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How to Obtain VBS Mutual Bank Loans in Durban? Explore Possibilities and Criteria Requirements

If your aim is to find varied and convenient loans in Durban, then you are in luck. There are multiple financial organizations that will help you get what you have desired for so long. Durban is one of those places you can’t get enough of. Being one of the largest and most populous cities in the amazing South Africa, this place offers all kind of benefits. It is well known for being a touristic attraction: people all over the world come to see the beautiful beaches in Durban. It has an amazing subtropical weather that invites you to stay. 

But that’s not all. In Durban, you will be able to find a financial organization that will help you to keep on moving financially. You will find below many tips and bits of information with everything you need to know about VBS Mutual Bank and the loans it offers in Durban.

Do you know what you are looking for?

When it comes to picking up loans at VBS Mutual Bank, you should know that there are many possibilities available for you to explore and choose from. So, what can I do at VBS Mutual Bank? You can:

  • Insure

  • Borrow

  • Invest

  • Bank

  • And explore careers

What kind of loans can I access at VBS Mutual Bank?

            You can access personal loans, home loans, overdrafts, etc. You can also ask for other services, such as credit and debit cards, wealth management, commercial banking, different kinds of investments, cheque accounts, vehicle financing, among other services.

The personal loans available at VBS Mutual Bank: which are they and what do they offer?

            There are three main personal loans offered at VBS Mutual Bank:

  • Start loans

  • Premier loans

  • Prime loans

They are meant to cover different needs and tastes. They come with different terms so as to make sure that you can reach an affordable installment. Let us now begin by exploring starter loans:

  • Starter loans:

These loans are incredibly useful, especially for those earners that have a low income. They can get loans that range from R 1,000 to R3,000. The top term consists of six months.

Are there any requirement criteria?

            There are certain criteria that you should meet to acquire this loan:

  • You must be twenty one or older to get this loan

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa

  • Your gross salary per month should consist in a minimum of R3 000.

  • You should be able to provide VBS Mutual Bank with a proof of residence.

  • Your risk profile, as well as your credit record should be fine.

  • Prime loan:

These loans are also practical. They consist in smaller loans, since they are mid-range. They are ideal for emergencies that may pop up in your way. You can use them to carry out vehicle repairs, cover medical costs and pay school fees that got out of hand.

Find the best loan of South Africa

What can you also use them for?

            You can make use of prime loans for purchasing appliances and for furniture. The pricing generally goes from R 3,000 to a maximum of R 15,000. The top term in this case would be of twenty four months.

Which are the criteria requirements that you should meet? Those who apply should:

  • Have a credit record that is acceptable

  • Earn a salary in full of R 3000, at least

  • Be older than or 21 years old

  • You should have permanent residence in South Africa

  • Provide documents or items that act as proof of residence

  • A premier loan:

These loans are perfect for carrying out purchases of vehicles. You can also extend or build your property, cover education fees for tertiary courses, etc.

         The cost generally ranges from R 15,001 to a maximum of R 100,000. The term in this case would be of a total of sixty months.

Is there a requirement you should meet for a premier loan?

            Yes, there are multiple requirements that you should check. These are some of them:

  • Once again, you should provide the bank with proof of residence

  • The amount earned for the salary is the same as the other two options

  • At the moment of applying, you should be employed for a period of six months. In general, customers are asked to provide the bank with copies of their employment’s contract.

  • Loan repayments will be taken from a VBS Mutual Bank account

How should you contact VBS Mutual Bank?

            The phone number that you can all is (031) 814 5200. This is the number of the only branch you will be able to find in Durban.

Where is the branch located?

            The branch is located in Dorothy Nyembe Street, numbered 333. There are many other branches all over South Africa. If you want to get a closer look of them, you can search through the program to find the office that is most convenient to you. There are branches in Johannesburg, Makhado, Durban, Sibasa, among other locations.

How can you contact this particular branch?

            By sending an email to the following address, you will be able to ask questions and obtaining answers!  The email is: If they do not reply to your email, then you should report it to the corporate office. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to reach a member of VBS Mutual Bank by making a phone call to the corporate office.

            In conclusion, VBS Mutual Bank is a place you should reach if you are looking for loans that can meet your needs. There are thousands of services and benefits not discovered yet, so you should explore them. The options and possibilities are endless, whether it is for financing a vehicle, paying off your debts stemming from credit cards, looking for insurance of finding a good financial deal for your business. Enjoy in Durban the beaches, the tropical weather and a good financial deal or loan!

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Questions and Answers

Will the loan repayments be taken from my regular account?
Yes. Your account needs to be a VBS Mutual Bank account.
Are there more offices in Durban?
Unfortunately, the office provided is the only one in Durban at the moment.
Does VBS Mutual Bank provide clients with commercial banking?
Yes, it does. For more information, you should check the website.

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