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Can I Find TEBA Bank Loans if I Live in Pretoria?

     Are you interested in obtaining financial support in Pretoria? Did you know there exists a company who will take care of your finances in the best way possible? I am talking about Teba Bank. However, this bank has changed the way it is called and you can now name it Ubank.

    Fortunately, this bank is present in Pretoria, which is why I would like to start talking about the main loan it has developed for Pretoria citizens, and also mention some important packages that will enhance the customer experience with this banking company. Finally, you will be given all the contact information you necessitate so as to communicate with the company and get their services and products.

Ubank´s main loan:


    This banking company has as its most important objective to provide its clients, in this case Pretoria ones, with up to R 180 000. That is an amount that can be certainly financed in more than 6 years.

   What are the main characteristics of this loan?

-Applying for a loan of R 180 000

-Repaying for the whole loan in a maximum of 72 months, huge time

-Enjoying a direct admission to the resources in your bank account

Which are the requirements needed for a Personal Loan?

-Keeping a good monthly salary and receiving it through a fixed deposit

-Complying with the majority of age: between 18 and 65

If you are willing to begin the application procedure, take a look at the subsequent data:

-Prepare to submit to the company your recent pay slips

-Prepare to submit to the company a proof of your home, so as to show where you live in the country

-Prepare yourself to submit your identity book, which will effectively prove you are a South African inhabitant, and you have chances of staying in the country so as to pay for the loan appropriately.

-Prepare yourself to submit statements from the bank you make transactions with and of course must be recent.

    The minute you have applied for a Personal Loan with this bank, you will be asked to pay a couple of fees, such as the initiation you finance once the loan begins, and a monthly service fee. Likewise, do not worry about interest rates, because even though they fluctuate, they will not change more than the Prime Interest Rate allows.


If you are interested in checking your affordability with this bank so as to obtain a loan, you can use the calculator. Once in this app, you need to give information related to the kind of employment you possess, how much money you request the bank to grant you, by choosing minimums and maximums, the type of loan you wish to acquire and the financing periods you would like to take for the repaying of the program.

As an example, if you choose a new loan and you are permanently employed and require for R 1000, you will need to pay R 502 each month in a period of 3 years.



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    Attracted to this package´s features? Let me mention them:

-You will get the chance to start using a bank account with Ubank

-You will get the chance of make use of a great card, called Silver Card. This card is given by Visa and comes along with certain benefits and discounts

-You will get the chance of performing transactions and that enables you to save some money each month

-You will receive a personal insurance of R 3000

-You will just need to finance interest rates of 0.75%

-You get the chance of making deposits of R 10 000

In order to acquire this package you need to take into consideration the fact that the bank will make you pay a monthly fee of R 99 and the first time you apply for this package, the company will give you a SIM card, that need to be financed too. But, it only costs R 30.


    This is a comprehensive package since it happens to be the one with most features. It has some features of the previous package, such as the chance of obtaining a bank account and a card, in this case named Gold Card. But there are additional features, for instance you are enabled to make not one but more than one transaction and by doing this I assure you money can be saved. In fact, the bank guarantees that you can save up to R 40 each month.

     There is also direct admission to a funeral cover that costs R 5000. Moreover, by obtaining a Gold Package, you get the chance to subscribing yourself to a cellphone enterprise, and the bank will not charge you any costs for doing that. In order to operate and have access to this amazing package, please bear in mind that the bank will charge you interest rates of 1%. In this sense, the bank assures that the rate will not vary with the passing of time.

     Lastly, another feature I would like to stress about this package is the possibility of having access to savings balance of R 1000 and depositing in another account as much as R 10 000 in a fixed way. Now, before finishing I would like to mention two important fees that need to be paid so as to enjoy all the benefits of this package: the fee of R 139 which is a monthly one, and a connection fee of R 50. That is it.

Contact information of Ubank in Pretoria


You can contact Ubank by making a phone call directly from home to the following number, which happens to be free of charges:086000 8322. Moreover, you can make phone calls from another country to this number: 27 11 5185780.


You can go in person to one of the head offices of this company in Pretoria, located in the Halfway House, in the area of Randjespark. The exact address is 238 Roan Cres.


Inside the company´s website you have two options: sending an email directly to representatives or obtaining lots of information which has been divided into several sections for your comfortability. There is also the chance of sending an email from your email

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Are there any other packages?

The bronze package, which is a cheaper one

Is the customer service line available every day?

On business hours

How can I communicate with the company on weekends?

In their website

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