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Are There Loans with Extra Payments? Calculator and Contact Information

    Let me answer your question quickly: of course there are! In fact, I know a company with vast experience in the lending field, which enables clients to apply for their loans and complete it’s financing through extra payments. I am Talking about Better Life.

     For such reason, in the following article you will be given information regarding the loans found at Better Life, which includes its features, how to use the calculator ah the company and the contact information.

As said at the beginning, Better Life allows clients to easily make extra payments. There are two loans available:


The main objective of this loan is to make sure citizens can achieve their dream of possessing their own property by resorting to the financial support of Better Life. This company has developed this loan together with important institutions that give prestige and reliability to the loan discussed.

Why is Better Life Home Loan the perfect program for clients?

Because it is the only loan in the market that helps clients meet their housing goals by simply applying for a single loan. Moreover, the members of the team of Better Life will always be there to guide the client through the application procedure of the Home Loan.

Why should you choose Better Life Home Loan?

-You will receive assistance during the application of the loan because the company gives you total access to its prequalification for you to know beforehand what is your situation in terms of a future new loan.

-You will be able to choose from many options, as the memberships of the company will provide you with different type of houses available, all of which are based on your affordability

-The application carried out with this company enables you to apply to further services with the different banks available in South Africa

-There won’t be any extra fees during the mid of the loan



The main benefit of this loan is that it enables clients to satisfy any type of personal need they have at present, by trusting on a simple and reliable loan. They can possess any sort of asset they need in order to improve for instance, the house they own thanks to the previous loan.

There are many uses you as a client can give to this loan, let’s see:

-Paying for bond costs

-Paying moving fees

-Paying for shortfalls without problem

-Paying your expenses

-Paying the fees of transfers

Concerning the amount of money you are allowed to ask the bank to give you, you can have a minimum of R 5000 and a maximum of R 150 000. Moreover, those amounts can be increased every month so you can obtain additional R 1000 every 30 days.

Regarding repayments, the company gives you total freedom as you have a maximum of 2 years but you can also ask for periods of 6 years, a lot. The different interest rates that come along with the installments will be carefully evaluated and controlled by the National Credit Act.


The application can be started in the company´s website if you just enter its webpage and fill a form with your data that reflects your personal and financial information. Then, you must wait until one of the agents of this firm calls you to notify you about the state of your application. Perhaps you might have to wait 2 days.

The following are the requirements you must follow:

-Being 18 years old, the majority of age

-Being a citizen of South Africa

-Having a decent credit score

-Having an income of R 5000 or more

-Being ready to submit your ID, proof of your income, bank statements and bank account details


This is an excellent tool that helps you check your affordability in terms of future loans with the company. You will be given details regarding amounts available, financing periods, rates and more fees that have to do with the service of the loan. For example, if you want to be granted R 50 000, the company will define an interest rate of 10, 25% and you will just need to make repayments of R 485. You can easily find this calculator in the company´s website.



You can always contact the company by phone from 08:00 to 05:00 pm during weekdays. In the chart below you are given the number you need so as to establish a phone communication.


One of the physical offices of this company, in case you want to speak in person to a representative or you favor personalized attention as it happens to many clients, is located in Cape Town. It is found inside Century City, in the area of Fusion Quarter. The exact address is Waterford Place on Block4. In the first floor of the building. You will find this office open during weekdays on business hours, just like any bank.

In the next chart you are given information about a second office of Better Life in the country and also details regarding telephone numbers and email address:


From R 5000

Interest Rate

Flexible and fixed by the National Credit Act

Telephone Number

0800 007 111


Durban. Berea. Musgrave. Musgrave Road 95.

Working Hours

7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Bank account, statements, payslips and ID

Email Address

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One of the preferred ways to contact companies is from the client´s computer, since they have total access to the website where they can find comprehensive information regarding each of the loans, begin the application and also make use of the calculator so as to know if they are good applicants or not. In the same website, they are given data about further services offered by the company to South African citizens and also information about the possibility of making extra payments, which is something every client is interested in making.

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