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Can I Obtain Lamna Loans in South Africa? Contact Information

     Lamna, one of the companies with most experience in the lending field, has established in South Africa many years ago with the aim of giving clients financial safety at all costs. Thus, it has designed three kind of loans, to make sure all of their needs are met.

    In this article, you will receive general information about the company and then, data about their three loans. Moreover, you will get contact details of this company, so that it is easy for you to get in touch and begin the application procedure now.


    Citizens of the country are constantly looking for reliable companies which can provide them with the best lending programs so as to make their financial troubles disappear. They want a company whose repayments are flexible and have less conditions and terms than other financial enterprises. Which is why they resort to Lamna, since it has developed loans that are short term.

  Why is Lamna the best financial company?

It has turned itself into one of the preferred financial firms since it reaches client´s aims of a short term loan, without the need of selling the assets they have. Most clients do not like submitting pay slips and are not fan of credit records or credit checks, which is why Lamna is the best solution for them.

    This is how the application procedure works:

-You fill an online form, which won’t take you more than some minutes

-You make an offer to the company

-The company examines your proposal and information

-You sign the agreement

-You submit your personal documentation

-The money is deposited in your bank account

Now that you have information about the company and its application, let’s discuss each of its loans:


It gives clients as a group the possibility of funding a property for their office. It is advisable that companies apply for this loan, not individual clients. It will not take much time and it comes along with flexible repayment conditions.

The only thing you need to apply for this loan is to submit bank statements that cannot be more than 3 months old and the erf information of your property so that the company can decide on what is the amount of the loan. You will need then to submit the bank statements I told you, the original title deed and the erf information and also the documents corresponding to the company registration.


Through this loan client can make use of the movable assets he/she possesses so as to lock a funding in the short term, isn it great? You will not need to worry about being approved or not, since it takes place in only some minutes and the company will give you back your assets once you have finishes repaying for the loan.

There are different assets taken to be part of this loan:

-A car: you can use it as a collateral if you have a new car or a luxurious one. Of course, the car has to be yours and be registered under your name

-Jewelry: if you have pieces of jewelry with diamonds or if you have gold, you can use bracelets, earrings, rings and more in order to constitute the collateral of your loan. The company will always determine the value of such possessions before you begin with the application procedure

-Antiques or pieces of art work: if you have kept a valuable furniture or an artwork, you can use it as a collateral of course. The company is interested in its age, who created it and also its nature, all of which are characteristics that determine their value.

-Movable vehicles such as boats, ships, yachts. You will need to give the company all the data you have regarding these vehicles of course so that they can determine if it agrees with the terms and conditions of the company or not.

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Motorcycles and trucks, which are also valuable assets. In this case, the company will pay careful attention to its cost, age, who produced it and also the model and year of your vehicle. Those are factors that condition its value.


    This loan is ideal in those situations in which you believe that by selling your house it won’t make a significant chance as you would like to obtain more money. For those occasions, in which there are extra costs to fund, Lamna enables you to “bridge” the selling procedure so that you have access to at least 75% of all the money.

    Moreover, the company will give you the money you need to as to finance the interest rates, extra fees, taxes and other expenses that are involved with the selling procedure. You know that in these cases there is lot of paperwork and administrative processes. And, the company is willing to give you the support you need when it comes to obtaining a reasonable price and also helping you meet the terms and conditions of the loan, so do not worry about it.



-In its website you can obtain data about testimonials of clients, send messages through the contact section of the website and also get into the company´s blogs, which is full of interesting articles.

-You can make a phone call to Lamna by dialing up their free number on weekdays: 086 111 2866

-You can also go in person to one of their offices located in Sandton. It is found inside the Eezistore Building in Wynberg. The exact address is 5, 5th Street.

-In the following chart you will be given detailed information about another office of Lamna:


Up to R 100 000

Interest Rate

Fixed  and unchangeable

Telephone Number



Cape Town, in Thalmen. 128 Strand Road

Working Hours

Weekdays, from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm


South African citizen

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Questions and Answers

Do I have to pay for phoning the company?
No, that is a free phone number
Is the company open on public holidays?
No, it is not
How do I pay?
With automatic deduction

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