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Can I Get a WesBank Loan in Durban? Programs and Contact Information

    If you are living in the wonderful area of Durban and you are looking for money in order to satisfy your personal needs, let me congratulate you, you have arrived to the perfect place. WesBank, one of the most well-known banks in South Africa can be the one to provide you with the finances you need.

   The following article will be very helpful as you will receive information regarding their two main types of loans: Personal Loan and Car Loan. I will examine in detail their requirements and benefits. Then, you will be given contact data about WesBank in Durban, for you to start applying for the loans right away.

WESBANK PERSONAL LOAN: Cash Power Personal Loan

     The bank´s Cash Power Personal Loan enables customers to receive amounts of money that can range from R 5000 to R 150 000, either in cash or checks. Regarding the financing periods for this loan, customers can decide it based on their availability and needs, which will be monthly payments with interest rates. What does that mean? That the interest rates will not suffer fluctuations with the course of time.

   Customers can receive the amounts of money mentioned above in a matter of a day or less than 24 hours.

Requirements for a Personal Loan with WesBank:

-Putting forward your identity card or your passport, anything that shows your Id number

-Submitting your credit references with previous banking companies

-Possessing a monthly income of at least R 4500, so you need to provide details about your current job and salary

-Proof of residence that states you are currently residing in Durban

-Showing what were your bank statements of the previous three months

Benefits you will get with a WesBank Personal Loan:

-Having access to amounts that go from R 5000 to a maximum of R 150 00 and choosing how you will receive the money. You can choose between automatic deduction, cash, checks and more

-Having between 1 and 6 years to complete the financing of the program

-Being calm since the interest rates will remain the same throughout the whole loan

-Getting access to the money the moment the application is approved. This can take at least 24 hours.

-Having the chance of applying on the phone, in person or in the bank´s website

-It is not necessary to put forward collateral

-Dealing with a prestigious bank that will guarantee you and your loan are protected

WESBANK CAR LOAN: From a dealer

     If you are looking for the funds to finance the purchase of a car through a dealer, you should follow some steps to make it happen:

1) Completing the bank´s online application that will allow you to save time and won’t take more than 30 minutes. Then, the bank´s professionals will give you a quick reply and if you are approved, you need to give the details of the dealer you would like to make the transaction with.

2) Once the transaction is completed, the bank will give you and the dealer the contract and the documents that need to be signed. Moreover, WesBank will offer you to pay for an insurance so as to protect the money you are given.

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 Now, I will give you some tips regarding a Car Loan with WesBank:

-Before you start the application procedure, please be consistent on the type of vehicle you wish to buy and the income you possess

-Take into consideration not only the vehicle´s cost but other costs related to its use, for instance the fuel and the mechanic labor.

-Bear in mind that if you choose gas as a fuel, this will be very dangerous for the environment.

-Take into consideration that if you choose Diesel to be the fuel for your vehicle, it ca be cheap but in the long term is not that good since you need to pay a lot for maintenance labor.

-Based on the usage you will give to your vehicle, take into account how many miles you make on a daily basis and if you will need to use the air conditioning. This will mean more money spend on your car.

-Try obtaining a car insurance so as to avoid extra costs related to hijacking, robbery, natural disasters and other type of damages.

Requirements for Car Loans:

-WesBank needs to approve the car dealer you have chosen in order to move on with the application procedure without complications

-You need to finance a car of about R 30,000, which is the minimum amount of money suggested by the bank

-You need to possess the majority of age (18 years old)

-You need to put forward a proof of residence in your country

-You must have a good credit record with a different banking company that granted you a loan

-You need to give details about your salary. In fact you need to earn at least R 6,250 in order to be found eligible for a Car Loan with WesBank.

Contacting WesBank in Durban

In person

    One of its offices is found at the Embassy Building, specifically in the 20 th floor, in 199 Anton Lembede Street and its phone number, for you to call their professionals is the following: 86 128 8272. You can send a letter to this office to the following box, designed as a post office: 5222, Durban, 4000.

You can even send a fax to this office, to the following phone number:031 302 3331. Such number is really useful when it comes to sending documents and contracts in order to move on with the application process. So have it at hand for those matters.

    You can take advantage of WesBank´s official website and use it for mobile banking and also obtaining more data about further loans you will find in this bank. You can even use the bank´s calculator.

To conclude, if you are residing in Durban and you are short of cash, you can surely rely on WesBank to take care of your needs and give you the solution to your financial problems. You can be granted a personal loan and also a loan to finance the car of your dreams. With this company, all your needs will be satisfied!

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Questions and answers

Does this bank possess an app?

Sure, you can download their app from their website

Can I pay for the loan on a yearly basis?

No, the payments are monthly

Can I use my debit card to receive the money?

Yes you can!

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