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What Are the Loans that Randfontein’s Citizens Can Apply for? Requirements, Applications and Contact Details

Are you trying to look for a home? Do you want to change your car? Do you have an opportunity to send your kids to a prestigious university? Money shouldn’t be a hinder to success and that is why we have the most convenient solution for those who live in Randfontein: Teba Bank, currently known as UBank. In this article you will find data about how to have access to UBank loans. In fact, you will read about application, requirements, rates and possible quotes so as to figure out a great financing solution.

               It is important to know that UBank is one of the most prestigious banking companies of South Africa working hard so as to facilitate money for emergencies, needs and even preferences. Nowadays, most cities in the country have access to its services, and approximately 500000 citizens are satisfied clients. Let us tell you that in more than 35 years, the words “identity”, “heritage” and “uniqueness” has been the foundation to the today’s banking family.

               In order to offer the most organized lending programs, Ubank has an exclusive area called Ulend. This section is destined to think of big loans to make big dreams come true. Let’s take a look now at the different features of the loans you, as a Randfontein citizen, can apply for:

1. The amounts of money available can reach a maximum of R180000.

2. There are many financing options so that clients can choose the most convenient for them: from 1 to 72 months!

3. Loans are available for South Africa’s citizens from 18 to 65 years.

4. The money can be used to pay for education, a new car, a home and even health problems.

5. Some fees may apply (developed below).

6. Once the loan is approved, you will receive the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes.

7. Representative will be with you during the whole process so as to help you decide the most convenient financing for you.

8. You can have access to the loans in person, by phone or via internet (developed below).

What are the specific requirements to be eligible for a UBank loan?

Being a South African citizen of between 18 and 65 is not enough to get UBank’s money. Actually, in order to start application, you have to be the holder of a bank account, not exclusive at UBank. As required documents, you have to preset your last three payslips to guarantee a steady income and a proof of residence not older than three months.

 What fees are included in the loans?

               In the first place, as you know, loans have interest rates. There are two rates for UBank loans: a monthly rate of 5% for short-term financing loans and an annual rate of 28% for long-term loans. Secondly, clients will have to pay some initiation fees. For the first R1000, you will pay the 16.5%, and then, you will pay 10% for every R1000. And last but not least, there is a fixed monthly charge. You will have to pay R68.6, VAT included, for administration charges.


Sometimes, figuring out how much you will have to pay can be really difficult. In order to solve this, we have delved into the official UBank site to use the online calculator and show you some example. Imagine you need R40 000 to start remodeling your home. You can ask for the money at UBank and repay it in a year by making 12 payments of R4094.83. You also have the possibility of paying it in two years by making 24 payments of approximately R2380.31. What is more, you can choose a term of three years and make 36 payments of R1823.13. And finally, you can select the longest financing option and make 72 payments of R1305.83.

Another calculation was carried out on a loan of R180 000, which is the highest amount of money available for current or prospective clients. Consequently, quotes and monthly payments will be more expensive. Let’s see. Imagine you have near R10000 per month available to pay the loan. In this case, you can choose a financing period of two years. In case you have less, such as R7800, you can ask for a term of 4 years. And in case you just have near R5510, you can ask for the longest financing period: 72 months.

Contact Information of UBank in Randfontein

If you are ready to start application, we highly recommend going to the bank in person. One office can be found in the area of Westonaria, in the corner of MacGregor Street and Forbs Street. Another office is located at 62B Main Road, Randfontein.

               Fortunately, you can obtain money from UBank without leaving your home. One alternative is by calling by phone. Please dial up 086000 8322 to contact the call center and follow the instructions. And last but not least, take advantage of the internet! For direct application, please visit the official webpage and fill out the “Application Enquiry Form”. For questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write e-mails to or

Before closing this article, let’s see a chart with a summery with all the points developed above:

Personal Loans

Ye (up to R180 000)

Business Loans


Financing periods

Up to 72 months

Monthly interest rates


Annually interest rates


Extra fees



Address is Randfontein

62B Main Road

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To sum up, if you live in Randfontein, you can easily get money to finance whatever need that may come out of the blue or even a planned one. You can go to any office in person or you can resort to other alternatives without moving from your living room. Are you still thinking about it? Go on! And improve your life as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

Shall I have a UBank account to get the money?

No, any bank account can be used.

Which are the maximum interest rates of UBank?

Which are the maximum interest rates of UBank? It is 28% annually.

Is online application easy?

Sure, it is.

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