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Can I Find TEBA Bank Loans in Johannesburg? Contact Information and Requirements

If you are looking for an affordable manner to sustain your finances with the support of a loan, let me tell you I have what you need, I am talking about Ubank, which in the past was called Teba Bank. This company has carefully created different sets of loans, each of which will take care of your specific needs in your private and professional life.


    This is the ideal loan for you, which enables you to obtain a maximum of R 180 000, and you are able to pay for it in only 72 months. There come along several features with this loan, such as:

-Requesting a maximum that exceeds other bank´s maximum

-Having the chance of repaying for the loan in about 72 months

-Having access on your own to your bank account

Which are the requirements for an Ubank Personal Loan?

-Possessing a monthly salary which enables you to pay each month the fee agreed with the bank

-Having the majority of age and not more than 65 years old

-Receiving assistance from the bank when it comes to the application.

Let’s focus on the application for this Personal Loan:

-You must give the bank a recent pays lip of your own

-You must give the bank a proof of your address in the country

-You must give the bank your identity card or your passport

-You must give the bank, bank statements from the company you usually operate with

-You must pay two type of fees, being the initiation and the monthly fee


If you are attracted to checking which your affordability with this bank is as you want to obtain a loan, you can easily make use of the calculator. Once you find yourself in this app, you will need to give information connected to the kind of occupation you possess, how much cash you want from the bank and it works in a very simple way: you need to choose minimums and maximums, the sort of loan you desire to acquire and the financing phases you would like to enjoy for the payment of the program.

As a simple example, if you pick a fresh loan and you are enduringly employed and need to obtain R 1000, you need to pay this amount: R 502 each month in about 3 years.



Its features are the ones listed below:

-Interest rates that cannot surpass 0.50%

-Obtaining an account for the customer of the company

-Obtaining a debit card that translates as making multiple purchases of goods for your daily life

-Making more than two transactions with the bank without paying extra charges for doing so

-Having access to a special kind of insurance so as to protect your life in case something bad happens to you or your health is seriously affected by an accident. It consists of about R 2000

-Being able to make fixed deposits whose maximum tends to be R 10 000


How can Johannesburg clients apply for this package?

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Citizens of Johannesburg that are interested in this package, will only need to submit their passport or identity book, a proof of residence and also having money enough to make the monthly payments on time. The monthly fees for a package like this one is of R59, no more than that fee.


What are this package´s characteristics?

-Making use of a bank account for the customer

-Receiving at home a Silver Card given by Visa so as to buy many goods

-Being totally capable of making various transactions that enables saving up to R 30 on a monthly basis

-Winning a funeral cover of this amount: up to R 3000

-Paying for an interest rate that can now be more than 0, 75%

-Access to multiple fixed deposits of a maximum of R 10 000

The requirements for this Silver package are quite similar to the previous package, but in this opportunity the client will be made to pay monthly fees of R 99 and in addition, a SIM card which usually costs R 30.


    By beginning an application for this package, the customer of the company can not only collect a bank account of his at Ubank but also comprehensive access to a Gold Debit Card with the support of Visa. That action enables the purchase of many goods that will enhance the client´s life. The client is authorized to make numerous transactions so as to protect part of his money. Furthermore, clienteles have access to service covers of around R 5000. However, what discriminates this package from the two mentioned above is the opportunity of obtaining a cellphone banking payment which does not require the client to pay for it, as the bank takes care of the subscription. The interest rate of this package will be of 1%.

     Another wonderful feature of a Gold Package has to do with the fact of having direct access to a  savings balance of about R 1000 and the chance of making fixed deposits that come along with a maximum  of R 10 000. Lastly, there exist at the company monthly charges of R 139 that must be supported and another fee that corresponds to R 50 each month.

Contact information of Ubank in Johannesburg


Clients have the great chance of establishing a phone call with the bank, by calling to their free phone number: 086000 8322 and they can also perform the same action if they are located in another country. So please keep this number if you are planning to travel abroad: 27 11 5185780.


The Head Office of this banking company in Johannesburg is located at Sunninghill, whose exact location is inside the Sunhill Park, office 1, and the numeration of the street is 2157, in the Sunninghill area. Its phone number is 011 518 5000.


Clients can also make use of the company´s official website, dedicated to giving further information about products and services to

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Questions and answers

Is the bank present in Bloemfontein?

Yes it is

Can I acquire a package without a proof from my salary?

Yes you can

Do I need collaterals for the loan?

No, you dont

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