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Is There a ubank Loans Branch in Johannesburg? Phone Numbers, Benefits and Address

     If you belong to the mining community of South Africa, I’m sure you’ll find this information useful. We’ll discuss a well-established company offering loans to South African miners, ubank Loans. You’ll find ubank address in Johannesburg, so if you live in this area you can visit them. All the same, for those living outside this city, you can always apply online.

    First, there’ll be the address, email and phone numbers to get in contact with them. Then, there’ll be the requirements expanded and the terms for the loans. There also be a chart with the most important information and, at the end of the article, there’ll be a list summarizing the benefits and characteristics of ubank’s loans.

ubank Loans Contact Details

I’ll commence with the information you need to reach them in case you have doubts or, you want to apply for a loan.

        - Addresses in Johannesburg: the Head office is in Midrand. You should direct to 10 Matuka Close, Erand Gardens at Extension 49. There are also two other locations in Johannesburg: you can visit them at one Eglin Road in Sunninghill Park or, at Fox Street 132 in Mathomo Mall.

        - Phone numbers: if you need to contact ubank’s Head Office, this is their number: 011 51 85 000. Besides, you can reach their Customer Service Manager dialing this number: 011 51 85 202 or, via this fax number: 086 754 1239. Finally, there’s a Call Centre with two numbers; one of them is for local calls (086 000 83 22) and, the other is for international ones (+27 11 518 5780). Also, if you need to make a call to the Call Centre Manager, this is the number: 011-518 5781.

        - Email address: if you prefer writing emails rather than talking over the phone, you can email ubank to

What are the requirements ubank’s applicants must comply with?

    Apart from complying with the standards requirements any lender entity asks - age majority, regular employment, South African citizenship - ubank needs to make sure their possible applicants are in proper financial situation to repay the loan. This is why; they will ask you to present some documents like your last pay lips and bank statements. This last document is only required if you aren’t a ubank client, of course. Besides, they need to verify your identity so; you will need to show your ID, Smart Card or, even your Passport can work. In case you use your passport, bear in mind you should have a work permit. Finally, you have to prove you reside in South Africa trough a proof of address, which can’t be older than 3 months.

    As regards age, I’ll add they won’t approve your loan request if you’re older than 65. Also, bear in mind, they’ll carry affordability checks to be sure they can issue a loan in your name.

I want to delve into the terms of the loans but, first, you should take a look at this chart with some key information about ubank:


Lowest: R1000. Highest: R180000

Email Address

Send your doubt to

Phone Number

0860 008 322

Branch in Johannesburg

10 Matuka Close, Midrand

Interest Rate

Short term loans: 5%. Annual:28%

How to be Eligible?

Live in South Africa, have a job and a bank account, be between 18 and 65 years old.

 Service fee

R68.40 per month.

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ubank Loans Amount and Rates

    Now, I’ll refer to the terms ubank offers for their loans. They issue Personal Loans payable up to 72 months. You can go for a short term loan if you need little money to get out of a financial trouble fast or, go for a bigger loan. Loan size goes from a minimum of R1000 up to R180000, depending on your needs and, your specific situation.

    What about rates and fees to pay? Well, the interest rate charged is a monthly 5% of the loan if you take a short term loan and, an annually 28.00% for longer loans. If you take just R1000 you’ll find an Initiation fee of 16.50% but, for biggest amounts, there’ll be a 10% added for each thousand. For example, if you borrow R3000, you’ll pay 16.50% and, there’ll be added 20% for the remaining R2000. If we refer to the Service fee, you must know, you have to pay R68.40 for every month you spend repaying the loan.

How to use ubank Loan Calculator?

    Next, I’ll detail the information you need to use the calculator. The first piece of information you need to submit is if you’re taking a New or Top-Up Loan, and then, you have to clarify your employment type. Here, you need to choose between Permanent or Contract. And now, you go on with the loan you would like to request. You should choose the quantity and, the number of months you want to spend repaying it. And that’s all the repayment Calculator needs to give you an estimate of your instalments.

    Example: for a loan of R5000 to repay in 1 year, the monthly repayment would stay on R566.93. Now, if you don’t want to spend a year repaying the money borrowed and, you think you can afford bigger payments, you can lower the time in, for instance, 6 months. In this case you’d have to pay R1069.49 over that time. What’s important is that you can try different alternatives until you reach the one financially affordable for you.

Ubank Benefits and Characteristics

These are just some of the benefits you can take advantage of if you apply with ubank:

* Flexibility when repaying the loan.

* Borrowing as much s R180000.

* Quick and easy access to money.

* Interest rate is variable.

* Call Centre to elicit queries at any time.

* Firmly established entity in mining communities, gold and platinum.

    To conclude, now you have these tips, you can make the smartest decision about your money. If you need financial help, you can be one step closer to have what you need to lead a simpler life.

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