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Can the Residents from East London Get WesBank Loans?

      If you are now residing in the incredible area of East London and you need to obtain money in order to cover your daily needs, you might be in need of a loan for that. Which is why let me introduce you WesBank, one of the best banks in South Africa, that has established in many cities in order to grant citizens the loans they need. And, of course, this bank can be found in East London, so you can have access to their programs.

    In the article you are about to read, you will receive first the contact details of this company in your city and then you will get data about the two most frequent loans: Personal and Car Loans. So, please go on reading since you will benefit a lot from this post.

You can contact Wesbank in East London through different means of communication:

     You can go in person to one of their offices located at 63 Devereux Avenue Vincent. This office opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours. Sometimes you will find it open on a Saturday.

There is another office found in the area of King William´s Town, which has the same schedule as the previous one.

You can also go to another physical branch located in 16 Newton Street.

    You can take advantage of the bank´s phone and call their representatives by dialing up 0861 288 272. That is a free line available Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:00 am.

    You can always enter the bank´s website from your laptop and start enjoying mobile banking, their calculator and also obtain more data about each loan.

Now that you know how to communicate with the bank, let’s move on by focusing on their loan for personal needs, which is called Cash Power Personal Loan.


Let’s see its features:

-The bank can give you up to R 150 000 to make any type of purchase, but you can also ask for lower amounts of money (R 5000)

-You can receive the money within 24 hours, so you need to wait no more than a day to start enjoying your loan

-Periods of financing are adjusted to the client´s salary and availability

-Clients decide if they will get the money in cash or in their accounts

-The client will make monthly payments with interest rates that are fixed

     Among the requirements you need to comply with for a personal loan with Wes Bank, you need to show your identity card or your passport in order for the company to see your personal data, and a proof of the place you live on a permanent basis, which of course needs to be South Africa. You also need to have a good credit score with another company that granted you a loan and you need to have a monthly income of R 4500 or more. That way, the bank know whether you are capable of making each payment or not.

     This loan also comes along with many advantages for clients:

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-The chance of deciding on the amount of money you will be granted. As stated above, there is a minimum and a maximum, which will allow you to make the purchase you want

-You have more than 3 years to finance the loan. In fact, there exists a maximum of 6 years, a lot.

-Interest rates will never fluctuate, as they are already set by the bank

-You will have immediate access to the money. How much time? Only a day of wait!

-You can start the application procedure at home or in a branch

-You will not be asked to select an asset as the collateral

     So, you obtained your Personal Loan, now you can take a look at the Car Loan proposed by WesBank for citizens of East London that aim to purchase a vehicle in a private way.

Steps you need to follow:

    In the first place, you need to start the application procedure by completing a form you will find in the company´s webpage. Once the bank has received it you will get an answer from their professionals telling you if you have been approved.

   In the second place, if the application is passed, the bank will contact the seller you have selected so as to know if your future vehicle is in perfect conditions. After that, the seller and you will need to submit some documents. You will find them listed in WesBank´s website.

    Finally, a bank´s consultant will communicate with you in order to make sure that all the documentation is submitted and signed on time. Then, you r car will have the possibility of being registered, which will be done by the bank.

What are the requirements for this loan?

-Being 18 years old or more

-Selecting a private seller to make the transaction

-Choosing a car whose worth is of R 30,000 or more

-Choosing a vehicle that is not recovered or stolen

-Be living permanently in South Africa

-Having a driver license that will allow you to drive your future car with no complications

-Showing you have a good credit history with another company that offered you a loan in the past. This is vital information that will be considered at the time of approval.

-You need to show the bank that you earn on a monthly basis at least R 6250. Your income is really important since it will tell the bank whether you will be able to comply with every payment on time as expected or not.

    To conclude, if you live right now in East London and you were searching for financial aid, WesBank is the one in charge of solving your financial matters. You can have access to their Personal Loan and also to their Car Loan, in order to cover all of your needs with this company. Contact the bank through the different means explained above and sees how WesBank can make improvements to your financial status!

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Sure, that is the option most preferred by citizens

How can I buy a vacation home?

With a personal loan

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By phone or online

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