they need and have certain suppleness at the time of paying back the entire loan

 -The money settled can be accessible by more than 1 medium

-The interest rates will vary each month contingent on how much money the business has been given and its convenience to make each regular payment

-Clients can have admittance to the capitals granted by using online banking

-The sum of money granted happens to be more than the one obtainable in other companies

-Once the customer is found qualified, your account with the bank will be generated and you will have rapid access to the cash


This is a superior program that will help industries to enlarge, have access to bigger sums of money and purchase new machineries and apparatus for each physical agency. How is that made? The bank will aid these clients to back their arrears

 The financial support provided by this bank to companies is this one:

-Invoice discounting

The bank will make a significant discount on your statements and then their agents will make sure that you or the business directors have admission to at least 20% of the money, which will be seen on collection. This is a very consistent service for corporations.


Find the best loan of South Africa

Through this provision, the bank will purchase and finance 80% of your arrears, which is a great choice for those businesses that are just beginning to join in the market.

 -Single-invoice discounting

This is a delightful service through which companies can buy sole debtors, particularly those companies that are looking for a dependable company to finance their expenditures and amount outstanding.

-Export factoring

The bank is willing to buy statements that are for trade and then when your arrears are forgiven, the bank is willing to finance a large percentage of the invoice of your business. One more time, there is a slight percentage that can be used in assortment


Contacting Nedbank

In person

One of the offices of Nedbank in the country is located in Alberton. The exact address is 26 Voortrekker Road located inside the Permanent Building. It opens during weekdays from 08:30 to 04:00 pm. You can also phone this branch by dialing up the next number, so as to talk to one of the representatives of the company from the comfort of your house. So, please save this number: 27 11 724 0800.

By phone

There is a specific phone line designed for application, which happens to be a free number, so that every citizen who is the director of a company can talk to representatives. The number is the following one: 0860 555 111. 


The website of the company happens to be quite detailed, which means there are lots of information found there, so that the client does not have doubts regarding the different services. Moreover, application is available if you click on the application section.

In the following chart, you are given information regarding a second physical office of the company in the country, which includes phone numbers, addresses and working hours.


350 000 R

Interest Rate

Flexible and fixed by the National Act

Telephone Number

11 724 9800



26 Voortrekker Road, inside the Permanent Building

Working Hours

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Your bank account, statements, pays lips and ID card

Email Address

See how easy it is? What are you waiting to contact the members of Nedbank´s team? I can assure that you as a partner or director of your company, will find a reliable loan so as to cover the many expenses and costs that come along with the management of a big business. I am sure you will not regret contacting this company!

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