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Which Are the Terms and Conditions to Apply for a Wesbank Loan in Gauteng? Queries and Telephone Numbers

Do you live in Gauteng? Are you in financial trouble? Let me tell you that the solution is just around the corner. Gauteng’s citizens have the privilege of receiving the services of one of the most important financing companies of South Africa: Wesbank.

                If you keep on reading this article, you get all the information you need so as to get money from Wesbank loans. We will show what you need to start application, details about the lending programs and contact information in case you need further details about the loans or if you want to get money.

                If you are interested in the services of Wesbank has for you, there are certain conditions that you need to meet. First, you have to prove with your ID and copies that you are older than 18. Besides, you will have to prove your address with any document that contains it. Third, it would be necessary that you give data about any bank account so as to deposit de money. And last but not least, you need to earn a minimum of R5000 per month.

                Let’s take a look now at the different lending options that are available

PERSONAL LOANS: Features and financing

                Personal needs are the first ones to be met to have a pleasant life. Fortunately, you have the possibility of having access to amounts of money that go from R5000 to R200000. The money that you borrow can be used to cover a wide variety of things such as college tuition, home improvement, car purchase and even more. Regarding interest rates, although they may vary, they tend to be near the 30%. Principal and interest rates can be repaid in financing periods that range from 2 to 6 years. Personal loan department works in connection to Direct Axis so as to provide the highest quality of products.

BUSINESS LOANS: Features and financing

                Apart from getting money to improve your personal life, Wesbank offers Gauteng’s citizens special programs to make their business succeed. It is important to know that this money can also be used to fund your own business. Wesbank lends money to financing expenses in the field of aviation, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing among others. With Wesbank you can buy assets so as to become the owner or you can rent them and return it so as not worry about maintenance and other expenses.

                If you are interesting in knowing how rates and financing periods works in real life, we will show you three different calculations granted by the online calculator:

-Imagine it is time to you to have your dreamed kitchen. If you have to affront expenses related to building and equipment, you will need approximately R20000. With Wesbank, you can obtain such amount of money and return it with an interest rate of approximately 25%. Principal and interest will be simultaneously paid in periods convenient for you. For example, you can choose a term of 2 years. In this case, you will have to make 24 payments of near R1305. There is also a period of 4 years available. For this financing option, you should make 48 payments of near R880. Don’t forget that there is a minimum monthly fee of R64.

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-Wesbank money can also be used to put yourself on the road. That is to say that you can apply for a loan so as to finance the purchase of a car. Imagine you want a car of R114000. The maximum interest rate available is 28%. If you can pay all the money in 4 years, you will be able to make 48 payments of approximately R4500. You can also ask for a longer period: 6 years. Therefore, you should make 72 payments of approximately R3790.

Where can I find offices of Wesbank in Gauteng?

                In the area of Gauteng, you can find an office of Wesbank in the city of Fairland. It is called Home of WesBank and the exact address is 1 Enterprise Road. This office is open to current and prospective clients from Monday to Friday from 8a.m. to 5p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. On Sundays, its doors are closed.

                In addition to visit any office in person, you can also contact the Wesbank without moving from home. First, you can enter the webpage, choose the program you want and click on “Apply for a loan”. By following the steps, you will get the money you need in a matter of second. But in case you prefer more personalized attention, you can also call representatives by phone. In order to provide a more organized service, there are two different lines: one for personal loans that is 0861 238 252 and another for business loans that is 0861 922 677. These lines are open from Monday to Saturday from 8a.m. to 8p.m.

                We are not going to finish the post without revealing some of the most outstanding points that make Wesbank loans the most convenient of the market:

-Periods to repay the loans are flexible and you can choose the most convenient for you between 2 and 6 years.

-All the programs are adjusted to fixed interest rates. This means that payments will not vary during the loan.

-The process of application is easy and fast. In case you don’t want to talk to representatives, you can do it online from the comfort of your home.

-Not only does Wesbank offer programs to improve personal life, but it also lends money to succeed in business.

-Consultants are in constant training. As consequence, they are in a position to look for the most affordable loan and financing period for you.

-There are many offices of Wesbank scattered around the country so as to reach as many South African cities as possible.

                All in all, there is no need to suffer for money if you live near an office of Wesbank. There are impressive personal loans as well as convenient business loans that will help you meet the needs of all the aspect of life. Don’t hesitate to contact any representative of the bank so as to get the most affordable financing.

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Questions and answers

I am 20, am I eligible for Wesbank loans?

Yes, you are.

Which is the shortest financing period available?

The shortest financing period is 2 years.

Are there mortgages available?

No, Wesbank doesn’t have a system of mortgage.

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