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Can I Obtain WesBank Instant Loans? Requirements and Features

   Tired of not being able to get the money you want to pay your bills, expenses or any asset that you wish to buy?

WesBank is one of the best banking companies you will ever find in South Africa. It has been present in the financial market since 1991 and has dedicated itself to providing a wide range of services, among of which you can find lending programs.

 If you are looking to obtain quick and simple money, you might be in need of what they call INSTANT LOAN. Which is why I strongly recommend you to go on reading this article, as you will be given tons of data about these lending programs and its features. I will also focus on the requirements for this loan and the advantages you will get once you apply for it. Finally, I will give you some contact details for you to get in touch with the company as soon as possible.

     Let’s start by defining Instant Loans. These are loans specifically created for those clients that are living on a low budget, which means they have really low income at home and have difficulties at the time of finding a bank loan. Usually, these clients will be required to have the majority of age, as it happens with every bank, and be willing to open an account with the bank.

     The financing terms for these loans tend to be defines by the bank professionals, in conjunction with the client´s needs and financial situation.

     What are the requirements for Instant Loans?

-Clients should earn at least R4 500 or more than that

-Clients should put forward their Id number or passport, in order to show their identity

-Clients should submit any previous credit score with another bank, in order to demonstrate that they had a perfect behavior and they are willing to comply with each monthly payment without complications

-Clients need to submit their recent bills and their las three bank statements

-Clients should submit a proof of residence with their address in there, which proves that they are currently living in South Africa and have the chance of continue paying for the loan they are granted

     What are the advantages of these loans?

-You can be granted between R 5000 and R 7000

-You have a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 6 in order to complete the financing, which are pretty flexible periods, since most banks will offer you shorter financing terms that will make it hard for you to make each payment as expected

-The interest rates corresponding to this loan are always fixed, which means they are not subject to change and they will remain the same

-You can get the funds in no more than a day

-You can apply for this loan by using your laptop or phoning the company

-You will not be asked to present collateral for this loan

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-You can complete the financing of the loan whenever you are ready

This is how you, the client, can obtain an Instant Loan:

-You can enter the bank´s webpage and sign in there. How? By typing your Id number, your physical address and another personal data. Then you will get a short email or message confirming the procedure.

-Once you are given a user name and password, you are able to sing in and manage your loan from the comfort of your place, without extra charges.

-You are able to be granted insurance with the bank so you receive the maximum protection for your lending program.

So, as you see, obtaining a quick and simple loan with WesBank is not only possible but is quick convenient for you and your pocket and it will guarantee that you will have immediate access to the money you have been searching for.

 Getting in touch with WesBank

One of the ways through which you can get in touch with the bank is by phoning on their free phone number, which has been designed not only for applying for a specific loan but also for making any type of inquiries you might have regarding their services. So, please try to phone on these numbers: 0861 937 265 or (011) 649 6000 or (011) 632 6000. They are available during banking hours. Otherwise, you are able to leave a message to their consultants and they will give you a quick reply within hours.

    Another way through which you can get in touch with the bank is by going in person to their physical offices. Their head office is located specifically at Enterprise Road 2170, in the area of Fairland.

There is another office at the Embassy Building, specifically situated in the 20 th floor, and the address is 199 Anton Lembede street. This office is located in Durban. You can call their representatives before paying a visit, by phoning on +27 86 128 8272

You will also find another office in Pretoria, which is found in one of the most well known buildings: Squad Cars, at 191 Cnr Boom. Its phone number, for you to call from the comfort of your coach, is +27 86 193 7265.

If you are the type of person that enjoys surfing on the internet, you can always take advantage of WesBank´s website, which is one of the most complete pages. There, apart from getting information about each lending program offered by the bank, you have the possibility of getting data about insurance and different type of bank accounts.

To conclude, if you are searching for an Instant Loan, with few requirements and money granted in an immediate way, you can count on WesBank to take care of that job for you. You can have access to the money you were looking for, by following simple steps. Try to contact the bank through the different means of communications explained above, and see how this bank can change your life for the better, you deserve it!

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Does this bank have an online app?

Yes, it is found in their website. You can download it from there

Does WesBank have business loans?

Of course!

Can I get refinancing periods?

You have refinancing periods available

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