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Is Johannesburg Eligible for WesBank Loans? Contact Details

   If you are permanently living in Johannesburg, South Africa and are searching for financial support, let me tell you that this is the ideal spot for that. WesBank, the leading banking company in your country, has developed many lending programs to give clients the financial aid they need and it is found in many cities of South Africa, including yours.

    In this post, I will focus on the two more requested loans: Car Loans and Personal Loans. I will briefly give you details about them and then the contact details of WesBank in Johannesburg, so that you are able to get in touch with the bank immediately.

    In this opportunity I will focus on WesBank´s Car Loan that allows clients to purchase a car from a car dealer.

There are certain steps that customers need to follow in order to get this loan. In the first place, customers will be required to give personal data and other data regarding their salary in the online application. This application will not take more than 20 minutes. By filling in this form you will immediately get an answer from the bank´s consultants. Then, the bank will request you to provide all the necessary data about the dealer you would like to deal with.

In the second place, the moment you are found eligible and your application is okay, WesBank will give you the documents you and your car dealer are requested to sign and complete. What is more, the bank will offer you the chance of getting insurance for your vehicle, which translates into more protection for you and your car.

Here you have more information you need to bear in mind at the time of applying for a Car Loan with this bank:

-Please know which type of car you would like to buy and how much you can afford

-You will not only need to pay for the vehicle but also for any other expenses generated, such as its fuel, its electricity, its remote control and any type of labor performed by professionals and mechanics

-Be consistent on the type of fuel you would like to use with your vehicle. Sometimes gas is cheaper but the damage you cause to the environment is huge. Diesel can also be cheaper than other type of fuels, but in the long run you will need to pay a lot for maintenance.

-Have knowledge about the use you will provide to your vehicle, which brings us to the topic of miles accumulated on a day and how much air conditioning you use, depending on the weather.

-Bear in mind the possibility of paying for a car insurance, so as to avoid further costs related to accidents on the road, damages caused by nature and domestic accidents.

The requirements for Car Loans:

-The bank will examine who the car dealer is before approving the application

-The car you wish to purchase should be of at least R 30,000. That is the minimum

-You must have 18 years old or more than that

-You need to prove you are now living in South Africa. That is shown through a proof of residence

-You need to put forward any previous credit references

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-You need to earn a monthly basis an amount of at least R 6,250. So, your salary plays an important role at the time of being granted the loan or not.

Lets me focus now on WesBank´s Personal Loan, typically labelled Cash Power Personal Loan.

    With this lending program, citizens can be granted amounts that usually range from R 5000, the minimum, to R 150 000, the maximum accepted. They can get this money either in checks or in cash. Cards are also accepted. Citizens that acquire this loan can repay for it in periods of time that will adjust to their financial needs and availability. In fact, the bank will ask them to make payments each month, whose interest rates are always fixed.

This loan can be granted in a period of no more than a day, which is a great advantage in comparison to other loans offered by banking companies.

Requirements for a Cash Power Personal Loan:

-Giving the bank your Id number, this appears on your ID card or any other identity document

-Showing your credit score with another financial institution

-Having a monthly income whose minimum consists of R 4,500

-Demonstrating you is living at the moment in South Africa, a condition that is crucial

-Putting forward your last 3 bank statements with this or another bank

Benefits you can enjoy with a Cash Power Personal Loan:

- You can obtain R 5000 but if you would like to make a higher purchase, you can get up to R 150,000. Such money is received in your debit card, in cash or in checks, that is up to you.

-You can finish the financing of the loan in periods of 6 years, which is the maximum

-The interest rates you will pay each month are always the same, so they are fixed

-You can make use of the money in only one day

-You can apply from home or in a physical office

-You must not submit a valuable asset to serve as a guarantee of the loan

Contacting WesBank in Johannesburg

-In person

    One of its offices is found in Johannesburg in the area of Randburg, specifically at 1 Enterprise Roard, in Fairland. This company is available on weekdays during business hours.

    There is another office in Johannesburg, in Midrand, located at the 14 th Road, in the Wesbank Auction Centre. You can call this office on this number:11 768 6800


     In the bank´s website you can start an application, obtain more data about each loan and also try their calculator.

-By phone

     There is a free phone for any type of inquiries: 0861 288 272

     All in all, when it comes to satisfying your financial needs WesBank is a perfect option for South Africans. You can not only get a Personal Loan but also a loan for your car and their features and benefits are really convenient. Try this company and observe how your financial status can change!

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Questions and answers

How can I use online banking?

In the bank´s website, once you are given a user name by the bank

Is it necessary to choose another asset as a guarantee?

No, no collaterals are needed for these loans

What if I choose a more expensive car?

There is a maximum amount of money you have access to. I recommend you to talk to a representative

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