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Can I Apply for A WesBank Loan in Rustenburg? Contact Details and Loans

    If you are residing in Rustenburg and you are tired of not knowing how to pay your daily expenses and bills or even trying to purchase the car of your dreams, let me tell you, you have come to the right spot. You can surely rely on one of the most remarkable banks in South Africa, WesBank, which offers Personal Loans and also Car Loans.

   In this article, you will get data about how to contact the bank. You will receive information regarding a physical office in Rustenburg and another one very close to it, so that you can choose where to go. Also, phone numbers for you to call from home. Then, you will be given data about their Personal Loan and Car Loan. So, it is strongly recommended that you keep on reading.

Contacting the bank in Rustenburg

  Wesbank has one of its offices in 15 Oliver Thambo, whose phone number is 014 594 9300. This office remains open Mondays to Fridats during business hours

  There is another office, very close to Rustenburg, found in the area of Randburg, found at Fairland in 1 Enterprise Road. This office has the same opening hours as the previous one.

   You can even contact the bank through its free phone number, designed for inquiries: 0861 288 272. It is available for the citizens of Rustenburg Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm and Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm

   Lastly, you can get more information about the bank´s services in its official webpage, where you can also use online banking and a calculator to check your affordability.

Now, what can you find in WesBank? Lets start with their Personal Loan, also known as Cash Power Personal Loan.

Its features are the following:

-You are capable of obtaining huge amounts of money, for instance the bank can give you up to R 150 000. But, if you intend to buy something cheaper, you can get R 5000

-You can obtain the money requested in no more than 1 day

-You can select the medium through which you would like to receive the funds. For instance, you can receive the money in your bank account, in cash at the bank´s office or through checks.

-The repayment periods will be adapted to your earnings

-Each month you must make one payment, whose interest rates are fixed

Its requirements are these ones:

-Showing your personal data to the bank through your identity card or any other document, such as your passport, in order to credit that is you the one requesting the loan

-Submitting a proof of residence in order to demonstrate you now reside in South Africa

-Giving the bank access to your previous credit score. This means, that if you were granted another loan by a bank, you need to have complied with the payments on time in order to possess a perfect score

-Earning a monthly salary of R 4500 or more.

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    Regarding the benefits of this loan, one of its greatest advantages is that the bank sets a maximum and a minimum that you can be granted, depending on the use you will give to the money. You will have flexible financing periods that consists of 1 or years, which have interest rates that are fixed by WesBank.

Moreover, the moment you are interested in this loan you can apply for it and if you are found eligible, in no more than one day you will be able to go to an ATM and receive the money. Simple as that.

    Let me move on with their Car Loan, for clients that are willing to purchase a car through a private seller.

There are certain stages that you will need to follow so as to be able to finance the car of your dreams:

1) Enter the bank´s website and in the section “Apply” fill in the form with your personal information. Once you press “Send”, the data will be delivered to the bank and you will get a reply within hours, telling you if you were approved or not.

2) If you passed the application procedure, the bank´s consultants will communicate with the seller you have chosen in order to check if the car is in a good state. Once that is checked, you and the seller will be asked to put forward and sign some documentation.

3) One of the bank´s representatives will contact you in order to check whether all the documents were given and signed as expected. After that, the bank will be able to register your car. This means you will be saving time as the bank will take care of those documents and procedure.

The requirements for a loan for your car are these:

-Possessing the majority of age (18 years old)

-Choosing a person that will sell the car privately

-Choosing a car that costs R 30,000 or a little more than that. Check that with the bank´s consultants

-The car you wish to buy cannot be recovered

-The vehicle you want to purchase cannot be a stolen one

-It is compulsory that you are permanently living in South Africa and that you possess a license that allows you to drive your forthcoming car, a driving license

-The bank needs to make sure that you have had a faultless credit record with another banking company. This has vital importance when deciding on the approval of the application

-Your salary needs to be of at least R 6250, which will give the bank the guarantee that each month you will pay the fees.

    As a conclusion, every resident of Rustenburg who is experiencing a hard financial situation can come to the solution thanks to the help of WesBank. They can not only trust this bank to take care of their personal needs, but also to enable them get the car they have always dreamt about. Get in touch with WesBank consultants and start an application now!!

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Does this bank offer loans for businesses?

Yes! There are loans to make your business grow

Can I apply for more than one loan?

As long as you are found eligible, you can!

How close is the second physical office close to Rustenburg?

Only a few minutes away

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