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Can I Get a Loan with WesBank in Porth Elizabeth?

   Are you in need of financial support to cover your daily expenses or your desired assets? Do you know you can trust on WesBank to take care of all those needs? Yes! This bank, which has gained enormous experience throughout the years, has developed more than one loan to take care of your personal needs and give you the financial stability you deserve. Luckily, this bank is found in your area, Porth Elizabeth.

    In this article, I will examine in detail the features and requirements of two of the most preferred loans: Car Loan and Personal Loan. After that, I will devote the last section of the article to the contact information of this bank in Porth Elizabeth. So, please stay with me.

    I will start by explaining WesBank Car Loan. This is a loan developed for those clients that are planning to purchase a vehicle through a car dealer.

There are certain phases the client will need to go through in order to get this loan:

1-Customers will give the bank´s professionals all the necessary personal information in order to start the application right away. It will last between 20 and 30 minutes, not much.

2-The customer will get a fast answer from a representative of the bank and will need to submit documents and other type of data that the banker will indicate. This includes data about the car dealer through which you will make the transaction.

3-Once the application is found okay, the bank will give the customer the documents that are required to be signed by the customer and the vehicle dealer.

Important facts to consider regarding a Car Loan with WesBank:

-Before you start the application procedure you need to decide the type of vehicle you would like to possess and know its price

-You need to consider any type of cost that the use of the car generates, such as labor, fuel, repairs and air conditioning

-You need to bear in mind there are several options regarding types of fuel, and you need to choose based on affordability and protection to the environment. For example, you will see that choosing Diesel represents a really cheap choice but in the long term you will need to take your car to the mechanic very often

-Bear in mind how much use you would give to your vehicle on a daily basis, for instance, how many miles will your car drive from home to work. Based on that, you can determine how much money you will need to spend on your car´s fuel.

-Be willing to acquire an car cover for your vehicle in order to avoid damages that translate into expensive bills

Let’s see the requirements for Car Loans:

-You need to tell the bank who is the car dealer you have chosen and wait until the bank has approved it

-You need to choose a car that costs more than R 30,000

-You need to be at least 18 years old, so majority of age is very important

-You must be living in South Africa and putting forward a proof of that circumstance

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-You need to tell the bank what is your last credit record in order for the company to know your behavior

-You must possess a job, whose income is of at least R 6250. So, the money you earn on a monthly basis is really important at the time of deciding whether you are eligible or not.

     I will move on with the Personal Loan proposed by WesBank for the citizens of Porth Elizabeth: Cash Power Personal Loan.


This is a loan that is meant to cover your personal needs, as you can receive between R 5000 and R 150 000 from the bank and you can decide if you are going to be granted the money in cash, checks or even in your debit card. That is up to you and your safety. Do not worry about financing periods, since they will be adjusted to your needs and the interest rates that come along with them are fixed, not subject to any fluctuation.

     One of the important aspects of this loan is that you have access to the money in between one or two days, no more than that. The bank knows you really need the money and will not make you wait a lot, as it happens with other companies.


-Submitting your monthly salary, which needs to be of at least R 45000

-Submitting your ID card in order to show your ID number to the bank

-Putting forward a proof of another banking company stating what you credit record was

-Submitting a document that states you live now in South Africa

-Showing the bank your last three bank statements in order to know your financial status at the moment of applying for the loan


-The chance of immediately receiving R 5000 or more (R 150,000). And of course, deciding how you will receive the money

-Obtaining the money in a matter of days

-Choosing between 1 and 6 years in order to repay for the loan

-Being able to use the money on whatever you want

-Paying interest rates that will not change

-No need to choose collateral for the loan

Contacting WesBank in Porth Elizabeth

-In person

    One of the bank´s physical offices in Porth Elizabeth is found at the 16 Newton Street. Its phone number is 41 396 5111. This office opens during weekdays on banking hours

-By phone

    You can use the bank´s free line for general inquiries about their services: 0861 288 272. It is available during weekdays from 08:00 to 05:00 pm and on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:00 am.


    You can click on the bank´s website and enjoy online banking, send messages to the consultants and even start an application.

     To conclude, living in Porth Elizabeth with a hard financial status is no longer a problem thanks to the support of WesBank for its citizens. Try their personal and car loans and let them help you!

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Questions and answers

How can I use online banking?

In the bank´s website, you can log in with your username and start managing your programs from there

Can I pay for the loan with my credit card?

Of course, that is a payment method totally accepted

Does the bank work on holidays?

No, it does not. But you can contact it in their webpage

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