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Is it Feasible to Obtain a WesBank Personal Loan? Calculator and Details

    WesBank, one of the most remarkable companies in the financial market, provides their clients with tons of lending programs in order to satisfy their needs and solve their financial troubles. For that reason, if you have been searching for a personal loan for you or your family and you need the money right away, I guarantee you this article will be very useful for that matter.

In the next article, I will talk about Personal Loans and the one you can obtain in WesBank, by offering you details regarding its requirements and its features. Then, I will give you an example by using their calculator and obtaining an approximation of a personal loan based on your needs. Finally, I will offer you some contact details of this bank in South Africa.

       WesBank´s personal loan for clients is called Cash Power Personal Loan.

Clients that apply for this loan are able to get between R 5000 and R 150 000. Regarding the financing terms, they will be determined based on the client´s income and financial status. The interest rates together with each payment will not be subject to changes, that means that they will be fixed and the amount will be the same as the one set at the beginning of the loan.

Once the client is found eligible, the money can be received in no more than a day, as long as the application was approved by the bank and their professionals. And, an important fact to bear in mind is that clients will not be requested to show collateral to prove they can pay for the loan on time, as this personal loan is totally unsecured, which makes it easy for clients to get it.

Clients can obtain this loan by filling in an online application, which will require them to give certain personal data in order not to spend a lot of time waiting in a physical office.

Requirements to be eligible for a Personal Loan:

-Earning at least R 4, 500 each month, so salary plays a crucial role

-Showing your Id number or Passport number

-Demonstrating you possess a perfect credit record with another bank

-Showing the data about your bank account

-Showing your last bills and expenses you spend your money on

-Submitting your last 3 bank statements with this or another bank

This is what you will get with a Cash Power Personal Loan:

-Being able to obtain between R 5,000 and R 150,000, which is totally up to you and your needs

-Being able to repay for the program in a maximum of 6 years and a minimum of 2

-The interest rates that apply to this loan are always set by the bank and will not change with the course of time

-Being able to get the money in no more than a day or a few hours

-The application procedure is quite simple and quick

-You can choose to apply in a variety of mediums: by phone, online or in person

-You won’t be requested to put forward an asset as collateral

-You will always be able to repay for this loan, as it will be based on your income and your possibility of complying each month with the payments

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Moreover, the bank will give you access to their plan called Customer Protection Plan, which will give you safety in situations in which your health is at risk, for instance an accident, serious injuries and even death of the client are included here.

Now, how can you apply for this Personal Loan with WesBank?

As stated before, you can choose to go in person to your nearest branch. And you can also enter the bank´s website, which is the official one, and being able to apply from the comfort of your computer, without moving from home. Finally, you can use the bank´s phone numbers and follow some steps once your call is answered by their professionals. Needless to say, you have access to the bank´s calculator to find out if you are eligible for the loan and if you are able to afford each payment.

Let me provide you an example by using their calculator. Suppose you need R 14,000 and you would like to complete the financing in 3 years, you will need to make monthly payments of no more than R 747, 45.

The calculator is found in the bank´s website, in the section “Calculate”. Try it and see the payments you will need to make.

Now, before finishing this article, let me tell you how are it possible for you to sign:

-You can take advantage of contract, which is a digital contract, that allows you to upload certain documents with only one click. How does it work? When you are given your username, you can log in the bank´s website and then you will get all the information in your email. You will be able to manage your personal loan from there.

How can I contact WesBank in South Africa?

    Its main head office is situated in the area of Randburg, specifically located at Enterprise Road 1, 2170. This office has a phone you can call if you want to talk to their professionals before paying a visit to them:+27 11 632 6000. It is available Mondays to Thursdays 24/7. It is also open on Saturdays on business hours.

     Another means by which you can contact the bank is in its official website, where you will find a section for the application procedure, information about insurances and loans, a section for general inquiries and contact details, a calculator and also a section for online banking with WesBank.

    Finally, you can always phone the company for general inquiries by dialing up 0861 288 272.

    To conclude, obtaining a Personal Loan with WesBank has never been so easy and simple, with few requirements and the possibility of getting the money you want instantly. And, there are many ways by which you can talk to the bank, so take advantage of them and contact their professionals. Try WesBank and let it show you how your life can change!

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Questions and answers

How can I contact the bank on a holiday?

In their website

Is it possible to obtain a car loan?

Sure, the bank offers two types of car loans

Will the interest rates change?

No, they are fixed.

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