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Can the Citizens of Pretoria be Granted WesBank Loans? Contact Details and Programs

   If you are looking for a perfect way to obtain the money you need and you are tired of trying with different companies, let me tell you the one I will talk about today will be perfect for you. I am talking about WesBank, which is one of the leading banks in your country, with more than 40 years of experience in giving lending programs to clients.

    Fortunately, this bank operates in Pretoria, the area where you live, and you can have access to their loans. So, in the following article you will be given information about their personal loan and requirements the bank will ask you for it. Then, you will be given data about loans for individuals and loans for businesses. So, there are loans for every type of need.

    Finally, you will receive contact information about this bank so that it is easy for you to get in touch with them.

Let’s start the article by mentioning that the Personal Loan you will find in this bank is named Cash Power Personal Loan.

    As a client, you can ask the bank to give you high amounts of money whose maximum is of R 150,000. The minimum for this loan will be of R 5,000. You are able to choose the financing period considering your financial situation at present. One of the benefits that come along with this loan is that the interest rates are not variable, but fixed. So no changes with the passing of time. And, if you need the money right away you do not need to worry since it will be available for you in a period of a day or less than that.

Want to see its requirements?

-Showing your Id number or any other identity card with its number on it

-Showing what is your credit record with other company

-Earning a minimum wage of R 4500

-Giving data about your salary

-Showing a proof of the place you live

-Putting forward your last three bank statements and bills

Now, the moment you become a WesBank client, you can enjoy these advantages:

-You can ask the bank to grant you between R 5000 and R 150 000, amount that will be determined by you

-You can select to pay for the program in two years or six

-You do not have to worry about interest rates as they are set and fixed

-You will be granted the money you ask in a period of no more than a day

-You can choose to apply from home or in person. If you do it by phone you can call on 0861 238 252, which means spending less time on the procedure

-You will not need to put forward collateral to show you are capable of making the payments

-The bank will provide you with immediate access to insurances to protect your money

-WesBank is a well-known company with a lot of prestige, which means that you will be given safety

As stated above, the bank offers loans for Individuals and loans for Businesses.


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This is a loan designed for those citizens whose goal is to purchase a vehicle or any other valuable asset. For instance, if you choose to buy a car, the bank will get in touch with the appropriate dealer to save time and money. Car loans allow clients to choose to buy the car from a private person, a car dealer or finance. Moreover, this loan allows clients to sell their vehicle if they have second hand cars. Finally, clients have access to calculators in order to have knowledge of each payment they will need to make.

    If you are interested in a loan for personal needs, you need to know that you have complete access to signing on a digital way that is through I Contract, which checks and signs digitally, in order to save time. How does it work? You can log in by using your Id number and the different data the bank gave you by email or text message.

   Let me show you how you can manage your loan. You simply need to open the section for logging in, and then you type your ID number and all your personal data. And you will see all the data regarding your loan there. Moreover, in the bank´s website you have the chance of obtaining insurance for the money you is granted.


This type of loan is designed for those clients that want to make their business prosper and become bigger and successful.

    Clients interested in business loans can always apply online, by filling in the application form with their data. That is data about Vat number and the company registration.

In the bank´s webpage you will have access to a detailed list of the different assets WesBank can cover with their loans. For instance, you will find Agri Equipment, Commercial Vehicles, Aviation Finance and Fleet Finance. Plant and Equipment and Rentals are also found in that list.

Businesses can also get access to the bank´s calculator in order to check their affordability regarding loans and payments.

    As it happens with the loans for individuals, clients can take advantage of iContract, in order to finish the application procedure in a digital form. That is, iContract, will allow the bank and the client to read and sign in a digital way the contract between them and every document that needs to be signed to finish the process. How can you have access to iContract? You need to type the information the bank gave you by email and your Id number.

Contacting the bank in Pretoria

You can go to one of its offices found in the building called Squad Cars, specifically at 191 Coronel Boom Street. Its phone number is 86 193 7265. And you can use it whenever you have questions or concerns about this company´s services.

You can also phone the company on this number for general inquiries: 0861 288 272 or send an email to the following address:

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Questions and answers

Is the bank open on Sundays?

Unfortunately not, like every bank

Can I apply in their physical office?

Sure, you can always apply in person

How can I known what the payments will be?

By using their calculator. It is found in the bank´s website

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