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Can I Apply for Wesbank Loans in Randburg? Contact Details, Calculators and Requirements

If you are a Randburg citizen trying to survive a rainy day, or you just want to improve your life, you have found what you need. Wesbank has a number of loans destined to provide financial help to as many Randburg citizens as possible. In fact, if you keep on reading this post, you will find details about them, as well as information about possible quotes, application process, contact details and even requirement.


                In order to finance personal needs, the bank offers Randurg’s citizens important amount of money. In fact, sums can be as low as R5000 and as high as R200000 and such money can be used to satisfy any need: education, vacations, home improvement, vehicles, furniture and even parties. Interest rates are fixed and they tend to flirt 30%. Actually, they change based on the amount of money borrowed and the length of the financing term. Considering financing options, terms range from 2 to 6 years. It is important to know that the company works in partnership with Direct Axis so as to offer the quickest, most convenient and most flexible programs of the market.


                Irrespective of the stage of your business, either if you want to start a new from scratch or if you want to improve a current one, Wesbank has the most convenient solutions. Wesbank offers programs to finance needs in the field of constructions and mining, agriculture, manufacturing and retail, aviation, and even more. It is important to know that there are two main options to borrow money: to buy an asset or to rental one. With the first option, you make your properties increase without using your own money. And with the second option, you can choose the best options of the market without the danger of becoming the owner and affront unexpected expenses.


                Let’s take a look at some possible example of how much you will pay per month if you borrow money from Wesbank:

-Imagine you need R20000 to improve your home. You can choose the shortest financing period and ask for a minimum interest rate of 25%. In this case, you will make 24 payments of R1305. Take into account that you will also pay R68 of fees. If this amount of money is high for you, you can choose a longer financing term: 4 years. If you are eligible for the same interest rate, the total payments will be 48 of approximate R880.

-You can also borrow more money so as to finance the purchase of the vehicle of your dreams: R114000. In case you want to pay off the loan in 4 years, you can apply for an interest rate of 28%. Therefore, you will make 48 payments of no more than R4500. Of course you have the possibility of enlarging the financing term up to 6 years. As a result, you will make 72 payments of R3790.

                There are many alternatives to contact Wesbank, either to get more information or to start an application. The easiest and quickest way is via online. You can visit the webpage, choose one of the lending programs and click on “Apply for a loan”. Those who prefer more personalized attention can use the exclusive phone line. You can call 0861 238 252 and start application by phone. Take into that this line is open from Monday to Saturday from 8a.m. to 8p.m. In case you are interested in business loans, the number available is0861 922 677 and it is open in the same baking hours. For questions or comments, you can write e-mails to the following address: Representatives answer in a couple of minutes.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                But fortunately, you can also pay a visit to any of the myriad offices of the bank. The branch located in the area of Randburg is the following: The Home of Wesbank: it is located at 1 Enterprise Road in the area of Fairland. This office is open during the week from 8a.m. to 5p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. Representatives are available in person or by phone dialing up 86 128 8272.

                Once you know what Wesbank has to offer, let’s see what you need to apply. First, you are required to earn a minimum of R5000 per month. This should be guaranteed by the last three payslips. Secondly, you will be asked to present a copy of your ID and a document as to confirm your current address. And last but not least, the bank will need the data about the banking account in which you get your salary paid.

                If you stills have doubts about Wesbank loans, there follow a list of important benefits to take into account:

-Financing terms are really convenient; you can choose from 2 to 6 years.

-Interest rates are fixed so that payment will not vary.

-Application is easy. There is no paperwork and you can even get money without leaving your home.

-You don’t have to secure the loan. Wesbank don’t ask for collateral to approve the program.

-Agents think in your affordability. They make a plan that for sure, you will be able to pay.

-There are programs to improve personal and business life with the best financing of the market.

-Offices can be found in many cities of the country in case you need help.

                All in all, Wesbank seems to have the answer to all your financial needs. It has convenient programs to finance not only personal but also business needs. There are high limits of money and interest rates that never surpass the 30% so as to get whatever you need. It is your turn to take a look at them, choose the one that is most suitable and start enjoying life letting problems in the hands of experts.

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Questions and answers

What is the maximum financing period available?

For personal loans, the longest financing period is 6 years.

Does phone line application work well?

Sure, it does!

Are business rates competitive?

Yes, they are one of the most convenient of the market.

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